How I infiltrated the border militia squad

I get out of the body of my hands.

“Keep your weapons at the ready!” – commanded by Captain Payne. I travel light. Unlike the others, I didn’t notice The Ruger Mini-14 is a bit out of the big picture. But everything else is in order – on me camouflage cartoons (MultiCam – universal camouflage colors – approx. Ed.), Yellowish-brown berets and a radio on the shoulder. I fit in pretty well.

A lot of a lot of a smart store in Nogales. Captain Payne with a couple of people is going to restock. In his absence, our commander – Showtime. This is a Marine veteran who has visited Afghanistan three times. His face has camouflage paint and a beard like a snowman. It is a hunterman, he is a hunter, he is a spartan. It is five kilometers from here.

“Look,” notes of the parking lot. “Chevrolet Camaro with discs.” His hand is hanging on the three-point tactical belt.

“Well, you’ll have chrome-plated disks on their machines,” He squeezes the AK-47 handle, prudently holding his index finger on the receiver.

“Last time [there was] a tinted car,” adds Spartan. – With huge disks. Shouted Mexican music. Twice we toured. Also slowly. ”He spits out a seed.

The Destroyer nods “And here is the sheriff,” he says. A police car enters the parking lot.

“He looks at us,” notes the Huntsman.

“Of course,” says the Destroyer.

“Keep your hands in sight! Police! ”- suddenly shouts a man in a car He points to his weapon with his hand. My companions stretch their arms to the sides. Their rifles hang on the chest. I still don’t have a rifle.

“Lower the weapon!” Another plainclothes policeman shouts to me.

The police come to us. “You who, hunters?”

“Militia,” answers Huntsman.

“Do you have IDs?” “Keep your hands away from your pockets!” One of them bellows.

Two patrol cars drive up the road from the Nogales Police Department. “So what exactly are you guys doing here?” One of them asks. Hernandez is written on her badge, she has short hair with sharp strands.

“In the essence of the border patrol,” the Huntsman responds.

“Most likely, people saw and thought,“ Damn it! ”,” Suggested another policeman.

“Awesome company,” “Casts in,”

“No, you guys are not scary,” Officer Hernandez disagrees. “Do not worry”. we ended up in Arizona.

“Well, at home, in Colorado, we are a member of the three-percent patriotic United Patriots Organization,” begins the Huntsman.

“That is, you’ll be deployed,

“Aha,” confirms the Huntsman. “Our commander decides who goes and who stays.”

“You need steel balls,” says Hernandez. – Thanks you. “She returns our documents.

The Destroyer is looking at me. “Is your camera on?” I have a camera on my vest.


“Well done,” he nods approvingly.

“It will be necessary to post it,” – the huntsman notes.

Ready for the worst

This is an extra time for captain Payne. The Destroyer says. “It’s come to the meetings with the police that are fully armed,” he says. Hernandez was given her last name. He notes that her hair was shorter than ours; The Destroyer calls it “it.” “How many feminists do you need?” He asks. – Twenty. One to screw it in, and 19 to complain that men must do it. “

“How to distinguish a Jew from a Slav?” Asks Yeger. – None. They are both ash. Ha ha ha! ”Jaeger’s parents are immigrants from Germany. He has a dual citizenship, he is openly proud of his origin. Some call him a Nazi – without approval or condemnation, but rather to tease.

Base advanced deployment during the operationBase advanced deployment during the operation “Spring Break”. Photo: Shane Bower

The Spartan Security Council, also a laughs, it says. Thick red beard and oriental kufia, usually covering his head. I say rarely is not striking. I don’t lie to these guys, but I don’t say that I am a journalist. I’ve been training in the United States for the border operation. It was a situation in the field of training, a parachuteless landing, a radio situation. Like the others, I used a callsign for security. In California, Gremuchnik. Here they call me Kali.

I’m joining the Facebook account. I used to make sure that I’ve made it a public name. My avatar was flag of gasdenov. I found and liked the pages of the Three Percenter Nation, the Patriotic Warriors, and the Arizona State Militia. Then I’m like them. I am willing to give you my peace. It was the me? Then I’ve been associated with the militia. Some people were incredulous: “I’m asking you why I’m so incredible,” – wrote one of them. But many immediately accepted my application. I’m a little bit more than a friend.

Then I came across “Operation Spring Break” ”- a closed group of 3% United Patriots on Facebook. I’m sent to you in April. I wrote “I will go.” It is a scandalous movement. Finally, the Rafael Farmers’ Park in Arizona was coordinated. Nobody asked anything about me. All that was required. The list of the necessary equipment has been a long-distance, including weapons, medical supplies and a wearable video camera. Footage could refute the accusations against the militias. I used to capture everything I saw and heard. Nobody even raised an eyebrow.

Membership of the United Patriots? Like most of the militias, they are confident that the disintegration of society is inevitable. “Shit will fly to the fan”. Some believe that the economy will collapse. The Black Lives Matter. Maybe a disaster would happen. Arbitration of arms and impose martial law. While they are preparing for this, they are not allowed.

Captain Payne This is the protocol for everyone who enters and leaves. Seeing our opponents for two. There are three motion sensors installed in the area.

Muslim spies.

Noon, people sit, playing cards or staring at a fireplace, sleeping in tents. More than forty people came here from Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and other states. Almost all white, but there are a couple of Hispanics. They are roofers, electricians, operators of housing equipment, welders, prison nurseries and a bounty hunter. Most are infantry militias. Scorpio controls short-wave radio transmissions on the roof and a humming generator. A man from Oregon is preparing a shed. The camp doctor, Rogue, sits under his canopy, staring at a mobile phone. Someone is gambling at the bottom of the newsletter.

American flag hangs lifelessly from a gnarled mesquite tree – the 50-star has been chosen for the stars. This is a three-percent of the flag of america. of founding fathers. ” Mike Vanderboegh (Mike Vanderboegh) – This is an idea originated in 2008. Midsummer protesters are “ready to fight, die, and if they are opposed”, in order to defend the Constitution.

The law was adopted in 2008. It has been noted that there has been a “three-percent philosophy”. covers the iPhone with the logo of the militia. You can find more than 300 pages. There are more than 15 thousand participants, it is difficult to calculate.

“I infiltrated the border militia unit. That’s what I saw there. “Part 1.2

Fifty-Cal (Fifty Cal – derived from the name. 50 (12.7 mm) large-caliber cartridge, . ed.), In 2013, the United Patriots founded the organization of 3% and became the commander of this militia.

“The number of participants” took it off after the protests in Ferguson, “says Morris. Now it’s more than 3,400 people.

We rarely see Fifty Cal; he mainly sits in the campsite of the camps. It is not clear that there has been a situation in the field of operations. chance to pay back debt to their homeland. In his opinion, immigration is not even the most serious problem. It is a country that has become a country of peace. “Every day we have less freedom,” Fifti-Cal complained when I called him after our border operation. (I tried to contact each militia member.) He said that the United States is not only “weapons and camouflage.” Assistance to those of Louisiana and South Carolina. The militia handed over food and clothing to veterans. “By itself, a three-percent organization is not necessarily a militia,” said in an interview. “We’re rather a stepbrother of the militia, perhaps it more developed version.”

Fifty-Cal gets smoker’s coughing A white-green border SUV drives into the camp, a full smiling man in green uniform comes out of it. I’m getting nervous. Do not have rifles, but have personal weapons. Fifty-Cal holds his hand over his long red beard. His stomach appears through a black T-shirt with the words “on the image of the skull”. He pulls on a cigarette, opening his arms, covered with tattoos.

“How are you, comrade?” The agent asks. Fifty-Cal spread out their arms, and they embrace, patting each other on the back. He smirks.

“Nice to see you, old man,” Fifty-Cal confesses. – How are you? “

“I’m going back, man.” Well, you should know. Agent name is Mike. Surrounded by old friends. It’s a teenager who’s on the road. Mike has been working for ten years. Mike says he loves his job.

“I’ve been where I’ve come to my bed. You can’t pack your bags. “

Phantom walk to his car, where they communicate for some time. When Mike leaves, the Ghost begins to march around the camp. He wants to walk around the skin. “Who is the photographed the patrolman?” He asks. People shake their heads. Someone says that Sandstone had a camera in their hands. The ghost is looking for him. “We don’t take pictures with the guards,” explains one dude.

He is a man of the people. While there is a fire in his trailer He calls on Hillary Clinton “a bitch”, which “dies, dies, dies”. The political parties. “Today, each of them is something so mired,” says Fifty-Cal. Hunter says he will vote for Gary Johnson, a candidate from the Libertarian Party. The ghost, however, supports Donald Trump. He is worried that he will be able to jump over the 1.5 meter fence to the south. Until Trump becomes president, the ghost adds, the wall is us.

Many Muslims live in the country. “Saudi, …, Aurora,” Captain Payne calls his hometown in Colorado. – We need to kill even more of these bastards. I have never seen so many rape in America. “

“I lived in my Aurora area,” says Huntsman.

Like Fifty-Cal, the Ghost regrets that the country is changing a lot. Honest hard workers, like him, used to live happily ever after. Seeing what happens now. Everyone has become so tense. The Ghost lived in Los Angeles and often rode around Hollywood Boulevard with friends. “We were juggling with a window and watched them chase the car. There really were some very pretty whores compared to those who work in East Aurora. A big old nigga somehow approached them and said: “Come here, baby!” Shouts Ghost mockingly. – … no, come back! The whole world of booze is not enough for you. “Sometimes the words on the letter H,” Fifty-Cal: I’m not tolerated and I’m not going to match. In their official reports, they are not supporters of white domination. No one, however, is embarrassed by offensive words. This is a step towards Big Brother.

We patrol with three percent, looking for illegal immigrants and smugglers. Photo: Shane BowerWe patrol with three percent, looking for illegal immigrants and smugglers. Photo: Shane Bower

The ghost says that it’s deep into the “Orwellian memory hole.” Who remembers Randy Weaver? It was a raid on the rug of Ruby and I spent it 18 months there. This was followed by a shearver son of a federal sheriff. Weighing an FBI sniper during the ensuing ten-day The ghost is sure that in fact, Weaver simply showed disrespect for the government.

It was a sign that it was a sign for the government. There was a siege of “Mount Carmel” in Hueco, Texas, where there was a round trip of ammunition. The FBI attacked their camp, 70 men, women, and children. The rumor that the feds deliberately staged a fire is common among far-right and conspiracy therapists like Alex Jones. In 1994, a military ban was on the assumption of a totalitarian state. By the early 1990s, hundreds of semi-militant groups called themselves “militias” were organized across the country, referring to volunteers.

After the terrorist attack in the United States, he was killed out. Bush came elected in 2000. Then he came the first black president. According to the United States of America, the number of the states of the Obama administration increased. By 2015, there were 275 groups in at least 41 states.

The individual movements are not a member of the organization. “Everybody’s been here,” said Captain Clyde. “Some may believe that something is happening now.” Someone who believes in the world. Nobody knows. Yes, no one shakes. Whatever happens, the militia will be ready for this. When the batch begins, our families will be protected, where we can take our families. Maybe sometime a new society will grow from there. The settlement of the city of Rome. He will not be a citizen. “We will need working bees,” he said. “You’ll be able to make it, you’ll be able to make it.” not in tents. Ha ha ha! ”

It was a recruit, it was a recruit. “I’m here for a long time,” he told the captain, “I’m admire my black bottom every day.”

The captain is replied with his training shows. “Even if you’re welcome,” he said. Another man added: “We need diversity.”

Original article – Undercover Border Militia Immigration Bauer
Translation – New Project

How I infiltrated the border militia squad. Part 1

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