How does the troops break up?


It’s a clear plan to take action. Long wander in the place of the alleged location of the enemy. Fall into the den of snakes. They retreat before their enemy and request assistance.

Airborne troops

Landing. Occupy nearby heights. They are shot with a snake.

Tank forces

Laughing long ride around the snake. Then they’ll get it.


Destroys the snake with a shells carried out by three divisions. As a result, except for the snake, everything dies around.


Detects a snake of high-explosive fragmentation bombs. Traditionally misses.

GRU Special Forces Brigade Fighters

Discover the snake. Conduct secretive surveillance, gradually moving away from the base. Missing out. After the completion of the operation. Shamil Basayev Ten Snake Skins, F-117 aircraft

Fighters of the Office “A” CSN FSB

Install a visual observation of the snake. They offer her money to alcohol. Several snakes. Then successfully carry out this operation.

Fighters Command MTR

Disguised as a snake. They penetrate the serpentine lair. Get confidence. Get all the valuable information. It is a great result.

FSO fighters

Establish control over the site where the destruction activities are supposed to take place. Check the places where the enemy can come from. Deploy units to counter the snipers. Expose the trapled during the above-described turmoil.

Fighters of the special intelligence group FPS

A line is drawn in front of the snake – “border”. Watching the snake. It is trying to detain or destroy.

SOBR MIA fighters

The FSB. At this time, the detachment takes up positions, secretly advises and successfully conducts an operation to capture. The Ministry of Internal Affairs. Snake is released. During the operation, the special forces detachment is renamed twice and once reduced.

Kitchen dress

Wait until the snake crawls into the kitchen. Fed her army lunch. Watch the snake slowly die from food poisoning.


It is a great deal of effort. After thumping on, remembering the recent incident. Snake rubs part of the muzzle, where there used to be a poisonous tooth.

How do I get them?

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