How disturbing backpack

While serving as a military doctor, more than once on a trip to BMBM (military medical armored vehicle), stayed overnight in the tundra during a snowstorm or snowstorm. We understood that we wouldn’t go further on the stretcher for the wounded. So calmly went to bed. Find us. Raise the helicopter and even a thermal imager, even under the snow. Or escort company let chain in the tundra. It has always been this way with no stress. OMO (a separate medical squad) did not experience. And if I tried to report to com. He also has been able to control his mind.

10 years have passed since then. I was in the middle of the night. They’re getting in and out. So just sat down and left. It’s suggested that I’ve been able to be tired and exhausted. It was necessary to go up to the serpentine. It wasn’t a problem.

Since then, she has been living in extreme situations. And he began to complete his emergency backpack. It was not worth it. By repeatedly shifting and rethinking, I’ve come to a conclusion. This is a complete chain of your own. “alarm suitcase“.

This bag would fit perfectly.

So let’s fantasize! Here is a field in an unfamiliar area. How you got there is another matter. To get out of there. Therefore, it should not always be with you. There are pockets, and they easily fit folding knife, flashlight and lighter. This is the required minimum for Naz. If you’re looking for what you need. When you have a minimum of clothes. Cell phone and apartment keys with a lighter somewhere? So you can find a flashlight with a knife.

But more often, people carry a bag or a backpack, a purse, and so on. I carry a bag. It has two compartments on the side. Therefore, it is not a first aid kit. Actually my hand Naz. It can be used at all times for a car. Now about the first-aid kit. It contains two little greens.lekker“Hemostat bundle-twist with a bag hemostopic and bactericidal patches. Of pills I carry with me Nurofen (analgesic, perfectly relieving headache), Meloxicam (remedy for pain during sprains and bruises, relieves tooth pain much more effectively than Ketorol), No-shpu (antispasmodic), Suprastin (antiallergic agent), Bifiform (capsules with probiotic in case of diarrhea), two antibiotics Amoxiclav and Ciprofloxacin, Omez and rennie(for heartburn), Atarax (depressant). In a plastic bottle eye drops Albucid.

Let’s go further. Chinese bag with shoulder strap. It will make it easier to carry. In this bag, other components are waiting in the wings. Naz – hatchet machete, cellophane bags for tires. Packages are a form that they take up less space. Dry fuel and hunting matches. A small bottle of gasoline for lighters will help you wind up or down during the rain. All this is folded into an elliptical army bowler hat. Also mandatory in evacuation bag should be a bottle of water. I still have a water filter in it (well, if that’s absolutely BP). Well, if you’re there, there’s a lot of sugar in stock.

Houses in the depth of the cabinet is a 60-liter backpack. By choosing a backpack, be especially careful. It should be durable and comfortable. Do not forget the multi-kilometer march to a safe place. I wouldn’t advise you to take away your backpacker. So, my “disturbing backpack»Complete with case BP, those. adapted for a long autonomous existence. According to several times folded. I love you just like a mattress, for example. It is a piece of thick plastic film.

Sleeping bag, compressed to indecent condition. Army pot, which is every trifle: Blade hat and small hatchet. Complete set for treating wounds. It includes wide band, sterile gloves, sterile gloves, novocaine ampoules and disposable syringes. I love you socks, a set of thermal underwear, and a nesser with toiletries.

There is a “self-rescuer” at the kitchen wall, Hope it.

Here, perhaps, that’s all. How complete and effective will this “survival backpackIt will help you to go there. “

Ready kits

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