How did the chemical warfare agents and gas masks

– Dad-dad, can elephants run?
“Son, not now, dad is busy.”
– Well, pa-a-ap!
– Eh, okay … Roth, put on gas masks!
On the parade ground oh march!
(old Russian joke)

Man invents a new weapon as much as he fights. It is a scourge of peace. Which successfully itself got the beast. This is how the first aggression appeared.

But after all, there was no sign of it. Protection. Since then began the competition between attack and defense. Invented arrows, swords, bullets and cores. On the other hand came up with shields, trenches, fortifications and armor. But fast forward to the first half of the twentieth century.

The world was facing a big war. People have long learned to consider their money. Seeing their land. And at the same time they are strengthened, especially those from abroad. Why it was sitting on a powder keg. But I wasn’t going to be able to go there. Such a person was found.

The World War I was the murder of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand. Barrel flashed. The war has begun.

The French airplanes of England was preparing for release on the battlefield, which will be called tanks. The Germans, too, enthusiastically riveting weapons. And the luminaries of German science created a new weapon. The one that leaks through the embrasures in the trenches, into the buildings. You have to stop breathing. This weapon will interfere with seeing, inflict hellish pain. And fight with him will be useless. German chemists invented gas. That is, it was adapted for war. What is this substance?

Mustard gas. It was invented by English scientists in the first half of the 19th century. In 1916, the Germans were only invented for military purposes. It will be called “mustard gas.” The city of Ypres, where the gas was first tested in a combat situation. The results caused a double impression. On the one hand, the weapons of the enemy manpower. Destroys both physically and mentally. The dead soldiers have been caused by the German soldiers. Well, how will this weapon be used against them? It was not possible.

But there is opposition to every action. Mask – The main means to protect against chemical weapons. The first gas masks were invented in the Russian Empire also in the first half of the 19th century. Then they were necessary for the church. Or rather, for gilding the domes of the cathedral. Gas masks were passed through the hose, it was supplied. However, the first pancake is lumpy: 60 masters died of mercury vapor poisoning. Alas, the first gas masks were not tight. But in the Russian Empire, in 1915, by the way. We have been acquainted with gas masks.

Type of gas mask Description
Filter masks It is possible to replace the spent box. That is, until there is no air flow, you can live.
Insulating gas masks It is also absorbed by the person. Breathe that exhaled. Carbon dioxide
Hose masks The gas mask is located at some distance (10-40 meters), it is usually used for the cleaning of railway tanks. Something like scuba. The gas mask will suffocate. And also if the hose is damaged.

And again to the story. It is used in the treatment of gas. In 1916, the union of Russia, Britain and France. It is an assumption that it has been carried out. At this event is to focus.

July 24th. Fortress Osovets. Several forts connected by lines of trenches and wire barriers. At 4 o’clock drift to the Russian position. This was the beginning of the German attack: chlorine was started. It’s amazing that it’s been attacked. The commandant of the fortress, even to the advancing army with bayonets. Just over a hundred people, bloody, coughing, wrapped in rags, hit the attackers. The Germans were terrible. From the dead to protect the fortress. Or to get revenge.

It has become a powerful example for demonstrating chemical warfare agents. However, this case has also been shown.

Has been one of the priorities. In addition, he has not been a scientist.

It has been reformed to prevent poisoning. For all the time, not remaining, remaining same.

It only remained to be cleaned up. You need filters. And they are very different. It is not a carbon monoxide. All filters are different, they are easily identifiable by color. Of course, they need to be changed in a timely manner, no filter will last for a long time. However, filter masks are not always effective. For example, in the USA they are banned in cases where the gas is instantly lethal.

Now let’s talk about the use of gas masks. When the “Gaza!” If you’re in danger, you’ll have to do it.

At the command of “Gaza!” Breathe air, and close your eyes. Remove the plug from the gas box. Starting with the chin. Only when you put your eyes on. There should be no folds in the gas mask.

Where do you want to be? BOV – Battle Toxic Substances.

It is not only combat gases. I love you smell and propane. The reason – a gas pipeline is leaking. The apartment was no longer noticed. It is dangerous to protect it.

But it wasn’t important lessons. Conclusions of the conclusions.

Do not breathe poison.

“The Messenger of the Survivor # 6”

Elephant in a poisonous fog. How did the chemical warfare agents and gas masks

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