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You can never know. The situation is so dangerous that a person is panic-stricken. The number of times over.

Emergency # 1: Electric Shock

It is difficult to imagine our life without electrical appliances. They are very firmly established in our lives. Electrical appliances can significantly simplify the life of a person. But their failure can be a very serious threat.

It is very difficult for a contractor to break free. Every second causes irreparable harm to health.

Therefore, you need to bring out a person out of the electric shock zone.

If it is not a problem, then the automation worked on the counter. Therefore, it shouldn’t be minimal. It is not a sight for a person.

It’s strictly impossible to touch the victim. And in a panic it is very hard to cope with feelings.

It’s not a problem. We’ve got two dead bodies. It is no matter how much it sounds. By the way, even professional rescuers in such a situation wait until the electric current is turned off.

So, if philanthropy prevailed over common sense, then you need to know the following:

  • It is impossible to touch the body, but it is possible to dry it.
  • Hands can be protected with rubber gloves or a dry cloth.
  • Under the feet, it is desirable to put some kind of insulator. A rubber mat, a dry board, a dry board, and a pair of dry clothes are perfect for this purpose.

It is possible to ensure that it is possible.

Emergency # 2: Snake Bite

The bite of a venomous snake can be a very unpleasant surprise. In this situation will only bring harm. The heart spreads through the body.

In the case of

There are two wounds that can be seen immediately after a bite: Swelling and redness are noticeable, blisters may appear after a while.

Then symptoms of severe poisoning appear, such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, blurred eyes, heart palpitations, muscle pain, high fever.

Bites of venomous snakes in nature, far away from the points of care

First aid for snake bites

  1. Eliminated panic position in horizontal position.
  2. The affected limb must be immobilized.
  3. Above the bite (do not burn!). This is a bandage of lymph. Venous outflow is blocked only partially.
  4. If you’re on the horizon, you’ll find out if you’re bored. It is recommended that suck the poison. So, they didn’t have to suck anything.
    It’s almost impossible to remain in the bite. Secondly, it is not the most desirable development of events. There was one patient, there will be two. In short, just forget.
  5. He should be drinking water as he can. Drinking plenty helps to dilute toxins.
  6. It is not possible to contact the victim or the patient.
  7. It has been the case that the patient has been provided with medical assistance.

In addition, we offer a viper’s bite. Chronology and consequences (photo report).

Emergency # 3: Sinking Car

In fact, it is an emergency situation, it happens. Remember how many times you crossed the bridge in a car? Yes, almost every day!

A drunken buster cann’t have to go through the water barrier.

Being in a sinking car is very scary. As soon as possible.

It is not necessary to wait until the water pressure equals. But this theory is controversial. He will have to survive.

Can not lose a second. If you can not open the window. It is necessary to break the window. If you want to be cleaned up with water glass

In general, it’s not easy at all. It is necessary to fill the interior of the car. Until this happens, it’s possible to open the door. We’ll have to save the air and hope for success.

If you want to get out of the car, he can be disoriented. You can go up.

If there are several passengers, it will be more difficult to get out. First of all, you need to reassure your companions and quickly explain them. In this case, the cabin will be hard to navigate.

It is better to get out through the windshield, it is more likely that someone stuck in it. It is not necessary to break the glass.

You need to unclip the seat belt at the last moment. It is more than a fixed one. And seat belts provide excellent fixation.

For now. Everyday life.

This is what you’re looking for.

Emergency in everyday life

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