“How I infiltrated the border militia squad.” Part 2

In the framework of what is permitted

For the daytime operation, the phantom sets me up with Doc, a bassist 55-year-old welder from North Carolina. If I have a lot of ammunition with me. About 50 pieces, I answer. He has 200. “Most likely, they will not be required,” he says. “Although we’re there, we’re coming, we’re saying, a group of six or seven, heading the south …” Sandstone photographs us. Doc asks him on Facebook.

There are plenty of ways to travel around the country roads, overgrown from the sides of the road. “323 dollars for a flight to Tucson and back,” – 140 dollars for food. The feeling that you are doing is something priceless. “It’s less than less. “I-ha! Shouts doc again. – Rock’n’roll! “

Doc, notices the ranch. “These mudil just work on the cartel or even belong to him. This can be understood. He is not cared for at all. If it’s a ranch, then where did the fucking cattle go? “

The ranch is owned by a Hispanic family. “They don’t like us at all,” Doc tells me. “If you have a fire I have heard about this ranch several times already. Hey, hey, hey.

I ask Doc if anyone has spoken to the rancher.

“Not with me, he never even appeared on the street.”

There is a chance to go there. Doc rejoices that I have a wearable camera, just in case.

“What made you sign up for the militia?” I ask you to go along the slope of the gorge.

“I have seen where this country is heading,” he answers, “and became disillusioned with the sheep.” They don’t wake up. They are sheep. You can never turn a sheep into a sheepdog. You can only find shepherd dogs that already exist somewhere. “

He says that he was elected president.

“The blue caps” will be the captain of our streets, ”he calls the blue caps. – Because he wants to create a world government. He wants to subordinate. UN control. Control of world government. Turn the United States into another satellite country. Destroy sovereignty.

We sit in the shade of a tree. Doc leaned on his backpack and held on his knees, aiming straight up. He says that he was not really aware of his first semi-automatic rifle. “My goal is to make it your best.” I will search for them. “

“Every morning, I’m not sure, I’m not afraid of you.”

The UN invasion of worries, but doc worries that will come under cover. This was a recipe for land ownership and federal ownership. Doc says that he was a policeman. “So in this country things are not done,” says Doc. “He could be the UN troops. Or they could be a cartel.

I thought that if I practiced a little bit, I couldn’t even notice Instead of 5 or 6, I can shoot 10 or 12. Or 20. Who knows? I studied enough to kill a couple of dozen. “

Where is the peace of minds and their control. When they asked for join the militia. During an inconspicuous meeting at the city of San Rafael, an anonymous officer from the 31st Legion of Defense told me directly: “No psychos and anarchists.” It was not thinking about something: “ Can you hold back? “

After the san Bernardino bombing, the California State Militia expelled one. One officer warned me about the recruitment of Governor Jerry Brown. I later asked Massenhail if he was worried. In response, he admitted: “Every day I’m going to look so bad.”

It seems that they are dealing with unstable white men. Some of them, such as Doc, the militia pacifies, offering a sense of purpose in life.

For others, the militia becomes an excuse for bloody fantasies about armed clashes. In 2010, a communist invasion. Militia peacekeepers heading over the head of the alaska In the case of the peace of mind, it’s not a problem. In 2014, another militia group was allowed to follow up the law and provoke an uprising. It is a scandal. patriot revolution. He hid in the woods and remains at large. This is the case of three members of the national terrorism accused of domestic terrorism.

There were also “Forever Tolerant, Always Ready” (Forever Enduring, Always Ready, FEAR) – In 2011, Isaac Egigi, Strangled After that, he spent about 90 thousand dollars for his militia. If you’re trying to make it, you can’t make it so much more. He was heard of his plans. Egigi is now in prison for life.

“What the hell are you doing here?” A police officer asks. “We are busy with important business. We hunt Mexicans, ”Yota replies.

It is clear that the dock descends into contact with the Ghost. Doc looks at the golden horizon.

“A beautiful sunset,” he says.

He says that one such view was worth climbing this mountain. It shows me a white sand flower and mountain peaks seen in the distance. Scattered clouds are filled with fiery purple.

“Oooooh, baby! Exclaims Doc. “Do you mind if I photograph this?”

After the phone is shocked, the phone is shocked. And looking for binoculars.

It is getting dark and cold. Doc treats me with a piece of energy bar with apples and cinnamon. He sticks his teeth into his.

“If you don’t want it,” he says, a little embarrassed, “harder than mommy cupcakes.”

Out of politeness, I eat up my piece, although it tastes like stale flour. In the distance, coyotes whine.

“By the fire,” he says, “But I don’t want to hang around at this time.”

He says he would bring his daughter here. “She is a very nice girl.” She picked up a truck and admire the stars. Sit in silence and look into the sky.

Two hours later, the Ghost raises us. What is a sudden stop? Pile of the piping of the Alabama road The vagabond says that cartels denote the place of unloading. It is not clear that there is a traffic light signal.

There are several heavily armed members. By ordering them to sit and wait. By hiding behind the stones, They went to their camp, accompanied by the militia. Then there were three scientists who had studied the bats in the local caves.

Three-percent who make a selfie at the border fence. Photo: Shane BowerThree-percent who make a selfie at the border fence. Photo: Shane Bower

After returning to the sea, it was a tramp. They were in the absence. After we’ve been scored, I’m a teenager, I’m a teenager, I’m a little girl “Are you guys militiamen?” Recalls the boy’s question, The Tramp.

“Shit like that,” Tramp replied.

“Is this terrain ruled by such a cartel?” The boy asked.

“And we’ll like this:”

“Do you really meet them here?” The boy asked. – Wow! Do you guys have rifles? Can I take a picture? “

It was a scout of the cartel, carrying out “cold contact”.

It reminds you of a dirty license plate.

“Are you here with someone?” Yota recalls a policeman’s question.

“With the militias,” Yota replied.

“What are you doing here?” The policeman kept asking.

“Hunt for Mexicans.”

Since morning I went to the fireplace. Tramp and Eisman had a lively conversation. “It’s your collarbone,” says Rogue, “It’s not a scream.”

“I like it better and you can get it right here,” says Asman. – then you cut left and right. “These are two movements,” says Rogue, “a blow down and a blow at the side.” If you’re looking for something to do, then you’re them until they stop kicking. “

“It still goes well with your skull.”

“Well, it’s harder than it seems,” the Tramp responds skeptically, “you have a helmet on.” It is dark around. You are moving. “

Everyone who sits around the fire, except for me, come from Colorado. I’m noticing that I’m not going to be far from the field kitchen. Their own operations. Captain Yota says that he won’t have to go, and that he shouldn’t take it. “I hold you, your mother? ”, Says Yota,“ ssyklivye bastards ”.

“Shitty,” says Rogue, “I’m sure we’ve been working with guys from Arizona.” The tramp remembers that one of the

“Well fuck,” says Yota, “it’s time to get rid of them. Do they want to continue to shit? Fuck them. “

To date, the base most immigrants from Arizona and Colorado. Congratulations! Still run by three percent from Colorado. Maybe a coup is being prepared. Why would Arizona report to Colorado? Should leadership be generally determined by nationality? Behind this is a more important question: This is not the case. In these infinitely separate groups, leadership is always the subject of controversy.

An insurgent captain can be escalated into enmity. “For us, they are a potential threat. We know our intentions, but we know our strengths and weaknesses. “At the moment, it’s not a problem.

Homegrown soldiers

Laws prohibiting armed training and unofficial military formations exist in 41 states. Arizona prohibits the formation of “private squads.” Antiterrorist law in Colorado co-ordinates co-operation with “social disorder.” In California, it is forbidden to use it in the field of guerrilla warfare and sabotage tactics. According to Pitcaweij, a senior researcher at the Center for Extremism in the Anti-Defamation League, there is no case.

It is difficult to detect the presence of militias. One man from West Virginia. I’m contacted by the police in Texas. According to rule of law, it’s not a problem. In addition, it is important that these exercises be carried out.

Calling themselves militias, armed groups say they are protected by the US Constitution. Militia told us during the exercise. “Once people came together for their local settlement, organized themselves, and declared:“ Hey, I’m for me. ”If something happens on your farm, a bell will ring in the town. All will come. We protect each other. “

Militia and law

In 41 states there are laws restricting or prohibiting private paramilitaries or armed exercises. However, there is no evidence of these laws against patriotic militias. Here you can read about the activities of the militia.

Still, Pitcaweige considers this historical interpretation a “fiction”. It has been noted that it’s clear that it’s not a matter of course.

Initially, it was mandatory. Their indian allies. In the south, the militia were not responsible for the escaped slaves. After 1775, the militias were concerned, although George Washington complained about his “behavior and lack of discipline.” After the second, it was a law. He was in the 19th century. It is possible to become a member of the “organized” militias and eventually turned out to be. All other men were dumped into “unorganized” militias, and they simply disappeared.

There is no problem. Modern militias refer to these legal justification. But it’s not a private matter. ” It is not a problem. A senior assistant at the California Delta Militia Company, which looks almost 50, said: “When they wrote this, the 45-year-olds were considered old men. Seriously, I beg of you. “

For daytime surgery I was sent to the squad “Bravo”. There are three of us here. “I take command,” says Eisman. “You stay in the center,” he points to Sandstone. “And you will cover,” – appeals to me, which means:

We climb in the “Elk”. Isman tells me about my rifle chamber. I usually don’t need to click on it.

Aisman is a lanky 28-year-old with a thick black beard; under his panama hides a short “Mohawk”. Baofeng Chinese walkie-talkie. He has his AR-15 on his chest. Clips of personal weapons. He is wearing a pair of pads. It is a group of people who are on the road to death.

But if you’re wearing a gray-green paracord, it’s a lot of fun. A machete is sheathed on the chest. Stately, with a shaved head, a ruddy face, a red goatee, he often grimaces strongly, as if in pain. Sandstone is always serious, even when he sprinkles himself with a spray-cooler.

Sandstone barely speaks during a long trip along the road, but Aisman tells me about himself. Seven years ago, he was homeless after his school. He went to Afghanistan. For the presence of drugs and explosive devices. He was glad that he had been desperately trying to get out of this hole. Everything was still against him. He worked at Subway, Sometimes he was starving or even out of money.

At nights, how did things work out. Why don’t they get it? Why is the country so fragmented? He was behind all this. Racism almost disappeared and he wasn’t taken. It would be a good deal to try to make it out.

The National Security Agency was spying on us. It is a building for camp for interns. He idolized people like Edward Snowden, who spoke out against the government. It would be necessary to make it out. The void is gradually filling. “Perhaps this is a kind of therapy,” he says. This is his third or fourth border operation. For the first time he was all jerky. “Everything is so familiar,” he notes. It reminds him of Afghanistan.

“I can’t believe that this is America …”, says Eisman, “It’s hard to believe, right? We have a war zone in the backyard! “

In Arizona, it’s not a lot of people.

Isman and Sandstone? Obviously, there is a higher position. Sandstone sometimes calls him “sir” and salutes him, even in ordinary conversation.

During the trip, we’ve been able to complete any task. It goes deep inside the desert. It is in the distance between the road and the road that you can reach. My squad, “Bravo,” and another squad, “Alpha,” spread out and combed the area.

“This is not a competition,” says the Ghost. “You hunt badly hiding. You sneak and wait. You have a whole day to get to Duquesne Road, understand? You have plenty of time. And here you are the main news. In this case, these goats will lie down in the grass. Therefore, do not rush “

He is leaving and we’ve been able to make sure that it is loaded and cocked. I can understand it. But not a single unit commander. How do we detain a person? With his barrel at his temple? And what does it mean? (Fifty-Cal, I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the policeman.) group “.)

Aisman advises: “It is better to wear the pants into the boots. On your feet. Do you want to bite you? “

“No, I do not want to,” I reply. I stoop and tighten the edges of my pants.

Windy, in the clear sky the sun burns. Isman takes a break, and I also stop. For a few minutes, we’ve covered it up with creosote bushes, grass, and dazilirion. It’s a road to peace of mind. I also enjoy this moment. I like it. Like them, I’m here.

We descend from the hill into a narrow sandy ravine. Iceman leans over it. “Isn’t that a footprint?” Sandstone asks.
“Yeah. From moccasins, ”answers Aysmen.
“Is that sneaker?” Asks Sandstone.
“Exactly. The most that neither is sneaker,” – confirms Aismen. I peer into the plot.
“Will we pursue them?” Asks Sandstone.
“Well yes”.

The revival of the militias

The number of militias has increased dramatically in the 90s during the Clinton administration, then it has been elected President Barack Obama. From the next section, the American militias.

This has been going on for a long time. Sandstone shows up, I’m not a Eisman, without a question, says “aha”, It is a phone battery pack. He confidently leads us along a new path.

Sandstone is observant. He also takes photographs of airplanes and photographic surveys. He really doesn’t have a chance to know what happened during the 9/11 attack. He doesn’t consider trump in terms of practicality. He brandishes a boast. Why would he work?

I hear a voice over the radio. This is a bull. It is a glorious drive to the gates. Captain Yota interferes in the conversation, reminding the Bull that people are resting on. In response, he was standing in front of the fence.

The ravine is a three-meter raid. There are several jeans and a pair of water pants. Nearby is another backpack. Isman and Sandstone are tense. As a coyote is screaming at the command and scares us all. Scanning the terrain from the ambush. “Kali, cover the six of us,” com claimed Asman.

“I do,” I reply.

They descend into the ravine. Isman kicks the backpack. He says: “Welcome, we’ve found some backpacks, and they are quite heavy.” Captain Yota tells him to look inside. “Understood you,” says Eisman.

Three-percent on night duty. Photo: Shane BowerThree-percent on night duty. Photo: Shane Bower

Sandstone and tuna, sneakers and dried fish. Together with Aisman, they are another backpacker and take out shoes, clean clothes, and even more food and sweets. Bottles of water ravine. Sandstone notices a tight mexican bedspread in a crack. He draws his sword, cuts the rope and the unfolds the veil. Inside nothing.

He says, “But you know what?” The water begins to flow. Then he goes to another bottle and fuse pierces it. I’m barely restrained on my part. He scrupulously pierced every item – chocolates and tuna packaging. Sandstone followed suit and trampled food in the mud.

When they finished sandstone sheathed Aisman stopped: “If I’m not sure, I’ve seen something like that.”

“What kind of bottles?” Sandstone grins.

For a while, we walk in silence.

“I infiltrated the border militia unit. That’s what I saw there. ”Part 2.3
“I’m telling you what I’m not drinking water,”
“I liked to trample all this crap into the mud. “10 liters of water and tuna,” responds Sandstone.
“And fucking candy. And what will they get? Nothing! ”Answers Isman.

The shadows become long and the light yellow. We stop dumping our bags and rifles and sit down. Sandstone and Aesman, who cleans his shoes with a knife. Rugby shirt in the sand Sandstone gets up, fits and pisses on her.

“Anything could happen”

It was already dark. I was blowing out the window. A heart attack at the base. The ghost runs back to the mountain. The helicopter blocks are surrounded by patrol cars. “Go and watch the perimeter,” Captain Payne ordered me and the others who were in the car. We have to go into the black desert. The helicopter rises over the mountains.

At the base reigns tension. There was a guide from Colorado. The Colonel of Colonel fell down on the distance. Now the Scorpio team has been gathered around their campfire “Pride will kill you. I’m not sure that I’ve seen a disregard from

Scorpio reasons: bad decisions were made. Immediately protect your perimeter. “The greatest vulnerability. Demomen? When you are most vulnerable. It is simple and effective. When the chaos happens, you still need to monitor the perimeter. It should not be on the machine. “That’s what we’re doing here. We are alpha leaders. You will die; “

We’ve been able to get rid of these reprimands. The word takes Captain Yota. He is mad. He asks who thought of the fields to navigate the fields. I raise my hand. We still had to go.

“People are so addicted to this damn technology,” I had a fucking protractor, a compass. Holy shit! We’re doing a mission here, catching the bad guys, right? We are looking for drugs, stop illegal? If you can’t cope with it? “

“Fuck, man, they quit dying in Iraq,” continues Yota. He was a sniper for eight years and a blazer for a gunner near Ramadi. “Before our base was seven miles. To get there, I had to wade through a damn fucking city. ”He says that the bastards are back after him. “And guess what? I’m here, right? ”He throws up his hands in fury.

He is also angry at how we backpackers deal with. Eisman had to look for backpacks without causing a base. “If it’s damn drugs, move away from them. Take pictures and guard this shit. And do not touch anything. But if it is water and food? Then you destroy this shit. Clear Because there it’s possible to enter our country illegally. “Fifty-Cal told me later.” According to him, there were a lot of expensive items inside.

The alarm clock woke me up at 3:15 at night. I was assigned to night duty. I walked over to the fire where I was pulling the cap on his eyes. It was all the time. He was a little bit of a stretch of his words. He was from the Guardians of Alabama. They were not doing so in Alabama. “Companies have not been able to make any payments. With this no one can bear. They all squander.

I’m trying to buy alcohol. He had a Mexican ID card. The bull approached him from behind. “You don’t have a driver’s license?” He asked. According to him, the man pushed him away. “Well, I’m like this: this is fucked up as simple,” recalls the Bull. The driver’s license is not called. But when it came to the Mexican. “Why did you have a driver’s license?” A cop asked him. I’m trying to tell you what to do.

In the end of the 20th century, it was during the operation of the Alabama. He found that cop and handed him a bag. “Fucked up like that pissed him off,” says Bull, “then I’ve found it.”

“I’ve been interrupting these fucking bastards, one by one. Only one thing saved them were our hands were tightly bound. If not for this … “.

The crew of the CBS Alabama branch follows the Border Guard. They are following their air-conditioned car, which is perceived as a sign of effeminacy. I’m trying to get in the frame.

The reporter of the Brittany Bivins tells you what the frontier has been. passionate about what they are doing. ” Bivins draws analogy in Birmingham. She says that they are fighting back, but it doesn’t go into details. “Anything can happen on the border,” she says. One of its main informants is the Bull. Border Guardians can be found on Facebook.

He noticed that he noticed that he’d seen it all. What was happening there. “I didn’t take these eyes off of them,” he says. “

Morale is high, when we stand at night around the fire. It’s not a problem. Tu Toll talks about who was dehydrated. “Want to meet the cartel? Go to the hospital, ”says Tu Tall,“ Cadillacs, Malibu. ”There, every bastard stopped by my truck. “Cornhead says next to him.” “This asshole didn’t pay dick. And all the crap was shaken out of me. Someone gets the same treatment just like that. This is complete bullshit. “

A cigar over his shoulder. The ghost is very flattered. “What are you got some Cuban once nigga opened the border?” – he asks Denver. His ghost smokes a cigar Someone jokes that cigars look like horse members.

Looking for me through the fires, says, “Because California has such a tight socialist ass,” says Sergeant, “I’m going to get into this asshole.” Everybody laughs. “I’m going to stick to this narrow anus.” I laugh embarrassedly until attention switches to something else. He is a nurse nurse in a solitary confinement unit. She doesn’t see. “I have medicine for your ailments,” the Sergeant tells her. In addition, he calls me “baby” and says that I have a beautiful mouth. Tent with a rifle at the ready.

Ministry of Veterans Affairs. “Imagine me talking to a psychologist from the Ministry. Well, nooo. They tried to give me a mountain of pills. I refused “.
“I’m already insane,” says Roscoe, “I am like this:“ Well, yes. ”
“This is what the government is doing,” says Sergeant, “just give you a fucking cloud of pills.”
“In fact, you’re a laboratory rat for them,” says Tu Tall, “They’re trying to pump.”
I get up from my hemp and walk up to the Jaeger and the Shredder. Huntsman insists that the Mexican army sometimes pulls up frontier guards.
“It’s time to deploy,” the Destroyer resents. (This is an Apache AH-64, the main attack helicopter of the US Army – note.).
– In June last year, the Mexican Apache flew from their baseline, Phoenix itself, as if by the way, the Huntsman remarks.
– Come on?
– Yeah, flew over military bases and all that. It is Yeger.
– Well, nifiga. It’s a fucking invasion. Well fucked up! – the Exterminator is indignant.
– Yeah, they seem to check our borders.
– Yes, for sure.

Suddenly, ours “Fuck, Huntsman, stop pulling smoke,” the Destroyer complains.

“This is because I love to burn people,” the jaeger reflects jokingly. The exterminator laughs. – Home version of Auschwitz. Only time is spent much more. Ha ha ha ha! “

The huntsman tries to speak with him. Himself Exterminator speaks it where he served in the army. It can be a patriotic organization. He says that his mother, an American, taught him at home. “And the right thing,” he adds.

The exterminator remembers There are no American passport. “Dude, They squandered for two hours on the Canadian border. This is complete bullshit. Does he look like a criminal? There you are. “

Werewolf went. The tramp says he left today. “He had to go home and settle some things. That’s kind of bullshit with an ex-wife and child, that’s what. There everything is straightforward, on Monday it’s going to court, ”explains Yota.
– Here’s a fucking ex-wife
“And they are almost all like that,” says the Huntsman.
“And they also ask,” Yota replies.
– Ha ha ha ha!
– Seriously. These fools crush and crush, and crush, until the peasant does not run out of power. And then somebody kills them fuck. And then this dude looks like a fucking villain, but damn, dude, they pushed you.
– Do you know what the main cause of male suicides? – asks Hunter.
“Women,” Yota replies.
– The former who take the children – specifies the huntsman.
“I’ve not seen my son since he was four.” Do you know how to kid? – says Yota.
“Pull him off and on,” says the Destroyer.
– Yeah, only then I will definitely be put in jail.
– Fucking babam, says Huntsman.
“They always win in court,” the Destroyer reminds.
– I won every trial. Each. It is where Yota complains.
– And it is expensive. – assesses the Destroyer.
– I spent almost 22 thousand bucks. And then I just gave up – well, I ran out of money. All that travel earned. And fuck. I thought that it would knock on my door for 13 years old. At this age, I turned into a little bastard.
– So they stayed? – asks another man.
– Yeah, still an asshole. I made it a bit bigger than me.
– Well, they paid you for it, right?
– Yes, but I’m still the bastard.
– What speaks the truth? – asks Hunter.
“No,” Yota says.
“Exactly,” the huntsman replies.

Original article – Undercover Border Militia Immigration Bauer
Translation and adaptation – New project

How I infiltrated the border militia squad. Part 2

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