“How I infiltrated the border militia squad.” Part 3

Survival and evasion

One day, with Captain Payne, Showtime, The Destroyer, and Eger. We stop at Pizza Hut. Everyone enjoys a good connection to check Facebook. Captain Payne for three percent. He shows us a picture of Instagram, a woman with a big breast in a bikini.

– Who is responsible for water torture this time? – asks Captain Payne.
“Basically, I,” Shouttime replies, barely lifting it head from his phone.
– Are you torturing people with water? – I ask.
“Yeah,” Shouttime replies with a cheerful grin.
“It’s hard to call it torture with water,” says Captain Payne; his tone sounds very appropriate. “Do you’re getting in the camp?”
“This is because they are turned upside down,” says Showtime. “Ha ha ha!

He shows that he is beating himself with a current in the side.

Shoutime explains why there is a problem for the children of the school. “I think this is a truly vital course,” says Captain Payne. “If they capture you, they will be a complete fucking.” Until they “fall”. Then they are “captured.” “They took off their gears,” says Showtime. – They are only a hefty T-shirt. So it gets pretty cold in January. Ha ha ha! “

Recruiters need to imagine caring. They are placed in a stall in a barn and are deprived of sleep. “We do not let them sleep. Keep them hungry, ”says Showtime. The imaginary prisoners are given a handicap. Issue of any information.

“We have a stress box,” says Showtime. – We plant them in it. We poke a stun gun for livestock. We’ve gotten him right between his legs, into the scrotum. “

“Yes, very fun,” says the Destroyer.
“And how long have they been there?” – I ask, trying not to sound alarmed.
“A couple of hours,” says Showtime.
“I don’t think we’ve been a stress box for so long,” says Captain Payne.
“If you put three in a box,” he said.

Sometimes when they interrupts people, he handcuffs them to an iron chair. “It’s not a problem,” he says. “It’s a little bit different.” If they refuse, he shoves a dildo in their face.

He teaches you how he once tied up Fifty-Cal is filled with water and dripped out. Fifty Cal Calibrate filled with water. The man, thinking it was hot sauce, shouted: “I’m going out! I’m out! I’m out! “

Captain Payne stresses that recruits can quit a workout lasting about 40 hours at any time, and many quit. We give your consent in advance.

One guy “was ready to kick my ass,” says Captain Payne. “He was ready to just fucking destroy me.”

“What made him cross the line?”

He says. “I am fucking held by her stun gun. If I didn’t tell me anything, I would fry her. He silently looked at me, and I roasted her. It didn’t work, so I got a cattle stun gun. Roasted her. Hit the shin. “

They were unhappy. “People were like, like,“ What are you doing courses on torture? ”,“ Says Showtime in a high, frail voice. He’s laughing.

When he asked me to comment on the practice, he wrote me a reply: “The stories about VUSP are greatly exaggerated. Yes, we have a VUSP version; readiness for torture. “

“It’s awesome,” the Ghost informs me. – No harm done. No one died. “

Fifty Cal goes from your trailer and orders us to gather: “Raise your hands for those who have night vision devices. Well, who has these fucking devices? ”Several people raise their hands. Fifty Cal appoints for their team. He says that there are water bags and backpacks. We will move in five groups. Someone says that there is no private property. “It will be dark,” says the ghost, “

At 19:30 I climbed into the back of the bull, with the Bull, Eger and the Destroyer. “Fuck,” Yota says, “let’s play guys.” Yota issues orders to his unit. If they’re stumbled on theirs, they’ll come in contact, they’ll be on the lookout. “Make sure you get my ass,” Yota says.

“Does anyone know Spanish?”, Asks the Huntsman.
– I know a little. “Stand”, “sit”. Alto! Sientate !, gives out Yota.
“I know„ chupa mi verga “, this is„ suck my dick “in Spanish,” says Huntsman.
“If they don’t speak English, they fucked up,” the Destroyer says.
“You’d think, since we’ve been hunting for Mexicans,” he says.
“Yeah, do you talk to them when you hunt them?” Says Bull.
“Nah, you’re just shooting these creatures.”

Flowing through my veins. Why, after all, do they all do it? It is a fact that it’s not a problem. I feel alive.

It’s about 300 meters. I’m with Showtime and Jaeger. Showtime, So I’m waiting for my eyes to get out. It’s the environment.

We move slowly over two hours. From time to time I get into thorny bushes and scratch my face. After a while, I hear voices ahead. This is the Bravo team, they are talking to three border guards. It is a bit loudly called Yota. Yota yelled back: “Alto! Sientate! “And raised his rifle. After a few tense moments

The six of us are silently following the guards back to the road. Fifty-Cal with the Ghost are on the roadway. I turn on my camera.

Fifty-Cal. He calls and calls him an infrared scanner.

“Have you ever seen an AR rifle?” Yota asks them. It seems that it is a Ford. Ford takes it around. Then Fifty-Cal gets his 300-caliber AR-15, Ford examines it with admiration.

“I love my job,” says Dennis, “the truth is, there are days when I think,“ Fuck it all. I made the biggest mistake in my life. “But, if you’re thinking about it, I’m looking for it, I’m looking for it.” “

“I’m guys here. I want you to pay for your payment, I’m giving you one payment and a ghost. – Before you come next time, let me know in advance. If you are from the Colorado area, you can get out informally. You can read them yourself. ”The Ghost and Fifty-Cal take turns shaking hands with him. “Well, guys, if you can, then you can cross again and all that.” He says that he is a group of people who are here.

“We will take any help from you,” says the Ghost.

“I didn’t tell you any shit,” Dennis says.

About their survival training: “We have a real, her mother, prison. We have perfectly worked out the technique of suffocation with water. Ha ha ha! ”
“We call that freedom under cover,” says Yota.
“Yes! – exclaims Dennis, – yes!”

Fifty Cal tells how they once had a fight with the Mexican military. Soldiers approached the border and asked: “Are you from the US Army?”

“They wanted to know how we’re there,” says Ghost, “and where our base is located.” “

“I heard you were a sniper?” – Ford asks Yota, shyly shuffling his sole, – Do you mind if I ask something? Although, I will not. “

“You can ask,” says Yota.
“What was your farthest shot?”
– 946 meters.
– The goal was moving?
– He was moving. From left to right.
“Not bad,” Ford says. “You guys go to war.”
“Hey, are you doing your right now, aren’t you?”

Ford shamefully shakes hands with them.

“Hey, for everything,” Yota says, “I took the oath. I’m proud of it. I retired in 2011. I joined the army in 2002. That’s what we do. “

Illegal immigrants. Dennis looks at Ford: “Witch boobs? Witch tits. How to get there. “From there, you can work there:“ Just warning you. ”

Dennis offers to ride along the border together. There are ways for deployment. Where do I go? It’s a bit different.

I go to warm my palms stiff by the fire.

– Well, it was fun, wasn’t it? – says Yota.
“Yes,” says the ghost, looking at the fire, “we’ve learned a lot of garbage.”
“Did I give you more intelligence?” I ask.
“That man gave us more intelligence than anyone.” He described the rules of immigrants. For this they took us behind them. And he showed Witch tits. He says that you can just climb up. Duxs Road. He said that he wanted to travel from Duxven. And run right in front of our noses.
“It seems to be his job for him,” says Captain Payne, “which is not bad.”
– Well, we are much more than them, notes the Huntsman.
“Yes, that’s the point,” says Captain Payne, “Do you think it’s possible?” In any case, they win.

Sounds of shots

Fifty Cal orders us to stand in a circle. “If you’re taking away the county, you’ll have to go there,” he says, “ which they may appear. Moving out of camp tomorrow at about 3:00. “

It’s hard to keep up with it, because they’re under drugs. And move two times faster than we do. Set up an ambush. Arrange people along the route. Only in this way. For these bitches children dick chase. “

Day long stretched in anticipation. Huntsman, Destroyer and Spartan play cards sitting under a tree. The huntsman is listening to the song “The Shadow of the Swastika” by Viking metal band Tyr. “If you listen to the text,” he says, “They sing:“ We did not commit these crimes. Why should we blame for it? “”

This leads the Destroyer into thinking about the Black Lives Matter promotion.

“They appear and declare:“ Pay your bills, ”he says in a mockingly idiotic tone,“ ”
“Damn Irish swallowed more shit than niggaz,” says the Spartan.
– Exactly! – agrees the Destroyer, – they were literally in slavery. It is silent about this.
“Because they are not ssyklivlye whiners, that’s why,” says the Spartan.

We have sent you a copy of the lawyer. Doctors and Alabama Border Guardians occupy a position on a nearby hill. Fifty Cal orders us to be alert.

The next day, the frontier agent arrives with two boxes of donuts. I’m asking for problems with the command from Washington because we are here. “I’ve never heard of anything like that,” he replies, “ “It is perfectly!”

Later, I would like to tell you about the relationship between his colleagues and the militia. He responds that he “appreciates his thoughts.” Fifty-cal informs me that he still contacts the border guard informant, “almost every week.”

Agents “provide us with very valuable data,”

Captain Payne says it’s a border guard scout; Colorado can organize your own camp. However, there remains a problem with the provision – Arizona provides kitchen and light. The ghost recalls that he has propane lamps and gas burners at home. Payne says that she will try to get gun shops as sponsors of their operations. In addition, you can try crowdfunding.

“I will tell you something that I alone know,” says the Ghost, sitting opposite of us, “we have 260 hectares in Texas. They don’t ”He says that it’s going to be right through it. The owner of the land is loyal to three percent. “This man will give us complete control. We can build barracks. We will be able to build a fucking line of fire. We can do anything there. “

“Catch the fucking latinos,” says Captain Payne.

“You hang up the sign” and you can shoot at them, “says the Destroyer.

I do not want to disturb those, who is already sleeping in my tent. I was too tired to go on my car. I wake up at 3 o’clock

I like it on the witch’s boobs – the point that Dennis recommended. Iceman looks like a ghost straight from hell. It has been worn to the helmet. It is a dried-up river, which winds up in a narrow valley. Isman walks slowly and heavily counting and checking every move. “Fuck is not visible,” he says in a whisper. He is practically blind, even with a night vision device. He breathes heavily either from fatigue or because of panic. It is a read on his face.

I become the leader. After an hour of walking, I choose The slope is pretty steep, and Aisman leans on his rifle while walking. Birds chirp and the sky is filled with white-blue. Finally, we look for a summit and look down slope. “Mobile squad, Delta,” I transmit over the radio, “Delta to the position.”

“I understand you.”

Aysman inspects the area, looking through binoculars, and then wraps it in its army nylon blanket. He orders to keep his eyes open; he himself will use his sensitive hearing and conduct surveillance. Kneeling, and after five minutes I can already hear deep, steady breathing. I watch the sun falling slowly from the mountain.

After 30 minutes, Asman wakes up at the valley. “It’s on the other side,” he says. Fence looks like a barely noticeable seam.

“Have you been there?” I ask.

He turns to me with a grin: “Illegal.”

“How did you get there?”

“I jumped over the fence, and I’m like this:“ And here is Mexico, guys ”.

Aisman and I admire the valley colored by the sunrise in orange. Insects chirping. Feels light breeze. “There were gunshots at the border,” Rogue’s voice rang out on the radio. Shots? How could we not hear them? “None of ours were there.”

Iceman folds the blanket. “We’re moving out,” he orders, and gets to his feet. “If we hear shots, I want to return fire,” he says, throwing a backpack on his shoulders. His cheekbones are intense on his face. “If today I can be everlastingly happy,” he says. We walk along the ridge of the mountain. It was a few minutes from the road to evacuation. I am deeply relieved. Aisman and I find a dirt path and slowly descend.

“You know what, Kali, I have to admit, you’re a good operator,” says Eisman.
“Thank you,” I reply.
“Let me know if you’ll be in Colorado somehow.” Colorado dope.
He says that people don’t really want to know anything about Aurora.
“I only heard about shooting in the cinema,” I agree.
“This is where the cinema is located,” says Aisman, “she was kinda hot.” ​​We called her “alpine tits.”

At the base we are already waiting for cooked bacon with rice. A ghost bored by the campfire picks up a 223rd-caliber cartridge and dusty rolls. There is no question about the difference between a captain and a spartan. Click here for the armchair. A couple of people change poses. The eyebrows is read disapproval. We sit in silence. The banana bread has been baked. Bah! The cartridge is torn. The cook jumps off to the side – “Jesus!” – and he covers me with ashes.

“That’s it,” the Huntsman calmly says.

And I get up and shake off my legs and stomach. Then I go to my tent and collect things. I’m not reporting my departure by radio,

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Original article – Undercover Border Militia Immigration Bauer
Translation and adaptation – New project

How I infiltrated the border militia squad. Part 3

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