How not to get into a fight

Do not stop, do not look.

A football fan, a street psychologist, an antifascist, a street fight, a street fight

Alexey Mamatov, creator of the “Bulat” self-defense system and the “Baklanka” training:

It should be clearly understood. Because Gopnik is great psychologists from nature. They are apt to choose a potential victim. Gopnik likes to position himself as a predator.

Gopnik has two tasks. Because it’s not just about attacking a person, it’s not. Gopnik must make sure that the victim. Therefore, in humor him.

Hence the first rule: The main thing is not to stop. But you will not be able to catch up with you. If you get them up with you, they reveal their intentions. That is, it is not a matter of course. After that, you can decide on what to do.

There is the concept of “safety distance”. This is the distance from the near intimate zone. For some people, this distance is not a problem. Especially if he has a brass knuckles in his hand, or a sign on his hands. If you are knocked out, it’s not.

If you want to do it in your personal zone, do not let him. In the extreme situations, it can be seen. It is a person who has been asked. It seems that the installation of the guys is not. In the wild, he died in the wild.

In the case of abandonment of his intentions, it’s not. A person has a lot of painful areas. Periosteum of the genitals, solar plexus, eye area, neck.

It will be a lot of help. somewhere. It will not happen. Knock it out.

Somehow I was in the “River Station” area. Approved for him to ask for money for travel. He refused. Then one grabbed him by the breast, two stood up from the sides. He hit grabbed in the groin and in the eyes. He fell, and the rest immediately retreated, because they didn’t understand what happened, they were frightened. My student has been shouted to his back.

Yevgeny Selemenev, an active fan of Spartak since 1992, is a member of the Flint’s Crew fan group:

I have a bar telescopic baton. I like her subway home. Went out and immediately sketched five people. I understood that it would be a provocation, I immediately understand it from the faces. They came, well, I used a baton. Why do I talk to strangers?

During an attack, a man is held down by sticky fear. They can’t even take a step. There are two or three seconds to resolve. Instincts suggest: run. And there is no need to invent anything. Just run and that’s it. And if surrounded – yell. The louder the better. Even if it happens in the forest. You must be on the same time as you go unnoticed. You can shout anything, something non-standard. At that same time, while you’re yelling, you’ll try to stick away.

Once in 1995, we fight on the Arbat. And we were beaten with truncheons in the department for prevention. For us, these were the rules of the game. I turned to the policeman and said: You have no right. “In the same way, you can ask a gopnik:“ You’re threatening me? ” get lost from unexpected questions.

If you’re looking at it, then you can’t see it. The bullet is still faster. Compare your risks: here you have 3,000 rubles in your wallet. A wallet costs two more. What is better – to lose this top five or your health? With a knife, the same rule applies. The knife is very difficult to resist. I weigh 100 kilos, but I’d hardly go against the knife. Of course, to give everything unpleasant, but it happens, shit happens.

When you defend, do you? Wild pain! A very dangerous blow to the neck. No need to beat the enemy. It is an apple. In the groin

Still, immediately call the police. Speak where you are, ask to call outfit. If you save someone else. Because the one who has been attacked, will go on. In the situations in which they arrive very quickly.

Dmitry Molchanov, a member of the anti-fascist movement:

In a street fight, there are no barriers. Therefore, the very possibility of such a fight should not be minimized. Ignore and move on. You understand that power advantage is not on your side. If you are dead.

If you stop, begin verbal juggling. You didn’t be asked, but you’ve answered: “We didn’t ask if you’ve asked for a cigarette.” You are lost, or you are lost, or you are lost. Although it’s truely you can stand and you’re confidently, you can decide.

By the way, Gopnik usually do not touch the guys with the girls. Only the most frostbitten. Girls in such situations scream, scream, it’s worse than a police siren.

It is better to start first. I have done this many times. Such unexpected jumps often disordered them.

When you are on the street and you are attacked. You forget all the tricks you suggest. There is no such thing. It helps, but it’s a street fight. You can break a bottle, break an urn on your head, break your face on a counter.

Madrudin Magomed-Eminov, Psychological Faculty, Moscow State University:

It is a fact that it is not a problem. Usually this condition lasts a minute or two. Because of this, the attacker gains an advantage. In such a situation, there are typical reactions, three of them. The first is an ill-conceived affective attack. The second is a stampede without the inclusion of the instinct of self-preservation. The third is the reaction of the person, the person doesn’t, doesn’t passively obeys and doesn’t resist.

It must be time to assess what is happening. If you want to run away or enter into negotiations. The need to assess the intentions of the attackers and their ability to counter. After all, a person is actually a weaker person than his potential victim.

Do not respond adequately. Provoke aggression, reproach the attacker, teach him to live.

How you feel. An active attack, if contact is unavoidable, is more effective. Then, even if several people approached him. Get out of this situation.

In the neutral situations, we must You can’t It is necessary to monitor the condition of a person. This is what we need to observe. Introduce yourself into paradoxical states.

Anastasia Filimoshina, Investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

It is better to say: “I do not smoke” – and pass by. We must try not to look into the eyes. It’s advisable to remove your eyes sharply, because it’s like a victim. You are not surrounded.

There was a case when I tried to “ask the time.” I saw two people approaching me. One approach to the passage. Then I took it a step back, and they moved away from me. They couldn’t surround me and abandoned their plans.

If you didn’t go away, you didn’t need to evaluate your strengths. If you understand, you can’t get in touch with you. It’s better to get new health.

Now, according to statistics, visitors are passersby. They have no money for existence. They just want to eat. Trick or Treat ” You just stuck a knife in the back, and all the cases.

How not to get into a fight

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