How bad is cheap knife steel

There is such a YouTube channel – “Cedric & Ada. And there is a certain Pete who explores the properties knife steel, using a specially selected standardized method. And today he has tested more than 40 different types of steel, ranging from expensive powder, and ending with cheap metal used for table knives. We turned to him to explain so much budget knife steel loses more expensive options.

The criterion that Pete uses in assessing knife steel is blade wear rate. And for this purpose, he picked up a special material, angle and force of impact. The experiment is terminated when the blade cannot cut plain paper for the printer. As a working material, Pete chose a hard abrasive rope made of sisal, which is much more severe than in most similar experiments. And, as established in practice, most budget steel knives for EDC lose their properties after 60-70 cuts.

“If the knife withstands less than 60 cuts, then it will make me extremely sad, especially if I imagine that I have to use this tool every day,” Pete claims.

Currently, heat treatment plays an important role in choosing knife steel. But, as Pete’s experience shows, such common materials as AUS-8, 8Cr13MoV and 440C Do not overcome the barrier in the “60 cuts.” For reference – dear knife steel like CTS-XHP stand about 242 times.

“Marketers are still claiming that AUS-8 and 8Cr13MoV are high carbon materials that hold the cutting edge perfectly. But this is not true, and for quite a long time, ”says Pete.

And although the models using these materials are not “non-functional,” Pete continues to believe that the time has come for knife manufacturers to seriously consider improving quality. budget knife steel, good now there is plenty to choose from.

And Pete sees this transition already beginning. Now most budget steel knives come to us from China. And they are gradually replacing the tools of American and European production. But, as Pete’s experiments show, the same steel 14C28N, used for example for models of the company “Ruike and Real Steel“, Withstands more than 70 cuts. And steel CTS-BD1, used in budget models Spyderco polestar and Byrd crow 2, stands a record 112 times. “We have plenty to choose from, so it would be wise for companies to start improving budget knife steel, with which they work. And you can not even immediately, but gradually, “- says Pete.

At the same time, Pete advocates using budget options as often as possible.

“The main thing that we need is that this material is cheap and easy to use,” says Pete. “They should not try to appear better than they are.”

The master also believes that testing is just one of the forms of quality research that can be carried out by knife enthusiasts. “My experiments are only a small part of what you need to pay attention to. In any case, everyone makes the choice himself. ”

What can I add? Yes, the choice of knife steel is a very important moment. And the ability to keep sharpening – just one of the parameters that must be considered. One, but very important and significant. And the fact that among budget steel There are varieties that almost surpass the competitors by their heads, without affecting the price, and should encourage the knife makers to take further steps. In any case, everything goes towards a gradual improvement in the quality of steel and cheaper knives. And this is exactly what the average consumer needs.

And here is an example of a video of the experiments of this citizen. Well and the link to the channel – there, by the way, check knives and more severe methods. But see for yourself if you want.

Source – Just How Bad is Budget Blade Steel?

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