How to become “invisible” for a drone and quadrocopter with a camera

Among the civilian population. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle – UAV) is used both for professional needs and for entertainment.

It is not possible to note that it can be seen at the height of several kilometers. Today’s quadcopters with night vision cameras, infrared cameras, and thermal cameras are sold freely on the market. These devices can distinguish by their heat trail, even in pitch darkness and even inside a building! Paranoia? Perhaps, “There is nothing worse when it turns out to be working!”

Therefore, you can maintain confidentiality in the presence of the eyes.

Editor’s noteIt can be ridiculous, however, it’s possible to use it. for short, we need to prepare for the worst!

It is often enough to hide your foot footprints. However, do not rely only on this option.

1. Disguise during the day

If surveillance is suspected Use a forest camouflage. Camouflage nets are good for hiding equipment or buildings. The camouflage is very effective at the moment of several hundred meters.

2. Disguise in the dark

Stay inside buildings or under dense foliage trees. Do not use lights or cars, even if you think that you are very far from the enemy. It is a fact that he has been “forgets”.

3. Heat masking

Use a thermal blanket – they block infrared radiation well. If you wear such heat, you can hide your heat imprint. In the summer, in the heat, in the heat, you will find it even more difficult.

4. Bad weather

Element is your friend. Winds, smoke, rain, or similar complex natural phenomena.

5. Do not use wireless

Cell phones, GPS navigators, will help you to check your location, after that you will be in matter of minutes.

6. Reflective surfaces

Use reflective elements, or mirrors, on the roof of buildings or vehicles. This greatly confuses the drones.

7. Lures

Use mannequins tall to full human height. It is unlikely to distinguish a person from a great height.

How to become “invisible” for a drone and quadrocopter with a camera

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