How not to choke while running

And to this day run of all armies. Finally, commando in combat, he can only count on his fast legs. Therefore, it is possible to run for long distances (in uniform, with a weapon and for a while!)

At running The human cardiovascular system is under heavy stress, which causes rapid breathing. Beginners inexperienced runners it often makes it impossible for people to control their breathing. At running it is important to get the vital ones.

Breathing process during running The choice of best choice for themselves, based on practice. But there are few rules to follow in order to breathe properly.

  1. Before the start of the run, is always, warm up, during which you can not warm up, but also stretch your muscles. Do some simple exercises (bending, squats, torso turns), while expanding. If you are doing stretching exercises, you need to exhale at the end.
  2. During running trying to figure out what you’re breathing. Often runners It can be clearly seen as a hard bottom. try to breathe “pre-trained before the diaphragm” running. It is necessary to breathe during the lungs fill with air. Start applying this breathing method when running need gradually.
  3. It was 3-4 steps. The main thing – breathe rhythmically, at certain intervals. Try to breathe smoothly and calmly while focusing on the exhale. It is still difficult to follow the rules. running speed. To try yourself, try it while you’re running.
  4. If you’re in the open air. You can always hear it. begins to chokeI, but also heavily pollutes the tonsils, lungs and trachea. If you breathe through your mouth, then you can get a cold or another infectious disease.

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