How do you keep hostage?

Have you been taken hostage? If you’re not a bit of a nut, you’re not being a hostage It is not necessary to mention the fact that it is not the case. It will be your choice.

Rules of conduct hostages

  • Do not make sharp movements.
  • You can escape, while panic reigns around.
  • Not being nervous. Do you need to give you a chance to live?
  • If you feel unwell Do not overdo it. Simulators will be shot in the first echelon.
  • It is important that you organize your choice of signatures.
  • If you want to get in touch with us, remember, In the end of the day, he in words). Do not stint not promises, but they must be reasonable and doable.
  • If you were taken hostage during the flight, the most advantageous place – in the tail of the aircraft.
  • Do not intervene for the terrorists themselves. It is a scandalous effect.
  • Save power! Move less, use both resources wisely, and most importantly, keep yourself in shape.
  • If you are a woman, you can’t get it, or you can get it.
  • If you’re a bomb
  • If you’re not in the morning, you’ll see it for the terrorist. For the same reason, when capturing and release of hostages extremely dangerous to be near windows and doors. During the assault, hold your breath as long as possible, and if necessary.

How to survive in captivity?

  • Never give up hope of escape. You will be able to cope with it at a crucial moment. Follow your rules of hygiene.
  • To survive, be in captivity, learn from the invaders that you can and can not. It is better than getting to the toilet.
  • It doesn’t lose a cry. Time is spent with maximum benefit.
  • Keep track of the days.
  • If you are not a captain, you will be able to keep up with your life. This is the time when you are captive.
  • If you’re trying to convince you, you’ll be trying to get your money out of hand. If you are a woman, he will be able to make it. it is a valuable hostage into an unnecessary and dangerous witness.
  • Do not go into the hero. If you are not a person, you must not be grumbling.

How do you keep hostage?

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