How to build a tent eight. Assemble a children’s tent, a tent machine, the Chinese

Confusion often occurs, especially among inexperienced travelers, when picking up and folding the tent. It is important to properly disassemble it so that the design is compact, does not take up much space, and fits into the case. The principle of folding the eight helps a lot for compact storage and easy carrying. On how to build a tent eight, clearly show the video and detailed scheme.

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  • How to build a winter tent figure eight video
  • 2 How to assemble a fishing tent by the eight
  • 3 How to build a children’s tent with the figure eight
  • 4How to assemble a Chinese eight tent
  • 5How to build a tent-machine

How to build a winter tent figure eight video

how to build a winter tent figure eightWinter tourist tents come with external and internal frames, as well as locks and velcro. Velcro designs are slightly different from normal. In order to fold this type, it is necessary to close all locks, velcro, after which one of the corners is pressed inwards to make a kind of book. Then it must be positioned in such a way that one of the corners is turned “towards itself”. Lower ribs should be pressed to the floor, and the upper edges should be tilted forward and down, and then packed in a sheath.

Tent with internal frame, i.e. with arcs hidden under the tent, you need to disassemble as follows:

  1. Remove all pegs around the perimeter of the structure.
  2. Remove the tent and dry well, pull out the arcs, fold separately.
  3. On the ground, both layers are put together, the seam to the seam, roll up into a tube. You can put the inner layer on top of the bottom and twist. If the folded tent is not included in the cover, it means that it was assembled incorrectly.

The construction with the external frame (the arcs are located on top of the awning) is assembled in a similar way: all the pegs are removed, the awning is removed, the arcs are pulled out, the design is rolled up.

How to build a fishing tent figure eight

Before you collect a fishing tent, you need to remove all things from it, then fold it flat. Stepping on one side, you should give it a vertical position. Then you need to take hold of its top and start twisting 180 degrees. In the process of twisting will get a ring that you need to bend down to the floor. At the same time, a ring is also formed on top, which should then be folded over from the bottom. After that, the tent fits easily into the cover.

How to build a children’s tent eight

Children’s play frame tents are assembled literally in a minute, but sometimes it is not so easy to put them together in order to put them in a case and make room in the room. Proper assembly is as follows:

  • It is necessary to stand in front of one of the walls of the toy house, holding the two opposite ribs.
  • Then you need to connect the edge, which holds the right hand to the opposite edge.
  • The resulting plane must be taken with the hands in its lower third, so that the roof of the house is “on its own.” Now you need to get one hand over the other in such a way that the edges of the tent are folded into a figure eight.
  • The circles of the resulting eight need to be superimposed on each other, so they form a ring that easily fits into the factory case.

The house-triangle is formed as follows: holding one of the sides facing you, you need to insert one of the ribs inward, pushing towards the opposite. Then the whole cloth needs to be pushed inside, achieving a flat shape. At the same time, the outside should remain gum-lock, which is at the bottom. Then, twisting the top and middle of the house, you need to make a figure eight. Having a circle, fasten it with a rubber band and fold it into the case.

How to build a Chinese tent eight

how to build a Chinese tent eightChinese tents are very popular among tourists due to ease of assembly and ease of use. But sometimes information about how to assemble a Chinese tent provided by the manufacturer is not clear to everyone. Often the difficulty lies in the fact that many do not know how to start folding. For this you need to put together two side faces. It is easier to assemble the two together, but if there is no one near, the second sidewall can be held with the foot. The final point of the assembly is twisting the oval into a compact circle.

How to build a tent-machine

The automatic tent has the advantage over the usual one: the construction of a springy steel base covered with polyester is very easy and quick to assemble.

To assemble a tent-machine, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Fold it so that it takes on a flat shape. For this you need to put all sides into one.
  2. Place the tent on the floor, then pull one of its ends towards you to press it to the opposite edge of the plane.
  3. Its arcs will take the form of a figure eight, which must be screwed in such a way as to make a circle.

In order for everything to work out as it should be, it is necessary several times to try to assemble and disassemble the automatic construction of the house.

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