How does the police work in Switzerland

About Switzerland, we know, in fact, not very much. Basically – a bunch of stereotypes about accuracy, punctuality and eternal neutrality. However, living people live there too. And where people are – there are crimes. And, where possible, prevent them. And I must say Swiss police copes with it perfectly.

Their group of investigative officials swiss colleagues Leasing on the criminal activities of the USSR. For example, in the central part of Russia. No matter how they tried to pretend that “the criminal has no race or nationality,” this is not so. There is. And this must be taken in order to resist effectively. It is possible to not advertise in the ear.

But talking about your experience is one thing. And realize that swiss policemen little is understood from what has been said – quite another. Began to find out – “And what exactly is not clear.” And they found out that the principles of work swiss police extremely different from domestic activities investigators. So.

AT swiss police there are no five-minutes, “discovery plans”, “beautiful statistics”, special “Interception” and “Whirlwind” plans. ALWAYS True, you really need it. It means that it’s not a problem. He simply solves incoming problems.

AT swiss police For more than 30 years, DNA samples have been collected from the crime scene. The charge point. There are no rules for a lawyer or lawyer. So there is no such practice – “to hang on a detainee”. There is DNA – there is a charge. No – free. It works quite effectively and helps to solve even long-standing cases.

AT swiss police there is such a “layer” – a police official. He is appointed by the local governments and coordinator, a bit of analytics and basic public relations. It is a list of questions about logistics. At the same time, he can’t influence the warrants. But it depends on the activities of the police. Often, these are the initiators of exposing.

AT swiss police there is the concept of “supervisory prosecutor’s office”. That is, not only “accusatory”, like ours, but also supervisory. The prosecutor is an elective. It is the responsibility of the lawyers and the “accusatory” law enforcement agencies. And it is the most justified allegations of corruption come.

Oh yeah, this is a wonderful phenomenon in swiss police also present. What does he think about? But in reality, 3 percent of the respondents encountered the phenomenon of corruption. It can simply be “stink” because of this.

Swiss police It is much easier to work. Witnesses of any unlawful action MUST be reported where necessary. Just because it is so accepted. If you find a wallet on the street – do not touch it. Otherwise, it will also be considered theft. It is better to go about your business. And if you take that wallet in hand, they will inform. Yes, and can. This is the price of peace and security …

AT swiss police There are special “analytical” brigades that oppose the activities of organized crime. An example of their logic might be in a certain area. It means that somewhere the buyer of goods has appeared. Such buyers often combine their activities with the drug trade. And then there are drug addicts in the area, then sooner or later, they will come out to the new leader. It means that we will help to reach the buyer. Moreover, such personalities can even be persuaded to cooperate, because it makes it possible. But for theft-it is. So you can simply go to the small riffraff in order to promptly eliminate the source. And how are we? Catch a trifle Even “protect” can begin.

Nevertheless, it is much greater than experience. It has been consistently accepted.

Source – Dmitry Matveyev

Editor’s note: Not just said about 2000. Since this time, many interesting things have happened. Wild piranhas have been released in the pool … But we talk about it another time.

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