How to avoid a bruise with a bruise, if leg cramps, removal of splinter, if water gets into the ear, how to remove a speck from the eye, first aid.

If serious injury to the internal organs did not occur as a result of the bruise, then bitter wormwood will help and prevent the formation of a bruise. Grind fresh leaves and apply to a sore spot, make a bandage. The dressing is changed 3-4 times a day. 

How to avoid bruising with bruising, if leg cramps, removal of splinter, if water gets into the ear, how to remove mote from the eye, first aid.

Fresh juice or gruel of grated onion is used as a compress on the bruise. Crumpled or finely chopped sheet of plantain is applied to the sore spot. Instead of leaves, you can use juice. The place of impact (leg or arm) must not be soared in any case, this can aggravate the pain. It is recommended to apply cold during the first 2–3 hours after the impact. Ice bubble or towel dampened with cold water. Cold will help by helping to resolve the hemorrhage and reduce pain. 2-3 days after injury, apply warming compresses and warm baths.

. If it breaks off and the entire splinter is in the thickness of the skin, make a light incision with a safety razor blade or knife and remove the splinter.

After removing it, the wound is once again smeared with iodine, having previously squeezed a drop of blood from it, and a sterile dressing is applied. If the wound is small and does not bleed, glue it with a sticky adhesive or apply a thin layer of BF-6 glue. It is much more difficult to remove splinters that have fallen under the nail. Often they cause suppuration of the subungual bed, cause severe pain and interfere with work. In the case when the tip of the splinter protrudes from under the nail, it is captured with tweezers and removed. But sometimes, to find the end of a splinter, you have to cut the nail.

To reduce the sensation of pain, the finger is tightly bandaged. When the pain subsides, a splinter is removed, the wound is lubricated with iodine or alcohol and a finger is tied. If a foreign object is not completely removed from the body, an abscess wound will appear in this place over time. Her treatment begins with the removal of pus. To do this, apply a bandage on the abscess moistened with a solution of sodium chloride (one teaspoon of salt in 0.5 cups of water). The dressing should be changed 2-3 times a day. After cleansing of pus, a bandage is applied to the wound with a tetracycline or streptocid ointment, or with a synthomycin emulsion.

If water gets into your ear.

For a healthy ear, this is not dangerous. Another thing is when the water got into a sore ear. In this case, dizziness, an acute pain attack may occur suddenly. This will happen when swimming in the sea, river, lake and the situation can be tragic. In addition, contaminated water provokes an exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the ear and sometimes for a long time deprives a person of disability. Those who have a damaged eardrum or have a chronic inflammatory process should protect their ears from water..

What if the water still got into my ears? Sometimes it’s enough to tilt your head to one side and stand for several minutes or jump on one leg, tilting your head to the side so that water flows out. It happens that these measures are not very effective. Then you should drain the passage with a cotton wool wound around the match. Do this very carefully, introducing the match no deeper than one centimeter. Change the fleece and repeat the procedure until the water is completely removed. If pain occurs in the ear, purulent discharge, dizziness recurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to remove a speck from the eye?

While walking through the woods in windy weather, all kinds of specks can get into the eyes. It causes lacrimation, pain. In this case, you should heat clean water, pour it into a saucer, bend over it so that the eye comes into contact with water and quickly blink. If this method does not help, you need help from a friend. The victim opens his eye and looks down, while the carer lifts the eyelid up and examines the upper part of the eye. The lower part of the eye is examined in the same way, while the victim is looking up.

If a mote is found with a piece of cotton or a corner of a scarf dipped in clean water, it is removed from the eye. In order not to damage the cornea, you can not rub your eyes. After removing the mote, instill 1-2 drops of an albucid solution (sulfacyl sodium solution) 3-4 times a day in the eye. If inflammatory eye disease conjunctivitis occurs, then this is characterized by the appearance of purulent discharge from the eyes, redness of the mucous membrane. The eyes are washed with a 2% solution of boric acid and instilled with a solution of albucide (2-3 drops in each eye 3 times a day).

How to remove a foreign body from the ear?

Most often, insects get into the ear during a campaign. To get rid of them, heated camphor oil is dripped into the ear. An insect dies from oil. Then the ear is washed with water.

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