How did the Kalashnikov assault rifle appear? Almost true story

It was not a thought that they had to make it. It is a scandalous pattern.

– Vasya, go to visit us? Dakin unexpectedly suggested.
– To visit?
– Yes, I somehow accidentally thought: wouldn’t we visit? A little refreshment? Well, after yesterday!

It was a bad idea. And you can shoot another time.

– Only not to me! Dykin added immediately. “I have nothing left after yesterday.”
– And I – after the day before yesterday! – darkly reminded Vasily Fedorovich.

Friends spent in intense thoughts.

– ABOUT! I know who has! Cried Dakin. – At the young … this, as his … Mihtima.
– Kalashnikov …
– In-in. He is from Altai, these are thrifty. Surely zanachil something.
– And what can we say to him? – Fierce hesitated.
– Yes, think of something! – assured friend Dakin. – We are inventors or where?

– Freebie, mean?
– Is that “freebie” immediately? – offended Kalashnikov. – I, by the way, tried.
– He tried, how! – snorted Fierce, black red pencil in the test report. “What is this stupid overlapping construction?” In fact, Schmeisser had seen enough, or what? Forget a shotgun for hunting! Look here! Here it is … and here it is … well, that’s all too – redo nafig!
“So this is it,” Kalashnikov appreciates the scale of the edits and shuddered, “the new machine will work out.”

How did the Kalashnikov assault rifle appear? Almost true story

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