How to build a raft with your own hands out of barrels and bottles

Why spend a lot of money to buy a motorboat if you can make a raft for rafting down the river from improvised means? It is a reliable, wave-resistant floating craft, used not only for rafting, but also for ferrying. The buoyancy and strength allows it to be used for rafting on taiga rivers with natural rapids and fast flowing. Among the drawbacks of the raft, low-speed and low maneuverability can be noted, and also it cannot be used when rafting on water bodies with impassable debris. The most widespread wooden rafts, but they can be made from other materials that are on hand to each.

  • How to build a raft for river rafting
  • 2 How to build a raft of plastic bottles
  • 3How to build a raft of barrels
  • 4How to build a raft for rafting autocameras
  • 5Make a simple raft on a hike!

How to build a raft for river rafting

How to build a raft of bottlesCatamaran from the bottle.

A raft of plastic bottles, resembling a catamaran, is made on the basis of the frame of an old folding bed. It must be completely free from fabric, various fastenings. Wooden boxes are attached to the four corners of this frame, inside of which plastic bottles are placed in an upright position and fixed with tape, rope. The boxes are fastened to the corners of the frame with collars, cables, ropes and other fastening elements. In the middle of the frame is a wooden plank for seating.

The most reliable raft of bottles is made as follows: the bottles are tightly closed with lids, and placed inside plastic bags. The more bags made, the better, it will give greater stability to the craft. Bags are well tied with ropes. A frame is formed of wooden planks: they are tied together and fastened with nails so that the grille is obtained. Bags with bottles are attached to this frame, the raft is ready.

How to build a raft of barrels

how to build a raft of barrelsTo build a raft of barrels, you will need more expensive material than bottles, but this design allows you to achieve a higher landing above the water. For the construction of a small raft of barrels, six tanks of 200 liters of plastic are enough; for the manufacture of a large raft, you will need about 20 barrels. They are sealed, plastic, but at the same time very durable. The tanks are arranged parallel to each other, like pontoons at the catamaran. For the frame, a frame is made of bars with transverse crossbars, while each barrel is located in its own compartment, which is limited by two crossbars and two bars. To the frame of the barrel are attached with slings.

A deck of planks is laid on top of the frame. On a large raft from the barrels you can build the upper deck for the rest. It is assembled from wooden pillars, which are fastened with the main deck grooves. Since the weight of the finished structure is quite impressive, it is best to transfer the manufacture of the raft to a place near the shore in water. A large raft of barrels is a good tool for a relaxing water holiday, which can be equipped with a kitchen, tents for an overnight stay, shelter from rain and wind, etc.

By the way, using plastic barrels, you can make not only a mobile watercraft, but also a stationary pier on the river bank.

How to build a raft for rafting autocameras

how to build a raft with your own handsA raft can be made with such hands from such a pontoon as an auto chamber. It is much lighter than wood, or a raft of barrels, which is convenient in the manufacture and forced carrying through the stranded. For the construction of a raft designed for six people, it is necessary to take eight cameras from heavy vehicles, for example, KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ. They are laid out parallel to each other in two rows and sealed with a strong nylon rope. The choice of fasteners in favor of the nylon thread is explained by the fact that it does not collapse and does not stretch from prolonged exposure to water.

how to build a raft with your own handsOn top of the autocameras square bars are laid, two for each row of cameras, similarly attached to them. On the boards are attached boards, forming a deck. It should be borne in mind that the length of the boards should be such that it extends beyond the edges of the autochambers by about half a meter. This is necessary so that if there are obstacles in the water, they run across the boards, and not the cameras to avoid damaging them.

In addition, the protruding edges of the deck leave the possibility for the manufacture of various canopy mount, sail, rowing seats, and others. A canopy is necessary not only to shelter from wind and rain, but also to dry clothes, and in windy weather it can serve as a sail. It is better to do a canopy folding to clean with a head wind for easy rowing. For safety, going on a long trip on the water, you must have a spare chamber and pump.

Make a simple raft while camping!

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