Homemade drinks of survival: Suritsa – drink of ancient Slavs

Now, in some places, a thermometer is inexorably approaching the mark of 50 degrees. It doesn’t save almost anything. And this despite the scientific and technical progress! One can not help thinking about such weather? They didn’t even have refrigerators to cool the water!

Normally transferred. They also worked in this heat, if necessary. And it helped in this special drink, which was both healing and refreshing. This drink was called darling we will tell you today.

Immediately I warn you about this generally useful recipe. All kinds of “neopagans” and “pan-Slavs” make it to the old Slavic culture. Seriously, there is a crying out. But we’ll angrily reject all this crap and focus exclusively on facts.

So. Suritsa – A traditional Slavic drink, which is an infusion of various herbs on honey water. It gave you a lot of digestion, carbohydrates and carbohydrates. Herbal infusions are herbal infusions. Phytotherapy has been proven by clinical studies. So the ancient Slavs simultaneously quenched their thirst and strengthened the body.

Algorithm cooking suritas following. We take a third of the various herbs. Can be both fresh and dried. It is the number of different types. Most often, take the fresh leaves of some one medicinal plant, wash them, gently crush them, press down and put in a jar. Next, add 150 grams of honey (not fundamentally what), and all this is filled with pure spring water. Or filtered tap. We cover the bank with gauze (so that flies and mosquitoes do not come down) and expose to the sun. We are waiting for three days. On the second – we take out the leaves, which have already been given everything they could. Actually, everything.

What is actually a trick. It is an easy way to keep the sun’s rays, especially the water rays. And light carbohydrates, which are contained in honey, contribute to efficient fermentation, which further enriches suritsu a negligible percentage of alcohol and vitamins. Total, we get a delicious drink, which is right to be called medicinal.

Do you understand the effect of using suritas depends solely on which plant leaves you used. In fact, it is less concentrated. At the same time, sweet and with a good palpable taste. Black currant, mint, oxalis, chamomile, even burdock and horseradish are all used used.

Now for the cons. For vegetable components, as well as for honey, it can be contraindicated for such people. Although the drug effect is rather weak, it can nevertheless aggravate certain pathological conditions. Therefore, before cooking suritas Double check for medical reasons. But even if you make a mistake, then, most likely, nothing terrible will happen.

Suritsa it will be even tastier. And most importantly, it doesn’t cause any carbonated drinks. And there is also a “hardcore” version of this drink, called “surya“But we will tell you about it next time.

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Suritsa &# 8212; drink of the ancient Slavs

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