Homemade Survival Drinks: Uzvar

Drink should not be primarily useful. And only then tasty. It is rather difficult to realize, especially when all efforts are directed solely at survival. However, there are options.

In this situation, the experience of our ancestors is very “norm of life.” It was difficult. And since there, there were some problems with refrigerators, then I had to try some of them. Uzvar, eg.

What, in fact, was the idea. Eating dried fruit. And in the process of cooking uzvara It’s at least one way. It is only a short boiling process.

But just do it! Uzvar then hours 6 still insists. During this time, it is time to get a little bit.

As for the composition, that in Uzvar Can be dried – apples, dogrose, plums, cherries, pears. Pears were the most appreciated. But if they were not available – not scary. It was quite possible to add an extra spoonful of honey.

If we talk about this step by step recipe, then it sounds like this:

  • Dried fruits – 400 grams. Apples, pears, cherries and plums in different proportions.
  • Water – 1 liter
  • Raisin – 50 grams
  • Honey – 50 ml.

Water is poured into the pan, honey, raisins and dried fruits. This is a boil for a few minutes (2-3) boil, and then removed from the fire. Next is in a dark, cool place. Before serving Uzvar should be drained, and boiled (and already edible) dried fruits somewhere to postpone.

It is a process that helps you to get rid of nutrients. It is a reason for the carbohydrates to become alcohol. uzvare almost not felt.

As you can see, the recipe uzvara as simple and convenient as possible. Unless, of course, you have stocks of dried fruit. You need to be aware of the survivalist.

Homemade Survival Drinks: Uzvar

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