How to avoid the tragedy of hunting

It must be especially careful to follow the rules of the hunt.

Safety rules on a collective hunt

  • Hesitating, bear personal responsibility for violating safety regulations.
  • Battled hunt held only in conditions of good visibility. It is not prohibited to use headlining during the snowing season.
  • In those cases when the rangers are not enough, Beaters may be appointed from among the hunters.
  • Shooting the beast pens in the pen is prohibited.
  • Shooting line should be built as straight as possible and must be marked on the ground (a clearing, road, edge of the forest, the boundary of the forest).
  • Shooting numbers The area of ​​the weapon used is.
  • The head of the hunt by placing the arrows adjacent locations and the direction of the paddock.
  • Every shooter where are the adjacent rooms. Show each of them.
  • Change numbers, go to the end of the pen strictly prohibited. It is necessary to provide immediate assistance to a friend in trouble.
  • The head of the hunt, putting shooters on the numbers, must indicate This is the time when the line is broken.
  • Sector frontier must-have angle with the rifle line. The number of firefighters should be paid.
  • Room hunter must observe absolute silence, do not move, do not smoke, be extremely attentive. Get up to the number, where you can shoot, including the outgoing beast.
  • Signal the end of the pen “End” is the chain of shooters. This signal. According to the agreement, it’s not a bad idea.
  • Shooting on battue hunts It is produced according to the rules, either after the beast leaves the shooting line (hijacking). When the line breaks through the rifle line or after the beaters are approaching the rifle line closer than 150 meters,
  • Shooting along the shooting line and outside their sector strictly prohibited. If you want to take a shot at the distance of 10 meters from the adjacent number.
  • Shooter must shoot this is a clear shot of the beast.
  • Shoot the “noise”, “Rustling”, thickets, on an obscure silhouette strictly prohibited.
  • If you want to make it, then you should be able to make it.
  • Shooting rounds permitted only by the beast, which is being hunted. Any other, except shooting at the head of the hunt is prohibited.
  • If, after the shots, a hunter or beeper has seen that beast got, should voice loudly give the signal “Ready!”. This line is taken along with the whole line of shooters.
  • During battue hunts on ungulates There is no need for a trainer to set a distance between a distance of 50 meters and a distance of 50 meters. Wild boar.
  • Shooting round bullet on hunt hunts is prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the room., the rush to the bottom of the hunt.
  • Persecution and Dobor The head of the hunt.
  • Leaving the room, shooter must unload the gun.
  • Shooting the beast, going to the next room not allowed.
  • Approach the fallen beast, even lying motionless, should be ready to fire.
  • When approaching the beast Be careful, if you are looking up.

Follow the safety rules, it will help you avoid the tragedies of the hunt!

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How to avoid the tragedy of hunting

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