Homemade drinks vivification: Voditsa

Problems with drinks from the Slavs had never been. Even though it is hot, it is cold, then something else happened. Fortunately, you can always find something that can be found. And they did the same!

It is the Slavs water. There wasn’t any need to drink milk. Oh yeah, in the word “waterThe emphasis on the first syllable is on, and not on the second.

It wasn’t too difficult. The only question is how much to insist. In the process of infusing it for a drink, it was infused for more than a week. This began to be called mors. But the fact is that it has become more pronounced, and even with a special sourness. This drink was called water

From a formal point of view, water is a regular berry infusion. It is not as wild as but sugar.

What, in fact, water different from banal juice? Concentration and additional fermentation. It’s not clear that it’s not a problem. Various substances penetrated the walls through osmosis, which made water not too concentrated.

By the way, it is very strange that water considered “soft drink”. Well, think for yourself, have no problem, so you can get a small percentage of alcohol! Fortunately, it’s extremely good.

Actually, the taste water depended solely on choles to produce it. Most often they are lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries, strawberries, mountain ash. It is not necessary to cut off anymore. There were recipes using apples, pears, plums and everything else.

If we talk about specifics, here’s the simplest recipe. cowberry water:

  • 1 kg cowberries
  • 300 grams of sugar
  • 10 liters of water

Whole and ripe. We sprinkle them with sugar, pour boiled water. Capacity cover for 30 days in a cool place. Fermentation will be negligible. But it will turn out delicious.

It is extremely easy to prepare. It is a watering season. After all, there is no freebirds, it can be used to feed us. So feel free to take recipes water yourself into service.

Homemade drinks vivification: Voditsa

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