Homemade Survivors Drinks: Maheu – African Power Engineer

Humanity, as we remember, existed in the context of a shortage of resources. But if something happened, then, it was a thousand years ago. It is a little animal. But the problems are still relevant. However, the local population found them solutions. And, surprisingly, very effective.

One of these methods is to prepare an energy drink. Maheu. Yes. Blacks and energy drinks. Zambia have been repeatedly able to see. Moreover, it is possible to obtain it. After all, it’s an extremely poor country.

So. For cooking Maheu we will need millet flour, water and … everything. Yes. Everything is so simple. Millet is a very hardy agrotechnical crop that is able to withstand high temperatures, droughts and not too fertile soils. Well, at least some water can be found. Even clean. It can be in short supply.

Concrete recipe Maheu It sounds like this:

  • 200 grams of millet flour
  • 4 liters of water

Pour the flour into the pan. And leave to boil. Next, reduce the temperature to a small fire and leave 40 minutes to languish. It is advisable to cover the lid. After that, let the drink cool. Part of the water evaporated, so get something like mashed thick consistency. Next, add to Maheu it becomes liquid enough to drink.

Liquid temperature effects and liquid consistency turns Maheu in the drink. Thick, expressionless, bland, but drink. I think the local population was happy even to such a result. But if you want something you can add fruit juice.

So to speak. If you want to taste it. But if you need something Maheu perfect for this purpose. Much better power than any new-minded “power engineers”. So, at least, say the fans of this drink.

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Maheu &# 8212; power engineer from africa

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