Homemade kayak of stretch film and twigs

It is inextricably linked with fishing. Kayak is great – comfortable, light and very maneuverable. watercraft. Of course, it’sn’t much time to swim along the riverside and lakes. Only one minus – is this joy from 10 thousand rubles and above.

Fortunately, it completely compensates for the lack of material surplus. And on the river expanses go homemade kayaks shit and sticks of varying degrees of strength and reliability. And characteristically, they swim no worse than imported ones. boats. It is not particularly important. Therefore, we will tell you how to make homemade kayak from stretch film and branches.

ATTENTION. Don’t even think about using it. watercraft for rafting or for rafting on fast mountain rivers. Seriously, you don’t need to take that risk. It is clear that it is not ready. Overcoming water obstacles homemade kayak.


It can be found at a price of less than 100 rubles per kg. The best option is the thickness from 17 to 30. The more the better. The bottom is not the bottom of the future. homemade kayaks. For repair of damage. Yes it is. If the film breaks somewhere, then it is perfectly segmented. Actually, that’s what you need to buy in the store. Everything else will have to search and harvest yourself.

The most important element of a homemade kayak – frame. For its manufacture, we need two types of wood. This is a strips of split wood.

It’s not a bad idea. A day later, the branches dry out and get the desired shape. The result is a ring of a certain radius. We will need some homemade kayak form. The outer ones ones are 600 mm and less. We will need 4 such rings for the hole.

It is recommended that you use split wood. That is, long strips of wood, which were formed as a result of the mechanical deformation of the trunk. In them, it is very durable and light. This is an easy way to find out how much width and length. It will be necessary that we will need it.


Now all this needs to be collected. It is not a problem to make it. The ring diameter is taken along the longitudinal axis. Next, join in one long bar, bent at both ends. I like to push him in. We also attach the keel. All points of contact are further strengthened with scotch tape. The structure and fix them.

Skin tight

It can be it. To begin with, we will hang the frame by the stem and the anterstheven. Since every construction is very difficult. And after that we begin to rotate the frame, wrapping it with a film. The film will stretch more strongly. It has been found that it has been found that the three layers of the person. After homemade kayak turned into a plastic cocoon, you need to cut the inlet. In the center of the 15 centimeters. It is necessary that the film remains taut. Strengthened edges with adhesive tape. Does not separate during operation.

Total our homemade kayak lightweight, very durable If you want to make a film of leaks, it can be sealed with adhesive tape. If it leaks badly – then hell with it. Go ashore, remove the film. Fast, easy, convenient.

Now for the cons. The first time homemade kayak may not work. You need a certain skill and experience. Therefore, most likely, even the water will not be released. But a little practice – and everything will turn out. Farther. Although it can be not steady. Therefore, it is not necessary to take a large load with you. This is so obvious.

It’s a good idea to make it, and you can use it. boats for crossing the river or for rescue from flooding. Especially when you consider it.

Homemade kayak of stretch film and twigs

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