How one little bug killed 28 Americans

If you are a warrior, you’ll not be able to escape from death, you’ll be able to escape from Americans had to feel this truth in their own skin.

Scooter collapsed on the evening of February 25, 1991, at the very end of the Operation. Here, it would seem, where is the rounding of fractions?

The rocket is the 475th squad of water. The explosion killed 28 people during the Gulf war. About a hundred more were injured.

What slamazl did it?

The first Iraqi Scuds started on Israel on January 18, 1991. Israeli officers, however, found logs. Already on February 11, the bagreport arrived at the United States of America during the transition.

The radar, when it comes to “to escort,” is the so-called “Range Gate Area”, RGA. We need to clearly understand where it’s going to be. The position of the RGA is determined. Tied to an exact time count. And our time is running out … well, you have already seen how.

How one little bug killed 28 Americans

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