Homemade thermite gun

Someone Colin Furz lives in the UK (Colin furze). Plumber by training, insane engineer by vocation. Well, it is not interesting to repair and fix leaks. But to design something really spectacular is always welcome. Englishman has already collected such gadgets as during his life; “Claws” like Wolverine from “X-Men”; magnetic boots; heaped-up scooter with a built-in flamethrower Of course, Colin is vigorously active, was not left unattended, especially since he regularly uploads video footage of his creations on Youtube. So in 2010, the police tried to arrest him because you are not welcome.

This crazy engineer has a special relationship with flamethrowers. No, you can understand it, flamethrower is cool. Although it is dangerous. But cool It was a self-made thermite gun. If you don’t, you can maintain a temperature of almost 3,500 degrees. Is it necessary to deactivate it? But it wasn’t how it’s collected, it’s possible to get it in action.

For example, when watching this video, you’re watching it? I hope you like it. I really hope so.

Now a little about the most thermite gun. There is no need for a driver to use the device. It gives a very elegant and compact look.

Termite mixture Colin shoved under pressure into an aerosol can. Actually, it moves closer to the burner, ignites and automatically pushes forward. It is worth mentioning. arrow? But Colin didn’t noticeably well, which was very convincingly demonstrated by igniting fireworks and various garbage.

I will not judge which one this thermite gun real combat potential, However, it looks really cool. Colin Ferza, British engineer.


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