Homemade Survivors Drinks: Karkade – A Special African Tea

It is difficult to find out. But there is a little effect. Nevertheless, people manage their lives in such conditions. It is the preparation of the drink. carcade.

What is the problem? Water is not difficult to find. Yes, it can be contaminated. Well, we’re not so well developed, but where the ecology is spat from a high tower. But there is no problem. I can’t even give you a glory. This is not about that.

Just boil water? If you have any fuel on hand. But poor Africans have problems with this too. Therefore, it must be treated in some other way. But some locals have been found for quite some time. There is such a plant – rosella. Or sabdariff hibiscus. Or Sudan Rose. A small shrub, grows well in the tropics and subtropics. The water is not too demanding, the soil is too. Therefore, spread from India almost all over the world. So here. If you’re trying to get rid of it?

But, unfortunately, only “practically.” That is, the risk still remains. More precisely left carcade. Substances that are contained in Roselle, increase the acidity of gastric juice. It is a great way to eliminate parasites and microorganisms. Let’s just say, Africans prefer it, since it’s irregular and unhealthy diets.

And here it is suddenly (empirically, but then confirmed by clinical studies) it turned out that carcade indirectly helps the body cope with gastrointestinal problems. It is the infusion of flowers carcade It contains a large amount of antioxidants, flavonoids and anthocyanins. It is a good idea to get rid of it. Flavonoids strengthen the walls of the capillaries, thereby reducing the size of the skin and the inflammatory mediators enter tissues. And anthocyanins are directly opposed to microorganisms.

Well, it’s a nice sourish flavor, slightly reminiscent of fruit drink. That is both tasty and healthy. Yes, and in the preparation is quite simple. For those who have been dried carcade You can simply brew like a normal tea. Benefits of this will not be less. That’s it. Yes, and re-brewing flowers is useless – that still disgusting taste. And this is a personal experience, because carcade Now it is quite possible to buy in regular stores.

Why, actually, about carcade generally worth remembering. Yes, the shrub is more accustomed to the conditions of subtropics. Especially in the south. It is a lot more difficult to grow and assemble. It can be harvested for a long time. Compote of dried fruit and teas.

Survivor’s Home Drinks &# 8212; special African tea

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