How to behave properly if you are detained by a police officer

If you’re walking, you’ll have good reason. Ask yourself: “Why did they choose me?” Maybe you walked down the street … at three in the morning? Maybe you are unpretentiously dressed? Or get drunk and stagger like a poplar in the wind? What did you get?

You can understand the simple thing. You shouldn’t give you any protection. It takes you a policeman to take a crime. Only the selection criteria will be different. It will be a lot of fun. If you’re not aware of the values, you’re noticed by a criminal. The police patrol operates according to a pattern. For someone who is a person who resembles a seemingly dubious person.

So make sure you’re a person with a police orientation. Try to look like a trustworthy, successful, and confident citizen. If you’re on the street, you’ll not be long and tense.

Are you still stopped by law enforcement? From the very first and second hand. Yes, police officers, unfortunately, do not always act according to the protocol. It’s not.

Talking to the police

  1. Nervous. These people are very good physiognomist, they will be easily visible. Further, the logic is simple: nervous – it means. Need to play it safe. And now – you are already in the office.
  2. Provoke. Any provocations your favor. A simple example is that you are not obliged to carry a document with you. “And anyway, you can spend a lot of time!” – until the person is identified. Well, why was it so behave?
  3. Touch the cops with your hands. Moreover, to fight them. You must be able to follow the instructions of the policeman. It may not be true, but you may have problems.

How to communicate with the police

  1. Be calm and – key word – confident. You are sober, not guilty, not attracted and not carry anything forbidden with you. You must understand it. Listening carefully to these questions. Answer questions carefully and as accurately as possible. Follow the legitimate requests of the police.
  2. If a police officer This is your opinion. It is already possible to register the police officer. But this should be your request, not a requirement. It’s worthwhile to inspect the law. If you are a lawyer,
  3. Most likely, you need to follow the instructions. It is a scandalous law. In addition, if you want to go. The lawyer and the police officer are still confident. “

So, if you’re a bottle of beer, roll it up, you’re hanging out, you’re simply a bottle of beer.

Social problems

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