Homemade tinctures and liquors, the order and technology of preparation, the recipe for elecampane, anise, angelica and gastric tincture, caraway vodka, and rose petal cordial.

Homemade tinctures and liquors differ in sugar content. 30–35% in liquors, from 8 to 30% in sweet tinctures. Bitter homemade tinctures (they are not necessarily bitter to taste, it’s just a term) are prepared without sugar.

Homemade tinctures and liqueurs, order and preparation technology, recipe for elecampane-anise, angelica and gastric tincture, caraway vodka, rose petal cordial.

However, sugar is also added to the bitter homemade tinctures to give the final taste, but in very small quantities – 1 teaspoon per 0.5 liters. Sometimes sugar is replaced with tincture of licorice root – it is sweeter than sugar. Home tinctures usually have a specific color. Almost colorless anise, caraway, cramming. Yellowish – rosehip petals, oregano, mountain ash. Greens without dye do not last long.

Homemade tinctures and liquors, the order and technology of preparation, the recipe for elecampane, anise, angelica and gastric tincture, caraway vodka, and rose petal cordial.

Homemade tinctures on the leaves of black currant, mint, and tarragon gradually fade. Their coloring matter is chlorophyll, which decomposes in alcohol. Beautiful reddish-brown tinctures of galangal, coil, partitions of nuts, oak bark and other raw materials containing tannins.

Blueberry tincture is purple, if you drop a little solution of citric acid into it, then it becomes scarlet. The tincture with the addition of black mallow flowers behaves similarly. Berry tinctures on viburnum, cranberries, bird cherry, raspberries – different shades of red.

Cooking Bitter Home Tinctures.

Bitter homemade tinctures are prepared by placing several leaves or blade of grass of the desired raw material in the bottle. You can do otherwise – make a thick, concentrated infusion, and then dilute it as needed.

The concentrate is best prepared in a jar with a plastic cap. Vodka is poured into it, then raw materials (10–20 g of dry raw materials) are wrapped in a piece of gauze, tightly tied with a thread and dipped in this thread in vodka near its surface. The tip of the thread is fixed on the neck, the jar is sealed with a plastic lid and placed in a warm dark place for 3-4 days.

With the usual insistence – with raw materials at the bottom of the bottle – for two weeks, moreover, the bottle must be shaken often. With the proposed method, a heavier infusion itself flows from the raw materials to the bottom of the bottle. This is clearly visible on highly colored raw materials – coil, galangal, mallow – colored trickles are clearly visible in a clear solution.

Recipe for Elecampane-Anise Tincture.

Elecampane (root) – 7 g
Anise – 3 g
Dry elderberry flowers – 1 pinch
Vodka – 1 L

Herbs insist in vodka for three weeks, sweeten to taste, tint caramel in a yellowish color.

Angelica Tincture Recipe.

Lavender, flowers – 1 pinch
Angelica, root – 7 g
Alcohol – 0.5 L

Lavender flowers and angelica root, insist on alcohol for three weeks, strain, add sugar to taste to taste (no more than 10 g) and dilute the infusion with water to 1 liter.

The recipe for gastric tincture “Erofeich”.

There are at least a dozen “Erofeyichs”, here we propose the option that in most ancient books is ascribed to Count Orlov’s servant, Erofeyich, who cured the Count “of a serious stomach illness”.

Vodka – 0.5 L
Dry peppermint leaf – 20 g
Small green oranges – 20 g
Aniseed grains – 20 g

Grind mint and oranges, add aniseed grains and leave for 10 days, then strain.

Caraway Vodka or Cummel Recipe.

Caraway seeds (seeds) – 400 g
Anise (seeds) – 50 g
Dill (seeds) – 50 g
Lemon peel dry – 50 g
Dry yellow iris root – 36 g
Vodka – 2 L
Sugar – 2 tsp.

Pour all the plants with vodka, insist a week, add sugar, strain.

The recipe for homemade balm “Old Cottage”.

St. John’s wort grass (dry) – 10 g
Oregano herb (dry) – 10 g
Raspberry Jam Syrup – 0.5 cup
Vodka – 0.5 L

Herbs insist on vodka for 1-2 weeks or 3-4 days as described above by hanging. Strain, pour raspberry syrup, leave in a warm place for 2-3 weeks.

The recipe for homemade rose petal cordial.

Pinching roses in bloom, filling the bottle with petals, pouring vodka and insisting until the filling darkens, drain the vodka and sweeten with sugar (0.25–0.5 bottle volumes).

Based on materials from the book “Robinson’s Kitchen. Recipes from wild plants and flowers “.
Zamyatina N. G.

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