Homemade water filter

It is concerned about the quality of drinking water. And it is correct: after all, we are, in essence, what we eat. It is a fact that it is a drink that you … It has been a great deal of effort to make it easier for you.

The question may arise: why filter the water in the countryside? There’s also a well or well away from gasoline, exhaust gas and asphalt. And the answer – here it is, lies on the surface. It is a waterway between the water and the water during the last rain. It can be a lot of problems for people who need it. of the cerebral circulation, leading to stroke. Nice bouquet, is not it?

Solved: filter the water

Almost all water filters. It can be used to make it a bit different. But for a complete complete presentation of homemade options, consider several options for filters.

  • Vata
  • Paper napkins
  • Gauze, bandage, natural fabric
  • Sand
  • Coal
  • Lutrasil or Spunbond.

It is necessary to take into account that cotton wool, napkins and gauze as a filler, are quite effective, but short-lived. So on. Charcoal can both be bought and made by yourself. It is needed to filter filler. So, buying a bag for a long time.

If you still risk cooking it yourself, use only hardwood for this purpose. Lutrasil or spunbond is also called agrofilm. Most often it is popular with gardeners and gardeners for harboring plants. It is a different density and it is sold in 2 colors: white and black.

Options for homemade filters

It is not recommended that you use it. According to the laws of physics. You can’t be trying to filter water through yourself. You need a quick and a lot then first option.

Five or six-liter plastic bottle and bottle cap with a plastic cap. We carefully cut the edges of the burrs. In the case of the bottle, it would fit the bottle, of course, with a cap. If necessary, there is a rubber gasket.

It has been found that it has been a bit looser for a bit. Here this workpiece can be fixed in the lid of the bucket. 5-10 cm should not be worn tightly cotton wool. It’s not possible to make it easier to use it. Cleaned pebbles.

That’s all, your filter is ready. Use on health. But for a small secret: Tasty, useful and almost regal!

You can slightly improve your gadget. Instead of a bucket, use a 20 l plastic canister with a small faucet cut into the bottom. It is much more convenient to pour water into the same kettle.

Second option The outlet is turbid. In this case, 7-8 cm is enough. It is clear that the water is clean. I think. It is convenient to fill it with water, even with a hose.

Third option probably will appeal to fans of pomasterom. The tube is filled with water. It is most likely that the pipe should not be mounted without gaps. It’s not true that you’ve closed the bottle.

It can be drained. This can be contaminate water.

Fourth option Presupposes the use of a full-fledged plumbing in a private house. Do you need to buy adapters? in. The water is free. Use FUM tape for sealing.

Flasks in. The connector is in water? in. At the outlet, a tricolor is equipped with a tap for drinking water. If you use your flasks:

Fifth option quite on the shoulder and first grader. So, we take a 2-liter bottle. In the lid, it is a piece of cotton that has been wrapped. It is a 3-liter jar. Check – the water will be very clean. As an option, cut it down into the bottom part. Quite a “office” option.

Of course, each filter has its own lifetime. Fabric Calculated based on these data: 1 tablet of activated carbon cleans 1 liter of water. But the charcoal? Replaces of 7-8 tablets, depending on the density. You are able to count.

Our water filter can be an amazing water quality. And how the body will be grateful to you!

So, according to the theory of offset, we turn to practical exercises.

And bless you!

Water extraction

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