Homemade sweet vodka rataphia, cooking methods, homemade rataphia recipes.

Rataphia is a sweet vodka, a strong alcoholic drink that contains a large amount of sugar and has a mild and refined taste. Rataphias are made by insisting berries and fruits on 90 degree alcohol using traditional aromas and spices.. 

Homemade sweet vodka rataphia, cooking methods, homemade rataphia recipes.

Ripe berries or fruits are poured into a bottle and filled with alcohol so that the liquid covers the raw materials. The tincture is kept for three days in a warm place, then the liquid is drained, the cerebrospinal filter is filtered and the syrup is prepared. To prepare the syrup, 200 grams of sugar and 200 ml of softened water are taken per 1 liter of food alcohol, the mixture is boiled twice, removing the foam.

. Then filter and bottle. The longer rataphia is stored, the better.

Rataphia orange.

2 kg of oranges, 12.3 liters of wine alcohol; for syrup: 12.3 kg of sugar and 3.86 liters of water. Pour fresh oranges with alcohol, insist for three weeks. Drain the tincture and add to it the syrup, cooked from sugar and water. Let stand and bottle. You can cook rataphia from dry orange peel (for 12.3 liters of alcohol – 2.4 kg of peel).

Rataphia Cherry.

Peel cherries, crush berries, crush seeds, mix crushed berries and seeds. Squeeze out juice (from 1.5 kg of cherries you get about 200 ml of juice) and pour the same volume of vodka into it. To 1 liter of this mixture put 250 g of sugar. You can add a little raspberry juice or cinnamon, nutmeg and white pepper.

Clove rataphia.

8 g of cloves, 2 g of cinnamon, 2 g of lemon peel, 1 liter of alcohol. Wash, dry and crush cloves, cinnamon, lemon zest well. Then pour into a bottle and pour alcohol. Keep in the sun for 3 days. Drain and sweeten alcohol with pre-prepared syrup (for 1 liter of alcohol – 300 ml of water and 200 g of sugar).

Blackberry Rataphia.

4 kg of blackberry, 10 l of vodka, 25 g of nutmeg, 25 g of ginger, 25 g of cinnamon; for syrup: 800 g of sugar and 1.8 l of water. Mash and rub the berries, crush the spices and put in squeezed juice. Pour vodka into the juice and leave for 10 days. Then strain and sweeten with a syrup made from sugar and water. Strain.

Cocoa Rataphia.

400 g of cocoa, 800 ml of water, 1.6 l of wine alcohol, 1.2 kg of sugar, 7 g of cinnamon, 4 g of vanilla. Pour cocoa with alcohol, insist for two weeks. Strain, pour into a jar, squeeze out the precipitate, also pour into a jar, add water, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla crushed with sugar and, having tied the neck with a cloth, put in the sun for two weeks. Then strain and bottle.

Rataphia chinese.

10 oranges, 10 lemons, 25 g angelica, 1.6 l of wine alcohol, 1.6 kg of sugar, 820 ml of water. Cut oranges and lemons into thin slices, add fresh angelica, pour in wine alcohol and leave for two weeks. Then add sugar dissolved in water and let stand for a few more days, strain the drink and bottle.

Cardamom Rataphia.

20 g of cardamom, 1 liter of alcohol, 250-270 g of sugar, 200 ml of water. Pour alcohol into a bottle, pour in a coarsely crushed cardamom and put for 2-3 weeks in a sunny warm place. After 3 days, drain the alcohol and separately prepare the syrup. Boil water with sugar twice, completely remove the foam and slowly, constantly stirring, pour alcohol into the hot syrup through a special filter.

To take a funnel for the filter, put it inside with a layer of cotton wool, put on it a layer of well-crushed, but not quenched with water birch coal, and cover with a flannel on top. Then, through the same filter, pour the entire mixture into a bottle until the neck begins, as best as possible, clog it and put it in a warm place for several weeks. Then, carefully, trying not to agitate the sediment, pour pure vodka into another bottle.

Coffee Ratafia.

2.5 liters of wine alcohol, 410 gkofe, 1.2 liters of water; for syrup: 1.2 kg of sugar and 400 ml of water. Pour ground coffee into boiling water, pour into a bottle, close it well and leave for the night. Then add wine alcohol and, having well corked, put in the sun for three weeks. Then strain, squeezing the precipitate well, and pour into the cooked and chilled syrup. When settled, strain and bottle again.

Lemon Rataphia.

Peel 5 lemons, 1 liter of alcohol, 500 g of sugar, 500 ml of water. Remove peel from lemons, cut into strips, put in a glass jar and pour alcohol. From syrup and water, boil the syrup and combine it with alcohol and peel, stirring continuously. Withstand one month. Then re-stir, filter and store in bottles..

Rataphia lime.

The jar should be completely filled with linden flowers, filled with alcohol, cork tightly and put in a warm place for 2 months. After this, strain the infusion, slightly squeezing the flowers, and for each liter of infusion add 200 g of sugar dissolved in 200 ml of water. This vodka has a very pleasant taste and aroma..

Almond Rataphia.

115 g of bitter almonds, 5 l of vodka, 1.2 l of cherry juice, 25 g of lemon peel, 20 g of nutmeg, 6 g of ginger, 6 g of cloves, 3 g of cinnamon; for syrup: 400 g of sugar and 1.2 l of water. Peeled peeled bitter almonds, lemon peel, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon, add vodka, insist warm for 1 week, then overtake with cherry juice and sweeten with syrup boiled from sugar and water.

Raspberry Raspberry.

Pour ripe and cleanly picked raspberries into a bottle and pour alcohol, so that barely cover the berries. Keep in the sun for at least three days. Then drain the alcohol. Make syrup. For 1 liter of alcohol – 200 ml of water and 200 g of sugar. Boil water with sugar twice, remove the foam and slowly, constantly stirring, pour hot syrup into alcohol through a special filter.

The filter is done like this: put a funnel inside with a layer of cotton wool, put on it a layer of well-crushed, but not quenched with water birch coals, and cover with a flannel on top. Then pour the whole mixture through the same filter into the bottle, seal well and put in a warm place for several weeks so that the vodka settles properly. Then carefully, without stirring the sediment, pour into another bottle.

Mandarin Rathathia.

10 tangerines, 500 ml of alcohol or vodka. Cut thinner zest with tangerines, put it in a bottle with alcohol or vodka. Drain the tincture in a day and a half, add, as usual, syrup and pour the tangerine juice squeezed and filtered through the flannel. Lighten rataphia with protein.

Juniper Rataphia.

100 g of juniper berries, 2.5 l of vodka, 600 g of sugar. Cook sugar with water until the foam no longer appears. Pour juniper berries into the vodka, pour the boiled syrup. Cork the bottle and put in a warm place for 5 weeks. Then strain, let stand and bottle.


30-40 g of dried mint, 1 liter of alcohol, 200 g of sugar, 200 ml of water. Pour mint with alcohol and insist in a sunny place for 2 weeks. From syrup and water, boil the syrup, cool and pour into the infusion. Then filter and bottle.

Rataphia grape.

Take the ripe nutmeg grapes, crush the berries and strain the juice through a sieve, squeezing with a spatula. Combine grape juice with the same amount of vodka in a bottle, add 8–9 g of cinnamon. Cork the bottle tightly, put it in the sun for 5-6 days. Then strain through a cloth and a cotton napkin, pour into bottles.

Rataphia of white roses.

200 g of white rose petals, 500 ml of pure warm water, 400 g of refined sugar, cinnamon, gut to taste, vodka. Pour the petals of white roses with clean warm water, let stand in the sun for 2 days, strain through a sieve, add as much vodka as water. To 2 bottles of this mixture, add 400 g of refined sugar, cinnamon and gut to taste. Cork bottles, put in the sun for a week and then filter.

Orange flower rataphia.

1.6 kg of orange blossom, 5 l of vodka, 2.4 kg of sugar, 5 l of water. Mix all the components in a bottle, put it in a boiler with water and keep in a water bath for several hours. Cool, strain and bottle.

Rataphia plum.

Cut the plums in half, take out the seeds and grind the plums in a mortar, rub them through a sieve after 3-4 hours, add sugar and alcohol to taste to make a liquid puree. Put in a cellar or other cold place, after 2 months, filter and pour into bottles. Rataphia from other fruits do the same.

Blackcurrant rataphia.

1 kg of blackcurrant, 1 liter of vodka, 250 g of sugar. Sort currants and pour it into a bottle or jar, add sugar. After 1.5-2 months, strain the released juice and add strong vodka or alcohol. Strain and bottle.

Redcurrant rataphia.

2.4 kg of red currant, 1.6 kg of white currant, 1.2 kg of sweet cherries, 1.6 kg of sour cherries, 5.5 l of vodka, 1 kg of sugar, 20 g of lemon peel, 50 g of peach kernel kernels, 12 g of orange peel, 10 g of orange flowers, 10 g of ginger, 5 g of nutmeg, 4 g of bay leaf, 5 g of tartar salt.

Crush the berries, squeeze the juice, add sugar and cook. After that, take lemon peel, peach kernel, orange peel, orange flowers, ginger, nutmeg, bay leaf, tartar salt, crush, put in a squeeze of berries, pour vodka and infuse for 10 days, overtake and mix the resulting alcohol with squeezed juice. If rataphia is strong, dilute it with sugar syrup.

Rosehip rataphia.

400 g of fruit-bearing, 5 l of vodka, 3 kg of honey, 500 ml of water. Boil wild rose berries for an hour in a solution of honey and water. Then thoroughly grind the boiled berries, put in the same syrup again and cook for another 10 minutes. Strain the broth, squeeze and pour vodka into the resulting syrup. Insist for 2 weeks, and then strain again, bottle and cork well.

Mulberry Rataphia.

2.4 kg of black mulberry, 600 g of cherries, 8 l of vodka, cinnamon, 20 g of cardamom, 20 g of nutmeg; for syrup: 600 g of sugar and 4.5 l of water. Squeeze the juice from the berries. Pound the spices, mix spices and berry meal, pour vodka, insist in a warm place for at least 10 days. Then strain the vodka, mix with squeezed juice and sweeten with syrup, boiled from sugar and water, filter.

Based on materials from the book Making wine, moonshine, liquors and tinctures. Preparation technology, equipment, formulation, storage and use.
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