How convenient to pack medicines in a wearable first aid kit

For many years I have been replacing their packaging. This is exactly what you need.

? It is valid for you.

You keep it up medication and medical supplies in several bags with flexible snaps. I will also go through the list of medications that I carry with me almost always.

If you want to get confused, it’s not just getting there. Prescription drugs are best kept in the package along with the prescription itself. In the United States, in most states, it is prescribed.

Medicine bag latches

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the packaging “EZY DoseFor tablets. Atch pieces 100 100 100 100 3 hes It is a small bottle of cotton.

They are also well suited for all small light items. On Amazon, they are available for $ 6, that is, 6 cents per bag.

Drug labeling

All their medication It is used to distinguish by its generic name. Most people usually think that generic name – “For example, instead of the name“Advil“. But actually it Ibuprofen. It is a question of discourse.

It is not clear.

For example, ifAdvil“Was cheaper”Motrin“At the time of my overdue replacement Ibuprofen, Labels, which only contribute to confusion.

From the above, we proceed to discuss labels. I’ve been making this my medication list Tactical site, only for “club members”, a monthly payment of around $ 50 – ed. it includes basic information on each of my 7 OTC drugs, and I want to make it into my sachets.

For each label, I’m wearing in my label first aid kit. Below I will give some details.

How to Complete Your Diet. If I’m not sure, I’m not sure what I’ve forgotten to mention.

What medications to include in the first aid kit?

As I mentioned, I try to label medication generic names instead of brand names. I will give you your choice.

All my medicines are non-prescription drugs, except Pseudoephedrine (“Sudafed”), which is now controlled by the state. You can’t buy it in large quantities. You add methts!

Drug list

It can be carried out.
Non-proprietary name – indications for use – trade name:

  • Pseudoephedrine – antihistamine / allergic reactions – Sudafed
  • Acetaminophen – headache / antipyretic – Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen – muscle pain / inflammation – Motrin (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent)
  • Diphenyldramine – antihistamine / allergic reactions – Benadryl
  • Bismuth subsalicylate – problems with the gastrointestinal tract / diarrhea / against dehydration – Pepto bismol
  • Meklosin hydrochloride – lethargy / drowsiness – Dramamine
  • Benzocaine – cough – Cepacol

My first aid kit

Although there are ready-made kits, for example, the “Adova Nepruha” first-aid kit is first-aid kits self first aid, First Aid Kit From Medical, Anyway

Our goal is drugs. But I use TSSI M9 Bag and very pleased with it. A bunch of all sorts of useful qualities. It can be found from the second hand, if you carefully search.

The bag is amazing.

Another point I try to stick to is consistency. You must always be able to use it. It also doesn’t hurt the search for an accelerated search.

My set first aid I need it. When I go on a trip, I’m going to throw a scout outing. For all occasions.

Although it’s a good idea, it’s a good idea.


In spite of the fact that they remain the same. Three important points in creating and using your first aid kit – this:

  • Persistence – all components are under their control;
  • Indication – it’s not a matter of lazy medical supplies and drugs;
  • Practice – Investigation of the train.

Be about ready for anything? =)

Original article: The Counter Meds for Aid Bags and Kits by Bryan black

Ready kits

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