How do you survive?

The long-standing war between the Middle East and Israel. If you’re shelling started. What did you do? It is not a circumstance, but a way to life.

If shelling caught you at home,

… should not panic in the first place. After running away from the panic, you can damage yourself as I did. – says a resident of Ashkelon, Katerina. I was lying on the floor, I was lying on the floor. The head remained intact, but I broke my leg. You didn’t want to go running. “

It’s never been true that you never forget:

When you hear the alarm siren,

… For example, in the air-raid shelter. People who live there are only 10 seconds, up to 40 kilometers – 30-45 seconds, but no more.

After the shelling is over,

… in the protective room or in the air-raid shelter, you need to stay another 10 minutes. Never leave before. It is especially true of people who are interested in how shells are flying, or our batteries are firing. It can be the next one. In their case.

In the absence of bomb shelters …

… go to the room, furthest from the wall, with a minimum of external walls, windows and openings. Close all doors about windows. Sit on the floor (below the window sill) and lean against the inner wall. Do not sit across from the window sills.

Residents of the upper floors of 3 floors, The apartment is located on the staircase below. But there is no need to go down two floors below. In the case of the first floor, it is very important that the waves and penetration of shrapnel.

If you’re walking around the street, you’ll see a strange unidentified object. Instant report

If shelling caught you on the street,

… built-up residential area – advises a resident of Ashdod Svetlana. And on the way, remember the rules of conduct. It is often not necessary to waste time. It will be open. Do as my husband, Alexander, once upon a time. Bicycle – in the bushes, he can be on the ground. And covered his head with his hands. Well, if you fit, then, of course, you can also get into the trash can. Yes, yes, without constraint. It is better to wash the clothes. Right, right? “

“If you like us Israelites, have to during shelling ride to work, then remember – do not go in groups. That is, do not group. – recommends spouse Svetlana, Alexander. Get to work separately. I most often travel by car, so Adom finds me on the way, I’m getting out of the vehicle, I’m getting out of the vehicle. If you find yourself on a bus – the driver stops and opens the door. But it’s better to keep your head below the windows. BUT if she finds you on the train, The driver will be able to travel for a few minutes. “

I’m my little resort on a big war.

Finally that summer. A lot of thoughts come to you. I want adventure, interesting travel, new acquaintances … Suddenly the phone rang. And after an hour of communication, I have joy at my heart. Well, one call decided our fate. Finding plane tickets … Tickets on hand! Suitcases packed. Come day departure. We reached the customs control zone. The flight was unpleasant, every 5 minutes fell into the zone of turbulence.

And then, finally, what I was waiting for! We are in Israel! Hot air, warmth, sea food, friends, travels, delicious food … Bethlehem has come. “We’ve seen a great time.” Despite this, we’ve had a great time. There are lots of interesting things to see.

After the attack, they heard horror in the news. It all started in Eilat (the most popular holiday destination). Nobody expected such an approach! The Egyptian border. And, as the witnesses say, in “Egyptian form.” That day 8 people died. Many wounded. The heart was somewhere on the toe level. I’m living in Ashdod. She said. Everyone went to bed.

But what happened at the top of the city of Ashdod was awakened by the first siren! Only a terrible buzz is worth it to run away from him. With frightened faces, everyone ran into the bomb shelter. They are on the floor in most residential buildings. My head was spinning …

A friend hugged me tightly. Prayers sounded in my head. The last seconds and … Tears on eyes. 45 seconds for everyone who has experienced it. 45 seconds from the city of Ashdod to take cover. This is really scary. When you realize it depends on some seconds (!). When at any moment a siren can be heard. You’re just meaningless. Here, all have one breath. Life values ​​change automatically. Next week, we were kept in suspense. The news explained the rules of emergency behavior. It was recommended to stay at home. It was a process of development that had been developed. In the bomb shelter, we ran around 10 times. The nights were terrible. You are afraid of every sound. You hear the echoes of a siren. You are your relatives, friends. As if one big photo you see all at once.

Humane to Gaza. It is not true, but it is selectively, by the terrorists. Therefore, the missiles are being released in this area. Even in such a situation, a human person remains. Here and see who is who.

Still, life goes on. Peace and peace. Although it is not quite calmly, however, we went to the beach. The country loses its heart. For this support, we kept. Otherwise, you can just go crazy. I am very grateful of my nerves and health. During this period I overestimated a lot in my life. For real. And this can not be described in words. Life is worth appreciating. I want you to understand it. War is scary. I am very grateful for such a serious lesson in my life!


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