How do you want to choose the right one?

Why do you need a tomahawk?

Tomahawks quickly gaining popularity. What was previously considered as tactical tool for theater of operations, now used as a practical tool for hiking, hunting, “mattress” tourism, rescue, fishing, and even at times for cooking.

Tomahawks familiar to people familiar with military history. This beautiful weapon was used by Native Americans, pioneers, settlers, and soldiers of the US Army, which the tomahawks began to issue in 1812. They gained popularity again during the Vietnam War, and then in Iraq and other military conflicts; However, many people who are interested in security, practicality, style and confidence now understand better and better that this is a tomahawk as an incredible tool, and tend to acquire it.

As we (RMJ Tactical, authors of the article – approx. Transl.) Are pleased to see that our passion is shared by more and more enthusiasts, we understand that we are obliged to help interested people. We do not want to use this trend, simply increasing the sales of our products – we think about safety, reliability, and expediency of using tomahawk. We love to make sense of what we do; however, whether you choose our product, or someone else’s, first of all decide on how it will be useful to you in your studies. You need to make sure that your needs will be met exactly by your choice. tomahawk, and then you will not regret the purchase.

How to choose a tomahawk?

So, we have compiled a small list to help you in choosing.

Use – what is it for you?

Do you plan to use this tool for a holiday on weekends, or is it useful to you in possible situations on the verge of life and death? Is it for professional use, or for entertainment / personal use? Perhaps you will use it to open a locked car to save a child, or you can attach it to your shelf with curiosities?

This will help you understand what characteristics tomahawk should have, and what tasks it must meet.

Price breakage

You acquire a less expensive item, but when you need it most … it does not cope. What will be the price of this failure? Will you have less wood for a picnic, or will you pay for it with a few hours of your precious time? Can it cost a human life? This question will lead you to an understanding of the required quality of the tomahawk.


How reliable should your tomahawk be in the long run? Is it worth paying less for it now to not trust him in a year? Or is it better to invest in something that will meet your needs for a long time? This understanding will help to distinguish the impulsive purchase caused by the fact that the tomahawk looks cool and conscious, dictated by the desire to acquire a meaningful thing that can be passed on to descendants.


What will you do with broken tomahawk on hand, will the manufacturer show interest in this? Does the manufacturer care about the product after the sale? Can you rely on these people? This will help to understand where and from whom to buy.

Construction – Shape, Materials, and Functionality

Does it involve narrow usage, or flexibility? Why and for what is it chosen? Who is the intended user, what is the purpose of such a purchase? Do you plan to use tomahawk this design only in the campaigns? Or intend to take with you as much as possible in the calculation of unforeseen emergencies?

Why is this form chosen? You may like the look tomahawk, but perhaps the form limits the possibilities of application. We must understand the product and its relevance to our tasks. The same is true for the materials used in the manufacture of the tool. Some materials are stronger than others. If you intend to wear tomahawk with you as long as possible, then apparently you need a light tomahawk with a case that allows you to fix it on equipment in different ways. The design should fit you personally.

Probably, there is no such thing that a tough guy goes on a hunt behind the wheel of a hipster smart car. It is clear. The car does not fit the personality, style and preferences of the driver, especially in this situation. The same goes for your tomahawk. As a piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable, looks good, and shows others who you are, the tomahawk serves as an extension of your personality and your craving for adventure.

Weight and size – what is it to wear?

Axes sixty centimeters long and one and a half kilograms in weight looks overwhelming. But would it be a good idea to go uphill with this thing when the backpack is already full of equipment? Perhaps in this case is better suited. tactical tomahawk easier and smaller, which is not so difficult to drag.

Do you need a light and easy to handle tool, or is massive tomahawk better for your classes? What are your needs? How flexible should the tool be? Is it convenient to attach it to backpacks, belts, bags? You are unlikely to want to buy a product that instead of help will become a clumsy burden.

Also, is it easy to use it? Will you be able to remove the cover in a second, or will you disconnect for a long time? tool from its suspension? In most cases it makes sense to have tomahawk – to be ready to act. It doesn’t matter that you have the right one. tool, if at the right moment you cannot use it. This is a good method to dispel illusions.

What is the reputation of the manufacturer from whom you intend to buy a tomahawk? Is it his side product, or the main?

If a tomahawks in the priority of the manufacturer, you understand that competence is behind them, and the products can most likely be trusted. Study the reviews on the Internet, watch videos, look for different tomahawks and talk with the owners of the sample you are interested in. Purchase tomahawk – not a waste of money. It is an investment in you. Do it wisely. This tip will give you confidence when ordering.

We hope that this list has clarified the process of selecting the right tomahawk.

Here are some videos about using this tool:

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