How does it work?

It was a smart phone, a mobile phone, a mobile phone, a mobile phone and a mobile phone. Of course, this is not a brief, if we are at home, there is a reliable socket on hand. But what about those on the road? If you’re looking at your skin.

You will be able to touch it in any situation!

For a mobile phone. But there are alternatives. We will tell about them.

Portable chargers and charging methods

Charging from the “Patron”

In this testing device, it can be charged at 10-15 percent. This is enough for about 10 minutes of conversation. It takes 4-5 batteries to charge, up to 8 for a smartphone, and this process will take a long time. If you are in extreme situations, you can’t get it.

Cigarette lighter phone charging

However, be careful – there are substandard goods. We strongly recommend that you give me the answer. replacement.

In the picture we’re looking for a mini-and Micro-USB adapters.

And now for the next option:

Charging with several AA batteries

See our old friend, finger battery? True, now she is in the company of her sisters. The battery should be charged at 60-100%, depending on the battery.

In fact, there are many similar modifications working on four or two batteries. I can advise you to focus on the price, which can vary from $ 15 to $ 30, and on the manufacturer. Avoid outright cheap stuff! The battery can be used before the next trip.

Dynamo machine

The most common “dynamic” for “mobile phone” – Neodrive. It will be the tenants of the conversation. It is quite possible to read your poems. The main thing is to formulate your thought before the call. Heavier and “less Chinese” devices can bring this ratio to a 1: 1 ratio – how much you twist, say as much.

“Dynamo” will cost us about $ 15. It’s a more sophisticated version — with a flashlight and even fm-radio — from $ 20 to $ 35. By the way, Motorola created a concept called Motorola PVOT — a phone that’s already a built -in dynamo.

Solar battery

Renewable sources also include a solar panel. High-tech and stylish thing. For example, the Universal Solar Charger is priced at $ 70 a mini-usb input.

The iSun® Sport solar battery from $ 75, the Coleman Exponent Flex 5 Watt flexible solar panel from $ 130 – a great variety of models. It is a spectacular modern setting. They can look like a notebook or a cigarette case. In terms of mass-dimensional properties, it weighs from 300 to 500 g. SZU2-BSA-7.5 Folding Panel for $ 195 will suit the group of walkers.

Solar panels, as it is a rule, are not allowed in direct sunlight. In cloudy weather, this time increases by 3-4 times. It is not only to fully charge your phone or smartphone. Also, this device is capable of charging from the network, computer or under a fluorescent lamp.

If you are accustomed to the phone, universal portable batteries. For example, from the company AcmePower or XPAL.

Of course, the prices are here for the region of $ 200 (for less capacious ones – about $ 20-30). For example, the battery is “dear, the phone is dead”. Verily, the crown of creation!

Have a nice trip and stay in touch!

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