Homemade Survivors Drinks: Salep – Turkish Jelly

Criterion for choosing a drink. Our ancestors were not so spoiled, so they valued the benefits much more. It is not a thirst, but it is also not necessary to drink it, it’s not a good drink. It is much easier than to get food. Similar drinks were in Russia, and in India. But today we will talk a little about something else. About the Turkish drink salepe.

Salep, inherently – something like kissel. That is water, thickener and flavorings. A normal thickener is quite difficult. However, the rhizomes of orchids are found. Orchis mascula. Although frankly, he is not so original. This is for our man “orchid” – a rare and exotic flower. It is a huge variety of orchids.

But it was the Orchis mascula that grew. We have this plant called the orchid. And “yatra”, if you know, is the Old Slavic word for male genitals. And yes, his fleshy tubers remind them a bit. And then it turns out that it is great for making flour. Adding some sweetener is a matter of time. Then in salep Turkey was also always enough. The most popular was cinnamon.

Salep, in addition to a rather pleasant taste, it also has extremely beneficial properties. It effectively lowers the acidity of the stomach wall, thereby developing the stomach wall and thereby helping with gastritis and peptic ulcer. Sledka also stimulates cell regeneration and blood formation. In short, the vegetable analogue of Almagel.

Classic recipe Salepa as follows:

  • Flour Salepa (orchid) – 1 tablespoon
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Cinnamon – 1 tsp

Orchis flour can be replaced with banal starch. Better corn. The taste, however, will be quite different. Pour the milk, bring the milk, bring it to a boil, gradually stirring. Waiting bye salep thickens. Add cinnamon. Everything. You can drink both hot and chilled.

But why salep may interest us? And because the orchid is often found here. Tall single flower with lanceolate leaves and pinkish spike inflorescence. A key feature is the basal tubers. That is, I dug, I saw – it means you can take it. We have no poisonous counterparts. Therefore, you will need to switch to something else. For example, on salep.

Survivator’s Home Drinks: Salep &# 8212; Turkish jelly

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