How life is restored after a nuclear explosion

Atomic bombs, they were often tested. It has been shown that it’s not possible.

At the same time, the biologists had to go on the trace of nuclear explosions.

For 25 years, environmentalists have been sent to the polynesia, here in the late 60s and early 70s, France detonated four atomic bombs.

This is a case of fixed moles. He said that he was a woman who had been a co-author, he said: “… and ten years contract … “

It was found that from the 1972 to the 1997

It has been given that it has been restored. With one “but” – the species structure has become become. For example, the predatory mollusks now flourished, and the number of herbivorous has become small.

Although it was not necessary to go there, it’s not. It has been noted that there has been a problem with the living mollusks.

Thermonuclear explosion on the atoll of Fangatauf (Canopus tests), 1968 (Photo by Pierre J. - explosion on the atoll of Fangatauf (Canopus tests), 1968 (Photo by Pierre J. –

One would expect that the ecosystem recovering from scratch will become the same as before. But in fact, biologists have been at the “atomic” atoll to confirm that they have been and in what quantity should be. Currencies and currents have been live live.

However, the authors of the “Bottom of the Royal Society” were the following: It is located on the sea, it is located on the surface of the sea. Only individual species of mollusks can live here, which just came back here.

Life after ecosystem becomes different …

In general, the authors draw as much as possible as you can, then you shouldn’t will be changed in accordance with the plan “. It is necessary to keep in mind all the time.

As for the work described, there are several objections to it. First, it would be a good idea to assess your biodiversity, and not just mollusks. Secondly, the chance assumes that it was formed – that it was not so so. For example, it’s not possible. Finally, according to the University of the United States of America. atomic testing.

Based on science


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