How to assemble a backpack on a hike: a list of the most necessary things

Before you go on a tourist route, does not interfere to consult with experienced people about how to pack a backpack on a hike. Do not think that this question is less important than others. Not only the degree of fatigue at the end of each day of the hike, but also health depends on the convenience and ease of movement.

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List of things

Making the right list of things is the first thing to do in order to properly assemble a backpack on a hike. And it is better to attend to this in advance, because running around the shops on the last day is a thankless and very nervous exercise. Something may not turn out, something will not be the way you planned and there may be many other problems associated with haste and limited choice.

necessary thingsThe list may differ from the time of the trip, its duration and the area where you are going. However, there are things that will be useful everywhere and we will list their list without delay.

  • Tent. You can agree on this issue with the rest of the group and it will take someone one. Then others will carry other accessories.
  • Sleeping bag, matched and the weather and growth.
  • Karemat – tourist rug.
  • Raincoat.
    • A spare pair of shoes to let your feet rest on a halt.
  • Spare pants, and better than a pair.
  • Warm sweater for cool weather.
  • A couple of interchangeable t-shirts.
  • Several changes in underwear.
  • Two or three pairs of spare socks.
  • Warm socks.
  • Lightweight pants or shorts in case of heat.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Unbreakable, but not disposable dishes (spoon, cup, pot).
  • Personal hygiene products (soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, napkins, etc.).
  • First Aid Kit for personal use. In the group there must be a general first-aid kit with the necessary set of medicines and dressings, but it is good to take a sunblock cream, an insect repellent, a couple of packages of bandages.
  • Matches, lighter, flashlight, compass.
  • Food after consultation with other members of the group.
  • Documents, money.

This, or a self-compiled list, which must include the most necessary, should be taken with you to the store and constantly checked with it. Proven time and unsuccessful experience – without such a paper, be sure to forget something.
And I would like to pay special attention to the products. If you go on a single trip – how and what to put in a backpack depends only on you, including what products you take with you. But if a group trip is planned, some things must be coordinated with the comrades so that misunderstandings such as abundance of pearl barley in the absence of tea do not work out. A few days before departure, you need to get together, make a list of products, distribute it among all group members, and just one or two days later you can check again whether everyone fulfilled the duties assigned to them.


For an experienced tourist, the question of how to pack a backpack on a camping trip is not worth it. If you have all the necessary things, he will cope with it within a few minutes. But for a beginner hike – this is a whole art. Ideally, it should turn out so that nothing rests on the back, does not strongly pull down and does not overturn either forward, back, or sideways. Straps so as not to rub shoulders, and with sudden movements in a backpack, nothing rattled and did not roll. Yes, and so that, if necessary, you can quickly and without bothering to get an object or thing that can ponabitsya while walking.

stacking thingsBefore you begin to pack a backpack, you should lay out all the selected things and objects on the floor or table, sorted them by weight. There should be three categories: heavy, medium and light.

Here we must immediately make a reservation that backpacking for hiking in the mountains and for hiking in the forest should be different. And the main difference is that it is more convenient to climb in the mountains when the center of gravity of a backpack is shifted to the bottom, and not in the middle, as for forest tourism. This is explained by the fact that climbing a mountain a person walks, bending forward, and the shoulder burden should balance it. It is harder to breathe because the diaphragm is clamped, but this is compensated for by frequent halts that are necessary in the mountains as well.

We consider the procedure for packing a backpack for an ordinary forest hike.

procedure for placing thingsAt the very bottom fit volume and light things. Most often it is a sleeping bag.

Then you should put the backpack on the floor, straps down and pave the wall, which will directly fit to the back with something soft and light, for example, a change of clothes, spreading it evenly and not too thin. On it to put all the most difficult: food, canned food, so that the center of gravity is between the shoulders and the lower back, along the spine.

Fill the remaining empty space with other things: spare shoes, dishes. If you fall to carry a pot in which food will be prepared for the whole group, it is better to put the products in it. So save space, and it will be much more convenient to get.

Personal hygiene products should be packed in a separate bag. You will brush your teeth only in the morning and in the evening, so you won’t need them on the way.

In the upper part and in the outer pockets lay out things that you may need at any time: matches, personal first-aid kit, flashlight, insect repellent, map, raincoat.

It is better to attach a tent, a karemat outside, like a flask with drinking water. Agree that removing and unleashing a backpack every time you want to take a few sips of water is the height of absurdity.

If you have the honorable duty to be the photo chronicler of the whole trip, the place for the camera must also be determined in advance. It should be reliably protected from the weather and possible mechanical damage, but at the same time always at hand. Interesting pictures in nature are made spontaneously, without a long exposure angles and poses.

Final preparation

A well-laid backpack must comply with certain rules, the non-observance of which may have a very negative effect on the whole trip. Why did we post them at the very end? Because they can be checked and corrected only after the backpack is already laid. So:

  • The backpack should even look visually even without distortions and bumps and should not outweigh on one side.
  • He should not rise above his head. Maximum one level.
  • A fully assembled backpack should weigh no more than a third of the weight of the one who will bear it.
  • It happens that not all things fit in a backpack. In this case, you should not run for a more voluminous backpack and start all over again. It should think well and leave at home what is of the least value for a hike. In a pinch, try stuffing soft things or putting things in a slightly different order.

Well, after you have finished picking up your backpack, you should put it on, adjust all the straps and waist belt, walk around the room a little, paying attention to how you feel with such weight behind your back. Although the severity of this pleasant because of the anticipation of all the wonderful surprises and indescribable sensations that await you in direct contact with nature.

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