Homemade tackle Water snake for fishing, device, fishing with the help of fishing tackle Water snake.

The main advantage of the old fishing tackle of the Water Snake is that the fisherman, standing still, walking along the river bank or moving along the lake, can use it (like on a boat) to deliver a nozzle against the river, to its opposite bank or force the bait swim far from the boat. And this in many cases is the only chance of success during fishing. 

Homemade tackle Water snake for fishing, device, fishing using fishing tackle Water snake.

As a rule, anglers make water kites themselves. The construction of this equipment is based on the same principle as in the kite known since childhood. Actually, from here and the similarity in the names. There are several options for equipping such fishing gear. The most widespread is the Water Snake tackle, in which the bait is placed on separate leashes tied to the end of the fishing line, passed through a special bracket on the body. That is, during fishing, the bait follows the gear.

Homemade tackle Water snake for fishing, device, fishing with the help of fishing tackle Water snake.

Arranged tackle Water snake as follows. The basis is a rectangular board made of light wood 160x120x5 mm in size. A lead strip (load) is attached to one of its long sides (bottom) by any means. The mass of the cargo is selected so that, firstly, to keep the Water Snake in the water in an upright position, and secondly, drown it at least three quarters of the height.

Both vertical edges of the board are grinded and all of it, especially the ends, are thoroughly waxed, and then they are coated with a soft (that would not frighten the fish) oil paint. In the upper and lower corners of the front and in the middle of the rear edge, holes are made into which small rings of non-thick wire are inserted and the joints of these rings are carefully soldered.

From these rings to the center are shoelaces (sabbaths) of strong fishing line. Two identical ones of 90 mm (they are tied tightly) and one – the rear – of variable length. With its help regulate the speed of movement of this floating shell. When cutting, it disconnects, and the Water Snake turns into a floating board on the edge, which does not interfere with the fishing of fish.

A detachable lace is made using clothespins, soft wire, a special clip or a winding ring. The diameter of the towline depends on the place of fishing. On the lake, in the gulf, where there is no flow – 0.5-0.6 mm, on the river, especially faster – 0.6-0.7 mm and thicker.

Fishing with a fishing tackle.

The hook leash is suspended from the rear ringlet or directly onto the tow line. In this case, there may be 2-3 pieces. Some anglers attach a leash to both the back ringlet and the towline. You should not set multi-hooks – this will only complicate fishing, but will by no means increase the number of trophies.

The leash is sometimes tied to the towing line tightly, but it is better to make a loop with a swivel, then it is easier to replace it if fishing conditions require it, to unfasten together with the fish after successful fishing, and it won’t twist.

When fishing with a water tackle, a water snake can do without a fishing rod, winding a tow line on a specially reel or plywood, but it is better to take a spinning rod with an inertial reel.

Based on materials from the book Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Manufacture and repair.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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