How they brought the ZIL-157, which stood for 30 years

When it comes to apocalypse car, There are no TV shows. But you know what? This is all complete crap. It’s not a problem. But in the post-Soviet space, the picture is different.

It was when he went to school. When you order a car for a week, it is necessary to repaired. In the garage, he is with his own hands. Dealer centers, authorized services … then there was no such words. The principle of “you want to do well – do it yourself.”

So they also disassembled all parts of the units themselves. It’s a little bit more than that. And nothing – the technique ran. It wasn’t conscientious, but it’sn’t that conscience, although it’s not.

This is a short story. ZIL-157, 25-30 years, and even more, in the country.

Rain, snow and something ZIL-157 frankly rusted. The fact that, of course, the flat tire – more flowers. I couldn’t be in glass seals! It would be difficult. However, I had to be surprised …

Motor started with a half turn. Literally – with a manual winding. The compressor also worked properly. It was completely dead for all the time, and … just pump up the wheels! Well, the battery has been designed for 2-3 years … well, a maximum of 5 years, calculated …

And even if the car itself. Indeed, the “car of the apocalypse” … In short, after all the brief manipulations ZIL-157 wound up and rolled out into the street. I’m not sure about it, but I’m not sure about it. But it turned out, and even without much damage in a peaceful landscape. Of course, it was shaking incredibly. It wants to check.

Actually, the old Soviet military equipment, allegedly “rotting” in warehouses – very much on the go. It was confirmed that it was confirmed

That’s it. And not on Ford Focus.


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