How are the people in the world are preparing for the apocalypse

The United States – from Silicon Valley, New York, and so on – are preparing for the collapse of civilization.

Condo Project, United States of America, United States of AmericaCondo Project, United States of America, United States of America

Rich people are also preparing for the apocalypse

Steve huffman [Steve Huffman], a reddit project worth $ 600 million, it was short-sighted until November 2015.

But he didn’t have any trouble. “I’m a skiff.”

San Juan Huffman, who has large blue eyes, hairless hair and aura of tireless curiosity. He hacked his back. It is not a problem. “I have a pair of motorcycles, I have a lot of weapons and ammunition. Food. With this, I can hold out for a while. “

The subculture of survivalism, the hysterical bean store, a religious fanatic. But in recent years, there has been a lot of effort.

Last spring, when it came to the presidential elections, Antonio Garcia Martinez Antonio Garcia Martinez, a 40-year-old former Facebook product manager in the San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest (approx. Transl.)

“When society abandons its myths, it slips into chaos,” he said. The quarantined children of the Silicon Valley, Karsia Martinez.

“If you’re thinking about it,” he says. – no. It will take a lot to survive the apocalypse. “

He added that he wouldn’t have any peace. “I’m thinking of people who are riding on a very thin cultural ice.”

In private groups on Facebook wealthy survivors exchange tips on gas masks, bunkers and climate-friendly locations. One of them, he said: “I’m like a helicopter with air filtration,” he says. But he added: “This is not a rare topic. “

Tim chen [Tim Chang], a 44-year-old fund manager, told me: “There are so many of us. We meet at special dinners, developed by different people. This is a real life abroad. ”He says:“ I will be frank. I buy asylum. “

For his four-year-old daughter. “I have such a scenario: Oh God, if there is a peace war or earthquake splits California, we have to prepare for this.”

When Marvin liao [Marvin Liao], he shot to give it a shot. “What if someone comes and takes it all away?” He asks a logical question. To protect my wife and daughter, “I don’t have firearms, but there is a lot of other. I did archery. “

For some of them, it’s just a “programmer” (gamer is a programmer, as opposed to nerds / botanists – comment. Transl.) Other people, like Huffman, have been concerned. “Since I watched the movie Deep Impact.” “Everyone is trying to get out and stuck in traffic. It was what happened it was filmed near my school. Every thought I needed a motorcycle, because “

& quot; Temple of Promise & quot; - 2015 Burning Man Fest, Nevada Desert Photo by Jim Urquhart / Reuters“Temple of Promise” – 2015 Burning Man Festival, Nevada DesertPhoto by Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Huffman frequently attends annual festival Burning man in the Nevada desert, where artists communicate with powerful people. He wanted to help. The survivors are “preppers,” redesigned FEMA, that is, “Stupid expectation of meaningful help.”

For some groups of people: “Communication with people is a good thing. I like it a good leader. I think that it’s a slave, when the time comes. “

Over the years, Huffman has been concerned. He says: “The collapse of some state organizations are such things.” Preparators call this scenario W.R.O.L., “without rule of law” – without the rule of law. Huffman has been on fragile arrangements. “We’re thinking about them.” And I’m not afraid of it. “

Turning Reddit, ched wat wat “It’s not a problem,” he says, “It’s not a problem.”

He was on the red page of the global financial crisis. “People started whispering about mortgages, worrying about student debts, about debts in general. There were many opinions like “it is true”, and “something is wrong”. Of course, there were many misconceptions. When a faith collapses, “

“If there is a lot of money – you can not worry about the bad future”

In the case of the world?

These impulses are not so contradictory. Technology, as we were told. Roy bahat, Head of the Bloomberg Beta Venture Fund. “When you do this, you often go down to a very strong extrapolation, leading you either to utopia or to dystopia,” he says. It is a concept that you can follow you. Tim chen, a venture investor storing bags for survival says: “My mind oscillates between optimism and absolute horror.”

In recent years, survivors are becoming more uneasy about their mainstream culture. In 2012, the National Geographic Channel launched the “Doomsday Preppers Show”, which it could designate as S.H.T.F. (shit hits the fan [shit hits the fan]). It was not seen.

If you’re a little bit better than).

Online discussions of preparators varying from “Pine”.

Obama’s re-election favorably affected the preparatory industry. The conservatives, who have been accused of racism, who have been drawn up, have been quoted as glen beck and sean haniti. Shots with shots of reality and survival “Naked and scared»[Naked and Afraid].

Living room in the apartment Survival Condo ProjectLiving room in the apartment Survival Condo Project

In Silicon Valley, worried about another thing. While Huffman followed his acquaintances. Kan co-founded Twitch, a gaming network, then bought it.

“It’s inevitable,” he says. “I tried, but I cant have a couple of bags of tomatoes. If we are in agreement with us, we would die. ”Someone asked Kahn what his preparatory friends had in common. “A lot of money and resources,” he replied. “What do I need to worry about and prepare for?” It’s kind of insurance. “

Iishan wong [Yishan Wong], reddit from 2012 to 2014. He says, “an unreliable“ Wong replied: ”He continues:“ Preparatory technicians collapse as great. It is not a problem. “

How many wealthy Americans are actually preparing for a disaster?

It is difficult to say how many people like to spread it. “Anonymity is priceless,” as a hedge fund manager told me, refusing an interview. Sometimes this topic pops up unexpectedly. Reid hofman, LinkedIn co-founder and prominent investor, recalls telling a friend. “Oh, and you are going for apocalypse insurance?” Asked his friend. “And I answer him: what? .. ”explains Hofman.

He discovered that he is a catcher of cataclysms. “Saying that you are not buying comments. It’s a bit of a mineshaft. “

Hoffman estimated the bottom of the United States or outside. “I would say that more than 50%,” he says. They can’t simply say they can’t put them on the water. “

Fears are different, where there will be a little bit more than a little bit. “I heard about this from a lot of people,” says Hofman. – Will the country go to war? Will it be against technological innovation? Is this going to be a mess? “

It is not clear what the project is. But I think that it is rational and quite conservative. “He haunted the hackers” on his phone, disabling the hackers on his phone.

“Food stocks depend on GPS, logistics, weather forecasts,” that says, “DNS systems depend on the Internet. The next ten years. Will be for 50 years? “

It is protesting against it. Max levchin [Max Levchin], founder of PayPal and Affirm, said: “I’m a little bit different spared, even”

Levchin believes that preparing for survival is a moral miscalculation, and prefers to stop such discussions. “I ask a person: So, you are worried about being lifted into pitchforks. How much money did you donate to a local homeless shelter?
Most People. All other fears, in my opinion, are artificial. ”Trying to escape. “Now we are in a favorable point of the economy. It will go very badly. What do you expect from them? “

On the other side of the country, similar awkward discussions are unfolding in financial circles. Robert dager worked as a lobbyist in 1993 Tudor Investment Corporation. After working for 17 years, he quit and is engaged in charity and investment. “If you’re looking for something like the Russian revolution,” he told me recently.

Daguerre saw for options for action caused by such fear. “He understood the problem.” However, they also invest in the escape route. He recalls one dinner in New York after 9/11 and the collapse of the dot-com bubble.

“A group of multimillionaires and a couple of billionaires were sharing their plans with each other. Most would have been a plan. ”One of the guests was skeptical. He leaned forward and asked :? And the technical staff? If you have any acquaintances, it will take you?
Questions continued. Couldn’t escape.

Unrest in elite circles exists in all political camps. Even financiers who support Donald trump, he hopes that his rebel campaign is supposedly spurred. Daguerre says: “The media is under attack. I wonder if the judicial system will fall after them? Will we move from false news to false evidence? This is a matter of life and death. “

Robert Johnson Seeing a deeper crisis. At age 59, Johnson has a disheveled silver hair and a soft, protective attitude towards people. He has degrees in electrical engineering and economics from MIT, a Ph.D. in economics from a financier, he worked in Congress. Hedge fund. Soros Fund Management. In 2009, during the aftermath of the crisis, he was appointed head of the crisis.

He described himself as the case of the public unrest. He grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Gross Point Park. His father was working as a doctor. “About the same song is happening in New York,” he says. – These are my friends. I lived in Bel Haven, in Greenwich, Connecticut. Louis Bacon, Paul Tudor Jones and Ray Dalio, I have spoken to many in my career. You need a private plane. You need to make sure that the pilot family is also taken care of. They also need to be on this plane. “

By january 2015, johnson sounded the alarm

He told his audience: “I’ve got a lot of money.”

For example, it’s not a problem. “Herald fund managers earn more than all US kindergarten teachers,” he says. “And being one of these twenty-five is not very pleasant. I think their sensitivity increases. ”The gap widens.

In the United States of America, “they are completely cut off from economic growth since the 1970s.” Approximately 117 million people earned income. This is a list of people who are in the United States and in the Congo.

Johnson says: “It was a pacifier for the community. We shook the situation. “

The elite of the country plight. “Why do people have power so much fear?” Asks Johnson. “How does this characterize our system?” It is very strange. In fact, they have been the earliest possible people, “

Survival Condo Project

On the road to the north of the city. After a couple of hours, we’ve turned on a large metal gate. A security guard in camouflage was holding a semi-automatic rifle.

Make a difference. We were met Larry hall, project director Survival Condo Project, Fifteen-floor luxury apartments built in the underground mine shaft. Here from 1961 to 1965 it was written off. Hall of Condemnation of the New Era. “For super-rich people, this is a real relaxation,” he says. “They can be armed armed outside.” Children can run everywhere. “

It’s been a cold war since the Cold War. He said that he was not allowed to go on the road. FEMA launched an annual exercise for government officials. During the most recent, a simulation of hurricanes, improvised nuclear bombs, earthquakes and cyber attacks.

“In 2008, he paid $ 300,000 he paid a $ 20 million. He created 12 private apartments. The cost of $ 3.

Most preparers have no bins. Fortified shelters are expensive to build. It was a nuclear explosion. The life support system can support up to 75 people. For autonomous living. If you want to grow energy, then you can use it.

In the event of a crisis, Pit-Bull VX armored vehicles will select all miles. Owners of jails from Salina, about 30 miles from there. According to Khol, the military engineers had the hardest time to choose a place. “It was necessary to make a difference,” he says.

Hohol is already under sixty; he has a large chest and a temperament. He also worked on the United States Agency for Technology. He wondered where he went for his travels.

Hall through the garage, down to the living room, with a stone fireplace, dining room and kitchen. There are billiards, leather sofas, billiards. To increase the amount of space available. We were accompanied by a team of men. It was a life of the underground. Avoid clicks (rotate household duties) and simulate life above. LED “windows” are installed on the walls above. Residents can switch to coniferous forest or other landscapes. One New Yorker wanted to see Central Park. “All seasons, day and night,” says Menoski. “She needed sounds, taxis and car hooters.”

He has been a survivor of criticism. Hole sweeps away such opportunities. “You can send as many bullets and shells as you like. If necessary, the guards will respond with fire. Here is a sniper. “

Pool at the Survival Condo ProjectPool at the Survival Condo Project

Tyler Allen, a developer from Lake Mary, Florida, where he bought his apartment for $ 3 million. Allen said that he feared “social conflicts”. He suspects that the Ebola virus was not allowed. He replied: “Most often, it’s true. But my conviction increased dramatically. Although it was ten years ago, “Tyler replied:“ If you’re getting in trouble, you’re getting “

Allen said that, in his opinion, such precautions are stigmatized. Bunker – approx. Transl.), Then you don’t seem to have a foil cap. If you’re there, then you’ll put it on you. “

Why do anti-utopian moods appear only at certain moments?

Judgment Day – as a prophecy, a literary genre, and a business opportunity – is not static; it develops with our fears. The Apocalypse and Paradise. When the “black day” happened, the farmers considered the heralding of Ontario. English writer of the American horror. “Doom! Doom! Death! ”He wrote in 1923.“ Something seems to be darkest trees. “

Historically, our world has blossomed in moments of political change. “At the end of the 19th century, there has been a dystopian novel that has been published,” a historian at Stanford University, telling me. The novel “A Look Back, 2000–1887” by Edward Bellamy, published in 1888, described the socialist paradise of 2000, and became a sensation that spawned “Bellamy Clubs” throughout the country. Conversely, Jack London published the “Iron Heel” dystopia, and it is “9/10 of 1% of the population owns 70% of all wealth”.

At that time, people were amazed at that time.

“The situation was very similar today,” says White. “It seemed to be unable to manage society. There was a huge gap in the working classes. Lifespan shortened. It has “

Business titans felt uncomfortable. In 1889, he wrote about interclass tension. He criticized the appearance of “castes”, ignoring the existence of others and not believing them. John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil “He wants you to buy it,” he wrote in 1909, “By 3,000 public libraries. Rockefeller founded the University of Chicago. According to American philanthropists,

During the Cold War, government officials were busy with Armageddon. It was issued a statement that “jump in your head” or “don’t lose your head”.

In 1958, the Eisenhower launched a large number of cover of all members of Congress. For more than 30 years. Today, the shelter is kept secret.

It was a secret message from the National Archives.

But in 1961, shells stating in the televised speech: “I know what you want to do.” In 1976, he was praised by the French nationals of the United States. Saxo claimed that he coined the term “survivalist” (survivor).

In the literature, describing the decline and self-defense, it was recommended to save gold. The growth of such sentiments, called “doom boom”, continued under Ronald Reagan. Sociologist Richard Mitchell, University of Oregon, who studied for twelve years as a survivor, says: “failed to work. People said – Well, it is not perfect. And what should I do now? “.

The Condo Project, which has been a hospital bed and an operating room. According to residents, there are two doctors and a dentist among residents.The Condo Project, which has been a hospital bed and an operating room. According to residents, there are two doctors and a dentist among residents.

Hurricane Katrina. Neil Straus, a former timeshare correspondent of the emergency situation, said: “

He wondered when she was one entrepreneur. Ostrich received citizenship of St. He was just a knife and was worn.

It is a state of the art for North Korea to conduct phone calls. Survival Condo Project. Deeper source of requests. “70% of the population doesn’t like the direction in which everything moves.” After lunch, Hole and Menoski had an excursion.

The complex is a high cylinder that resembles the core of a corn cob. There are common areas: a swimming pool, a gym, a cinema, a library. There is a feeling of compactness.

The weapon room is filled with weapons. There is an empty room with a toilet. “Calm down,” Hall says. – Usually, it has been established to improve them. It is not a problem. Entry and exit are controlled by the board of directors. “

It is a hospital bed, an operating table and a dentist chair. According to residents, there are two doctors and a dentist among residents. On the floor above, it’s not food complete yet. He hopes that he can fill up with food.

Residential apartments – three-meter ceilings, gas stoves, gas fireplace. “Connecticut, I like it,” Hall says. Heyou isn’t coming to his peace of mind. He sent his decorator to correct the situation. “

There are also cabinets and water windows. The silence is so beautifully furnished.

Hole and Menoski Drank & Friends. ”There were five days left before the election. “I hope that his business will prevail over frightening qualities.” He was surprised by the crowd and the enthusiasm of the Donald Trump crowd. “I can’t believe the results,” he said.

He considers that he knows. He believes that “Congress pursues a deliberate policy of dulling the people.” Why does Congress need this? He says, ”he says.

He added, “According to his opinion, it’s not a good idea.” “They worked on this review for twenty years,” he says. But does he really believe in it? “At first, when you hear these speeches, you doubt,” he says. But did not completely rule out such a development of events.

We’ve been running for 25 minutes from the first one. Upon approaching a wreckage. The complex will have a separate room. There is a feeling of openness, among other things.

Helenevitterextechnik has been working for his data center. Buy up more mines.

New Zealand – a natural “refuge” for oligarchs

If there is no remote or isolated, there are other options. The first seven days after the election of Donald Trump, 13.401 This is more than 17 times the average. The New Zealand Herald wrote: “Trump’s Apocalypse”.

Tire at the Survival Condo ProjectTire at the Survival Condo Project

But before the victory of the Trump. In the first 10 months of 2016, foreigners bought more than 3,600 square kilometers. land in New Zealand, which has been purchased for the same period last year. Americans only behind the Australians. The US government doesn’t consider citizens with real estate abroad. It was a time when Switzerland received information. Over the past six years, nearly 1,000 foreigners have received their citizenship.

Jack Matthews, a New Zealand broadcaster, said: “I’m sitting in the middle of the world,” he said. -sufficient in energy, water, food. Life will get worse. ”He says:“ It’s still possible to communicate. The place is a small no anonymity. People need to observe decency. “

Auckland is 13 hours from San Francisco. The temperature is about 24 ° C, low humidity. It is the distance between the city of New York City and the North Coastline. .

Where we can use it. In the picture, New Zealand is rotated almost 90 °.Where we can use it. In the picture, New Zealand is rotated almost 90 °.

There are seven times more sheep in a country than people. In global ratings, New Zealand is in the top ten countries in terms of democracy, government cleanliness and security. It was a war in 1985 when the spice blew up. In a recent World Bank report, New Zealand received the most favorable for doing business.

Graham Wall is a high-net-worth of pharma, H.N.W.I. in their profession. It was not a problem. “Our best asset is the distance, the distance, the distance, the distance, the distance, the distance. “

Before the trip, we wondered if we would visit the luxury shelters. But Peter Campbell, he wondered what the building bunkers wanted.

“Why build a shelter from the White House,” he says. Americans have other requests. “Often asked for a landing site for a helicopter. You can fly to Queenstown or Wanaka on your plane, and then take a flight. “Americans are also interested in strategic advice. “And what will the longest be?

Homes is already coming out sideways. The “campaign against Aotearoa” (as Maori call New Zealand) In particular, it was caused by the American survivors. In a discussion of the Survivalist preparers, one commentator wrote: “Yankee, beat your head off! New Zealand is not a safe haven. “

One American hedge fund manager – tall, tanned, athletic-built – recently received citizenship. Condition of anonymity. Over the cup of coffee, he wondered that he wondered at least the last ten years. There will be racial friction, polarization, and a rapidly aging population.

“The country was divided into two countries. It wouldn’t be a problem. Default on debts, or print more money? How will this affect the value of the dollar? It’s not a problem. “

If you are traveling to a distance of the immigrants. He says: “This has been a handful of people who fear the end of the world.” And, laughing, adds: “If I am not one of them.”

Every year since 1947, scientists have been established 17 hours before midnight.

Since then, the direction of their progress has been alarming. In the end of 2016, it was the time of the Cold War. In November, after the decision. It was announced 30 seconds to midnight.

Fear of disasters is to prevent them. But there is no need to step in and out of the problem. This is the United Kingdom. The United States are already mixed with it. It is a good idea to find a face to face. This is a despair in gilding.

He noted that he was aware of the risks involved. They contribute to their credit, credit, credit, credit. Justin Kahn, an investor in technology, who approached the hedge fund. “It’s just in case. He said – what is the chance that Trump will be a fascist dictator? It can be low. “

A different look at the world

There are other ways to digest the anxieties of modernity. “If I had a billion, I wouldn’t buy a shelter,” said Ellie Kaplan, Neurotrack. “I would reinvest it in civil society and civil innovation. I’m not sure how to prevent it. “Kaplan, who worked in his Bill Clinton administration, said he strengthened:” I say: “Our union is stronger than this.”

Such a view is a matter of faith. It is a tool for regulating and maintaining our fragile consensus. Believe it or not – the choice of each.

Silicon Valley Guru – Stuart brand [Stewart Brand], author and entrepreneur who inspired Steve Jobs. In the 1960s and the 1970s, it has been offered. (The motto of the magazine: “We’re like the gods,”). “To me, the idea of“ Oh my God, the world will fall apart! “Seems strange,” he said.

It is a brand new life where it can be found. It’s been a bad financial crisis since the world has been living. Escapism. “Big circle of empathy,” he says, finding solutions to common problems.

“It’s easy. It is done in the past few centuries. What if she puffs on and on? “

You can decide to step back from both issues. Under the 39-year-old American Jim rorstaff. Rorstaff worked as a professional golf course. He has been trying to get away from the world, ”he said.

He added that he would like to have our homepage. The helicopter flew north along the harbor, along the coast, through the lush forests and the country fields. Above the scallops.

The helicopter sat on the lawn next to the golf course. 125 farms of the dunes and forests, As we drove through the area of ​​the area: “You will not see anything outside. This is better privacy. “

We drove to the sea, we’re out of it. Couldn’t be seen.

Waves with a roar broke on the shore. He spread his arms, turned and laughed. “We believe it’s better to be here,” he said. For the first time in many weeks, or even months, we didn’t think of Trump. And in general about anything.

Secrets of Silicon Valley: Preparing for the end of the world

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