Homemade dry soups

It is a parachase for a girl who wants to travel. After all, you need to hunt, and long and fast. It is desirable that it will be the energy costs. In short, something edible, but easy. For example, dry ingredients for soup.

Why exactly they? Very simple. Low weight, relatively low nutritional value, good taste. That’s all soup basics, since all of these industrial “instant soups” are the rarest of mucks.

Actually, you need 2 main components – dried meat for broth and dried vegetables for everything else. Focus on vegetables. So.

  • cabbage finely shred
  • potatoes cut into small cubes
  • beets cut into 6 cm long sticks
  • carrot is cut into thin circles
  • onion is cut into rings
  • tomatoes are cut into thin slices. It is possible to dry tomato paste

How much to take? What you need to know. How much does a standard pan need to be?

Immediately after cutting, proceed to drying. If there is a drying cabinet – great. If not, the oven will do. It is a base on which layers of vegetables are laid. Moreover, it should be up to 6 cm.

The oven or the cupboard is heated and the door is not completely covered. The temperature required is shown in the table below.

product potatoes beets carrots cabbage, onion greens, tomato
shrinkage 15 1:10 1:15 am 1:15 am
start of drying, ° C 160 150 140 120
main drying, ° C 120-140 110-120 100-120 90
dosushka, ° C 70-80 70-80 50-60 50

And now you have to wait. Monitor the temperature, regularly stir. Readiness criteria are as follows:

  • Potatoes are hard bars.
  • Bent carrots
  • Beetroot – thin elastic sticks
  • Tomatoes – thin and brittle pieces
  • Cabbage – elastic strips

As you noticed, almost all the components for dry soups it should not be elastic during transportation.

Next, take all this dried base, except tomatoes, mix thoroughly until uniform. Divide into portions and put in plastic bags. There is also a separate small bag. How much to put? And how many servings was calculated the number of products? So share so that it was equally.

So, we have several servings. dry soup, and Cookies for 20 minutes. Tasty, satisfying, useful. Yes, and warm food in extreme conditions – a very nice thing.

Food extraction

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