Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

What are the best homemade weapons of self defense? Protecting yourself and your family all the time is a primary concern. Today, more than ever, crimes, such as robberies and robberies, are just around the corner and at an increasing rate. Have you woke up one night with the sound of an intruder walking inside your house at three in the morning?

We should not wait for that criminal and intruder before waking up to the reality of protecting our most precious beings, and in this case, we all have to be prepared with additional precautions and not wait for a certain robbery to surprise us and we will do it. anything that can not be caught, including causing harm to us and our families.

Not only can we be in danger in our homes, but we can also face such threats even when we are walking peacefully from work going to our homes at night when suddenly a pollock decides and approaches us to take our wallets and cell phones . Not only that they are determined to take our money and our precious possessions, since sometimes they will also do everything possible to prevent us from doing harm or stopping.

What are we going to do if we are not ready to defend ourselves? How are we going to defend not only our possessions but also our lives? We all have to defend ourselves, although by saying that, we do not have to spend a lot on weapons, like guns and pepper sprays.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

We can make homemade weapons and that is the same reason we have created this guide to guide you through the basic weapons of self defense that we can really do with our things at home. If you’re ready, continue to the next section and discover the best weapons in this DIY guide.

While there are weapons to buy online, they may not be ideal for everyone, especially for those who only have a tight budget to spend on them. But do not worry, because the materials that we will use in the following simple projects are very affordable, some of them we can even find in our house.

Pocket stick

Also called Yawara or Kubotan, a pocket stick is a simple but effective weapon to carry anywhere. To begin, prepare a paracord, a drill, a rod (hard wood or plastic), a sharp knife, a saw and a lighter. Begin by cutting the rod according to the size of your hand, ideally smaller if it is a woman, and then grasp the rod and make sure it is at least two inches long and protrudes from both sides. Start cutting it to make sure it extends to both sides of your hand.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

Then, drill two holes in the center but note that they are separated by two inches. And then, start threading the paracord through the holes you made, but notice that there is a loop on one side, the part where the middle finger is going to be inserted. The next thing is to grab the rod before wrapping the paracord around your middle finger, but verify that it is tight. Begin cutting the ends of the paracord with your knife and then remove it so you can make a bundle and prevent the cable from passing through the holes. You can also make another hole for a keychain. You’re done

This is an easy-to-use pocket stick that you can use to defend yourself in case someone tries to hurt you or your loved ones wherever you are. It is a lethal weapon to hit and hit your attacker, and is ideal for both men and women.

Pepper spray

Very popular among women, these sprays can be your savior to defend against an attacker who tries to hurt or hurt you because it can incapacitate you so you can get the advantage. Once your attacker is incapacitated, you can run or hit him offensively so you can get out of this situation.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

If you think a pepper spray is a weapon you can only buy, think again. You can make a homemade pepper spray by following these steps. Prepare a pot with a lid, preferably a small or medium pot, water, a pound of ground chilli seeds, 100 milliliters of baby oil and 16 ounces of alcohol, ideally 91 percent isopropyl. To protect your face from the fumes, prepare yourself with a protective mask. To start, use the mask and then put all the chili seeds and alcohol in a pan and heat. Before doing so, replace the lid and then boil for thirty minutes.

Once this is done, strain the liquid and pour it into a smaller pot before adding four cups of water. Return it to the stove and heat the mixture until it evaporates and you begin to notice a thick liquid. Remove from heat and then start mixing the mixture, once cooled, with the baby oil. Now that you’re finished! Put the pepper spray on jet guns.

A pepper spray is ideal as a homemade weapon for everyone, since it is comfortable to carry anywhere. If you are a woman, you can put it inside your bag or your pocket. However, this homemade defense weapon is very useful to incapacitate an attacker and escape from the situation.


This could have been familiar to you because many of us have played with him when we are young. Some of us could even have broken the window glass of our house by doing it. As you can see, it has the potential to be an effective personal defense weapon, and just like in the old days, we can still make one for our protection and safety. In fact, this is very simple to do and it only takes a few steps to start using this effective weapon to defend ourselves. Prepare a Y-shaped wood, 1 x 2 inches of leather, ropes and a piece of rubber / surgical tubing.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

Find a Y-shaped wood, but you can also get all the wood and carve it. Get your rubber and then place each end of it on the tips of the wood with your ropes. Make sure you tie them well and then cut the center of the rubber. The next thing is to drill two holes at the end of your leather before threading the rubber where you have cut at both ends. Attach them with your chain. For a projectile, small rocks work very well. This weapon is portable to take anywhere, which guarantees that you have a small weapon that can help you defend against an attacker.


Obviously, all of us need survival weapons in the streets and self-defense, and for that matter, we must always arm ourselves with even the most basic weapons. One that fits into this category is a fountain pen. Yes, a common fountain pen will do it to defend itself, in case that is the only pointed thing, apart from a knife, with you at the moment of danger. As you should know, you must be creative to be able to protect yourself wherever you go, but take missiles and pistols. Stinger will pay close attention to you, not to mention that you might be violating a law, depending on your location.

Nor can you carry such weapons inside government buildings, establishments and airplanes, among other places. And to prevent security personnel from stopping you from entering these places, you can use a sturdy fountain pen.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

The feathers are excellent sharp weapons because they can point to soft tissues around the abdomen of your attacker or even to your eyes if the situation is life threatening. Alternatively, you can also use a rat tail comb that works just like pen weapons.

One can be sturdy to become a lethal weapon because many of them also come with a metal tip. They are perfect not only for writing, but also for hitting an attacker. If you want to be more effective for self-defense, you can also present your tip at a sharp point, but it may never be usable to write again. Therefore, if you have empty fountain pens, you can use them instead of the new pens as weapons.

Canes and canes

If you think they are only for the elderly, think again. Well, these are also effective for use in defense techniques. Not only do they provide batons for the elderly, but they can also be used by anyone who wants to use a cane for self-defense. And because they are not considered traditional weapons, they are not subject to safety inspections and can be taken wherever you go. They do not need to be hidden, like traditional weapons, which may take a while to draw and allow you to shoot.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

You can use this sturdy crane or walking stick, which is always ready for action. Some of them have a gnarled end that works perfectly to hit the skull of any street monster.

Weapon sock

Creativity and ingenuity are one of your main weapons to fight against an attacker. What else becomes more creative than a stuffed-sock gun? It can be done in a couple of minutes, where all you need to do is put some paper in an old sock. That’s! You can only roll it up so you can unroll it when you have to pull on its end. You can put it in your pocket or bag, and when you face an attacker, all you have to do is take it out and move it to the head or ribs of your attacker.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

For best results, you can use a longer sock for this purpose, which allows you to hit from a greater distance. Alternatively, you can make a weapon similar to it with an old dog leash, where all you have to do is place a padlock on its end. Any of this can help you fight an attacker and, finally, escape danger.


This product is not just for beauty purposes because you can use its flammable material to make a fire. What you have to do is use a lighter to make a flame before spraying the fire with a hair spray towards the face of the aggressor, which makes it an ideal flamethrower that could save your life.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

You can keep this homemade weapon easily in your pocket or bag, and take it out when you are facing a danger and you want to deactivate and / or blind an attacker. But make sure the container does not get too close to the fire, as it can also explode and hurt you.

Paper crossbow

This is one of the simplest personal defense weapons, but also one of the most effective to use when someone is threatening your life or that of your loved ones. A paper crossbow can be your creative weapon, inspired by reality. To begin, gather the materials, which include a normal ribbon, sheets of printer paper, ice popsicle sticks, string, a pencil, a X-Acto knife, tape, a ruler, and scissors.

Start by making the arms with four sheets of printer paper. Cut them in half, but be sure to cut along the line. Then, you can start rolling each set of four printer papers into a tube that has a pencil in the middle, but be sure to do it from the short side to the short side. Then, get your tape and work on the tube, which should be closed at three points along the barrel. Once this is done, you can remove the pencil that you put in the center.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

For the barrel, get five sheets of printer paper and then begin sorting them before wrapping them in a tube using a pencil in the middle one more time. Then you can stick the tube in several points before removing the pencil.

Begin to insert the arm supports, begin cutting two sections of a half-inch piece of your stick and place them on the end of the tube on the outside of the barrel. Then, insert a pallet stick at the end and then start lighting the outside of the barrel at 90 degrees.

Begin to join the arms before tightening the end of the barrel and then place the short sections of the arms on either side of the pinched end. When finished, begin to tape them in place. Make sure the connection you made is strong and firm.

Start stringing your crossbow using a bowline knot that you will join at the ends of it. Connect it on one side before securing with a ribbon and then pull the rope approximately one inch past the end of one side before connecting and securing that side as well.

When you finish, start adding your trigger. What you need to do is pull the bow backwards until you can make a shape of a square with your arms. And with a marker, you can mark the point on your cannon when the string reaches the center before placing the trigger at that point.

And then, with your knife, start cutting the hole directly through your barrel, and then get the paddle palette, divide it into two equal portions and put it through the hole to make a trigger. Make sure it is able to move forward and backward and that it is long enough to reach from the barrel on each side of the hole.

*Warning: Do not try to work alone on this project if you are a child, but get the help of your parents. It may be too easy to cut your finger or stab you.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

Start building the guides by cutting a sheet of paper in two along the line and start rolling two tubes. Begin to flatten and paste along the side of the trigger. Get another strip of paper, but cut it into quarters. Start rolling a tube that you will have to place between the arm of the crossbow. Get a pencil and make sure it fits into the tube easily.

You’re done. Get ready by lifting the rope and loading your pencil before firing when an attacker tries to hurt you!

Cardboard ax

Of the everyday objects, like the old cartons, you can make another homemade weapon. To begin, prepare your materials, including sturdy cardboard, tape, paint, craft glue and a flat corner bracket (optional). You can get a pencil and paper and start drawing your design, including the handle and the sheet, and remember that the simpler the design, the better it will work.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

You can start cutting the pieces and trace the shape into four or more pieces of cardboard, and then cut them with a cutting knife. Do not try this project if you were a child, but ask for help and supervision from an adult. Begin to reinforce the center by making a piece of the cardboard serve as the center. Glue your corner bracket between the blade and the handle. To make it easier, you can place a dowel rod or a thin stick on the handle.

Begin to paste all the pieces and layers and then add the final changes. Use a box cutter to bevel the edges of the blade, if desired. When finished, cover the ax with a piece of tape and then paint it too. You can also wrap a ribbon around its handle to make it look real. There you have your battle ax ready to fight with you!

Using self-defense skills as a weapon.

Above are the weapons that you can make at home, but then, when they are not available or when you forgot to take them with you, the best weapon you have left is YOURSELF. Therefore, it would be useful to have some self defense skills to take anywhere and it can not be stolen from you. In fact, this can be one of the most useful weapons for self-defense because there is no law that prohibits its use when necessary.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

You can take classes in karate, judo and jiu-jitsu, among others, some of which assure you that you always have a weapon to use at any time. You can also consider such knowledge and skill in self-defense as insurance. You can become a better fighter if you know how to use your self-defense skills when you fight an attacker. Any of these combat skills can help you deactivate it as fast as you can!

The golden rule here is to hit first and hit fast and strong! In this case, you can quickly escape and receive help from authorities and people nearby. The main objective is to minimize the ability of your attacker to hurt or hurt you. However, remember that the longer the fight, the more dangerous it will be.

If you want to start learning about these self-defense techniques, you can also buy DVD tutorials online and start learning the basics of martial arts to use them on demand.

Certainly, homemade weapons can be your lifesaver and those of your family, so do not think twice. Today, making sure you can defend yourself has grown to become more important than ever because of the growing number of crimes, including theft, robbery and robbery. No place is safe, not even our homes. Therefore, each of us must learn to improvise and create homemade weapons, which can help us to protect and ensure all we love and ourselves, especially when we are outside and in a dangerous situation.

Homemade Self Defense Weapons: The Best DIY Projects

As you can see, you do not have to spend much or spend anything on these self-defense weapons because most of the materials you require are already at home, some of which we think are no longer useful. If we could learn to use our ingenuity, creating one or two of these weapons will not be difficult at all. The best of all is that when making homemade weapons, we can always have tools to use at our disposal when there is danger.

If you think we lost your favorite homemade weapon here, tell us in the comments. Finally, feel free to mark this page as a reference and share it with friends who might also find it useful.

Video guides

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