Homemade spinners and artificial bait for emergency survival fishing.

Homemade fishing lures for survival in emergency conditions can be made of any metal object with a shiny coin surface, a piece of tin from a tin can carved in the shape of a fish, earrings, brooches, hairpins, key ring, English key, buttons, etc. Good baubles are obtained from metal and pearl buttons, coins (Fig. 15). 

Homemade Spinners and Artificial Bait for Emergency Survival Fishing.

To fix the coin in the hook, a recess should be cut on its edge from both sides or a shallow jam should be made to prevent the wire from slipping. Good spinners can be made using foil as a reflective material, especially yellowish colors. It is best to wrap it with dummy fish made of tree bark, branches. You can wind the foil on a safety pin. The spinner, carved in the shape of a propeller, rotates around its axis when moving in water, attracting the attention of fish (Fig. 16).

You can try to make an artificial bait from pieces of multi-colored fabric, foam rubber, foam, vinyl insulation, tree bark, colored wool threads pulled out of a sweater or knitted hat. For example, a dummy of a caterpillar or larva can be made of a flap of colored material wound with a cylinder on the forend of the hook and pulled by a thread over short distances (Fig. 13). The pinch of fabric imitates segments of the caterpillar. The knots of the thread should be directed inside the hook and trimmed so that resembled the legs of the caterpillar. From thin polyethylene and cellophane, you can make wings for artificial butterflies and dragonflies..

or bloodworms are better than one big.

Based on the book The Great Encyclopedia of Survival in Extreme Situations.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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