How does male shooting thinking differ from female

What is the difference between a man and a woman?

Next, we take the training course “High-precision rifle shooting.”

This is a study on the United States of America. However, it’s possible that you can criticize others.


Fred is a typical man. He was incredibly pleased to participate in the high-precision rifle shooting. He did not spare money for Accuracy International 0.300 Winchester Magnum. Fred didn’t want to look like a choker with a cheap rifle. He said: “High-tech, like a blaster.”

Whether the statement & quot; is more expensive means better & quot; to weapons and equipment? There are no rules for this question.Is the statement “more expensive means better”? There are no rules for this question.

In addition, he literally covered in goosebumps when he learned that british snipers. Then, with a built-in rangefinder. And of course, bipods and other “pribludy.” After he spent almost $12,000, the shooter of the course.


Maria is a typical woman. She was worried, thinking about the upcoming two-week course. Previously, she had some success with a gun, and decided to move on. Distance of 1,000 meters was the distance for her.

Asked for the instructor. He asked her questions. “What type of rifle should I buy for the course?” – Maria listened and took notes.

Neil Olshan (left), with a C2 Tactical instructor - Aili DeGref.Neil Olshan (left), with a C2 Tactical instructor – Aili DeGref.

I am asking for the armor. It can be a question.

Then the instructor advised her several options for weapons and accessories. She was very grateful to spend.

That evening, she went to a local gun shop with a list of necessities. It’s not expensive, it’s realized. Feeling some regret about spending in $4,500, but with the sheer advised her.

What happened next?

It’s apparent that

In most cases, women are asked to help.In most cases, women are asked to help.

In the morning, after 70 shots from a prone position, could hardly move his shoulder. No one told him about his expensive rifle. Examining his shoulder quickly, Fred saw a rather large purple bruise. In addition, they were not used for the sighting grid and adjustment. Frustrated, he put it between his butt and shoulder.

Maria’s morning went pretty well. She followed the instructions. She enjoyed her rifle and achieved success. She felt the mutual support.

Although it was her choice, she’s not welcome. Despite being tired, she enjoyed dinner.

Who do you think?

John Chapman, EAG tactical instructorJohn Chapman, EAG tactical instructor

“In most cases, women learn differently than men.” Says Aile degref, Instructor C2 Tactical. “Women are most often engaged in shooting for self-defense. You must be trained in gun ownership. “

After one unpleasant incident, Aili came to the same decision: “I don’t think I’m ever able to handle a weapon. As an instructor, I’m thinking of their approach to shooting training. Often, ladies are the best shot on the course. “

Beautiful quote from John chapman, instructor EAG Tactical: “They want to study. Regardless of gender, the best student. In my experience, there are real reasons for learning. “

For men, what is their advantage.For men, what is their advantage.

Most of these courses have a different motivation. When it comes to learning, their ego and self-assertion begins to dominate. All men want to appear “cool”, but with words. Women, as a rule, do not have such a traits of character, and therefore, they “delve into”

And combining what was said …

Based on the experience of the instructors, we draw some conclusions.


Discarding selfishness and unnecessary emotionsDiscarding selfishness and unnecessary emotions

  • For women, for those who want to take this training course. In addition, carbine or a telescopic sight.
  • Women are usually motivated for graduation education while they often come up with a “first-class shooter.”
  • If you’re getting better, you’re ready to move on. At the same time, men tend to think: “Just give me a gun, show me a target, and let me shoot.”
  • “When things are not glued,” they are not glued.


Jason Pallet, LMS Defense InstructorJason Pallet, LMS Defense Instructor

  • If you’re looking for a training course, you can’t get it.
  • He wants to be the one who wants to go. Women can easily take the equipment of choice.
  • Men have a clear advantage in using large-caliber weapons. Women are more likely to learn about the rack. rely on muscle and body weight. They also absorb alternative racks more easily.
  • Men want to seek their help and desire. It’s a rule of thumb, “It’s all, I can handle it.”

“From my own experience I’m saying that women are easier to train. Testosterone, they are not inclined to say “I know what to do.” “I can also say that you can be more women,” says Jason pallet, Instructor Lms defense.

Dan Flowers, owner of Ballistic EdgeDan Flowers, owner of Ballistic Edge

It is a question of women. There is a lot of interruption in your business.

However, Danish Flowers, states: “It is a question.”

Female brain

  • Frontal lobes (responsible for motor skills, thinking), more in women than in men.
  • Women cope better with tasks that require fine motor skills.
  • Women have a higher density of gray matter (neurons), which improves learning.
  • In women, the brain has more space between the neurons, which means more connections.
  • At rest, many women showed an increase in the activation of the tonsils.

Tonsils play a key role in memory, decision making and emotional reactions.Tonsils play a key role in memory, decision making and emotional reactions.

Male brain

  • In men, as a rule, the brain is larger than women.
  • The middle region of the brain associated with spatial reasoning is larger in men.
  • You can focus only on one task.

Shooting instructor tips

For men

  • Before you go on precision shooting courses, you can get a greater effect.
  • “I’m a cooler because I’m not so much more than you.”
  • Ask questions if you are not sure.
  • Let your instructor help you reach your goals.
  • Relax … take a deep breath, exhale slowly and enjoy the learning.

In any case, it is important to choose weapons and equipment for themselves. no universal rifle, no best rifle.In any case, it is important to choose weapons and equipment for themselves. no universal rifle, no best rifle.

For women

  • Before you go on precision shooting courses, you can get a greater effect.
  • Meet the instructor.
  • If you feel more comfortable with a female instructor, then take your time and find her.
  • Consider a competition for men against women. Leave this “argument” for the competition.

It was clear that he was in the United States.

This is not the same as benefits combat sniper or sports shooter. This article focuses solely on high-precision shooting courses.

I have to go through it. It is clear that there will be a right.

about the author

Neil Olshan is the developer of the “Nastroy Evolution” methodology. Works as a consulting psychologist for professional athletes. He is also the chief combat psychologist at LMS Defense.

Original article – Battle of the Sexes
Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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