Hot mashed soups from vegetables, cereals, meat and fish products, cooking, recipes for mashed soups.

Mashed soups can be prepared from vegetables, cereals and legumes, from meat and fish products. Mashed vegetable soups are prepared from one or several types of vegetables, for example, from cauliflower or carrots; from potatoes, carrots and turnips. Rice and pearl barley come mainly from mashed cereals for mashed soups, and beans and peas from legumes. Mashed meat soups are best prepared from poultry or game. For fish soups, you can recommend carp, smelt, saffron cod, pike perch, cod and others. 

Hot mashed soups from vegetables, cereals, meat and fish products, cooking, recipes for mashed soups.

To prepare mashed soups, boil vegetables in a small amount of water. When the vegetables are cooked, let it drain, knead them or wipe them through a sieve. Legumes contain a large amount of cellulose, therefore, preparing mashed potatoes from them, you must wipe them through a sieve. They put a part of the fats indicated in the recipe, mix well and beat until the mash takes the form of a foamy cream. Bred with a decoction of vegetables or a decoction of vegetables and milk, taken in equal quantities. Bean puree is bred only with broth. Let the soup boil and add the rest of the fat.

. After dressing, mashed soups should not be heated to a temperature close to boiling, as this destroys the emulsion that forms when dressing soups with butter, and it stands out on the surface. Soup puree is also seasoned with a boiled mixture of raw yolks and milk or cream. Such a soup is called cream soup. Dressing is prepared as follows: beat the yolks with a whisk and, continuously stirring, pour hot cream or milk into them. Put the mixture on the fire and constantly stir, preventing it from boiling. Then strain the mixture and pour into the soup.

Making mashed soups with white sauce.

Many puree soups are prepared in white sauce with the addition of meat, vegetable or mushroom broth. To prepare the white sauce, which serves as the basis for the soup, 50 g of butter, 150 g of wheat flour, 1 stalk of leek, 1.5 l of broth should be taken for 5 servings. Spasser onion, add flour. When the flour is slightly fried, pour in the broth, stir and let it boil. Rub cooked vegetables, mix with sauce and season with a mixture of egg yolks and cream or milk. You can serve such a soup with a variety of side dishes..

If the soup is prepared from vegetables containing acid, for example, from tomatoes, the poured flour is poured with hot milk, mixed well, boiled for 10-15 minutes and then mixed with broth and vegetables. This keeps the milk from clotting. Cream soups are easily absorbed by the body, they are easy to cook, and therefore they should appear in our everyday menu from time to time. And some mashed soups with a spicy taste – celery, asparagus, shrimp and others – are quite suitable for the holiday table..

Meat Soup Recipe.

500 g of veal with bone or chicken (or 200 g of pulp), 1 l of water, 1 small carrot, 1 parsley root, leek or a small head of onion, 40 g of butter, 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of wheat flour, 100 g of cream or 1 egg yolk and 3-4 tbsp. tablespoons milk, dill or parsley, salt.

Boil the meat with roots and onions, then pass through a meat grinder 2-3 times. To make the mashed potatoes more tender, the meat can also be wiped through a sieve. Prepare a light sauce from flour, butter and broth, mix it with mashed meat, add the broth and cook for several minutes together. Serve with cream or egg-milk mixture. You can also put beautifully sliced ​​pieces of boiled meat in the soup..

Recipe for Vegetable Soup with Croutons.

1 kg of meat with bone, 3–3.5 l of water, 1 kg of potato, 150 g of carrots and rutabaga, 40 g of parsley, 50 g of celery, onion and leek, 60 g of flour, 90 g of fat, 30 g of butter, 125 g of white bread for croutons, salt to taste. For lezone: 3/4 cup cream or 1.75 cup milk, 1 egg (yolk), 30 g butter.

Put to cook the meat broth. After 2-3 hours, chopped carrots, rutabaga, parsley, celery, leek and onions lightly fry in fat, dip in broth and cook for 15-25 minutes until cooked. Then wipe them through a sieve. Prepare flour sauté, dilute it with broth to the consistency of sour cream, add mashed vegetables, mix everything and combine with the remaining broth. Boil the soup for 10-15 minutes, stirring from the bottom, remove from heat, introduce the ice cream from yolk, cream and butter into it and season with salt. To the soup serve croutons of white bread in the form of small cubes. Boiled meat can be cut and put in soup or served on the second. This soup can be prepared on bone broth, as well as on water (vegetarian).

Recipe for mashed root, potato and pumpkin soup.

1 kg of meat with bone, 4–4.5 l of water, 600 g of pumpkin, about 1 kg of potato, 50 g of onion, 40 g of leek, 75 g of carrots and rutabaga, 50 g of parsley, 40 g of celery, 60 g of wheat flour, 60 g of butter, salt to taste. For lezone: 3/4 cup cream or 1.75 cup milk, 1 egg (yolk), 30 g butter.

It is prepared in the same way as indicated in the previous recipe. The difference is that pumpkin is added to the soup, which is first lightly fried and then stewed with the roots.

Based on the book Thousand Soup Recipes.
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