How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

If you are looking to fully disconnect and prepare for your own future, the first thing you should do is make sure you do not need any of the traditional comforts of your home. Sure you want to use them whenever you can, but if things go wrong, you’ll need to know how to survive without those things and that means using what you have, including learning how to build a dependency.

After all, you will need a place to take care of business if at any time you run out of electricity or running water.

Make sure it is allowed

The first thing you should do is verify and make sure you have your own dependence is allowed. Different areas of the country have different regulations in this regard. For example, most cities are against and only the most rustic regions of the country generally accept. Even if you are allowed to have one, there will be many restrictions, including the distance from any water source for sanitary reasons.

Review your design plans

There are a variety of different designs for a dependency and you may also have your own design ideas. The important thing is to make sure to choose one that lasts in its climate and conditions. For example, if you do not have a solid frame, it will not do well in windy conditions. Not having a solid roof will not work well in rainy or snowy conditions. Consider how many people need to use it too, for example, if you need to accommodate an adult and a child at the same time.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

Remember that there are different styles you can use for your dependence. You have the option of creating a simple hole in the ground on which you or other users can bend over or create a real seat that is more comfortable. You probably want to include a place where you can put toilet paper or anything else you want. You will also want a ventilation system that helps you keep it cleaner and even more hygienic. You may also want to have some hand sanitizer in the unit for additional health reasons.

Start construction

Start with the foundation.

The construction process is extremely important and includes several steps designed to ensure that your dependence is also functional. This begins with digging the hole, which must be at least 4 feet by 5 feet. The walls should be level and you should make sure to place a decent base. At the top of that set, you want to put a fundamental framework. It must pass over the top to create a solid base to support with an open section to reach the hole. You can do this with a wooden structure covered with tar paper that will keep the moisture.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

Be sure to level the floor and also that the wood around the hole is treated properly. Now keep in mind that the concrete bases must use a good form of wood and have a thickness of approximately 4 inches for their stability. Make sure you have a good reinforcement, such as a steel rod, to ensure that the concrete stays where it should be while it is hardening and for as long as you are using the unit. You must also create a wooden form to hold the rest of the concrete while it is laid.

Next, start creating the framework for your dependency. It must be made with pressure-treated wood so that it is less likely to break over time. Start with a simple square platform that you can cover with plywood. You will have to nail it to the frame so there is no possibility of it moving out of the base. Then, be sure to cut the holes where you will sit (or sit) to use your latrine. You are ready to start building up at that point.


To frame the structure, you want your woods to be at least 6 square inches. Position the corner posts and then add the top and bottom struts to make sure the structure does not fall when you begin to place your boards. You want to build a kind of frame with 2 x 4 and then use plywood outside to make it solid. The 2 x 4 ‘will make it stronger underneath, so you will not have to worry about any problems, otherwise. If you want to add diagonal bracers before placing your 2 x 4, you can do this also to make it even more resistant.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

The next one is the roof, which must be made first with plywood secured over the top of your bracelets. Make sure it is bigger than the structure you created so you do not get wet inside the walls. Then cover the top with your choice of roofing construction materials, whether rolled ceilings, metal panels or real tiles. In this way, it will be better protected in case there is some kind of dangerous climate such as strong winds, rain or other storms that can cross the plywood roof.

If you are looking to add a seat, you can only buy one or you can place it in a wooden box at the height you want so that people who use your guest house can sit comfortably to use it. Remember that it must be the right height for anyone who may need it, including children if you have one. The box can be made with more than 2 x 4 and plywood, but make sure it is strong enough to hold anyone who needs it (and heavier people than you think you will use them just in case)

You will also want some ventilation for your dependence. One of the best ways to do this is to cut a hole in the door and use a screen inside to prevent pests from entering. Make sure the sections on the screen are small enough so that flies can not enter. You do not really want them in your dependency because they can cause illnesses and tend to enjoy the contents of your dependency, two things you want to avoid. . By making your dependence safe from flies, you are protecting yourself from all that.

Maintaining dependence

Finally, you want to make sure your home looks good. This means cleaning periodically and doing what you can to reduce odors. One of the best ways you can do it is to keep the sawdust in your house and throw it into the well when you have finished using it. Sawdust can help with the decomposition process, as well as giving it a slightly more pleasant odor to the structure, definitely important if you are going to use it frequently or if you have several people who are using it frequently (or only regularly) .

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

If you are really looking to improve it, you may want to add an additional vent to provide a bit of cross breeze. The traditional crescent on the door is really realistic and if you have a screen cut in a different section of the dependency, you can add this. It does not need to be large because it will provide enough breeze, even if it is a small clipped piece. All you really need is a little air that can go through the smaller section because most of it will go through the larger hole in another place.

Improving the look

Not many people really like the idea of ​​looking at a dependency in their backyard. They tend to excel a lot and that can be a big problem for a lot of people. They do not want to see it and definitely do not want other people to see it (at least as long as there is not an emergency).

So what can you do? Well, the best thing to do is find a way to make your home look a little better and less like something too taboo for the table discussion.

One way to do it is by wearing the roof of your structure. All you need to do is add some tiles on the top or consider gables or other accents. This will make the structure look less like a dependency and almost like a shed. If you have a window or ventilation screen on the side of your structure, you can also add curtains, which provide privacy and also help the structure look much better. The painting can definitely do a lot for her too, since the wood will start to darken and it will not look so good over time unless it stains it (or at least seals it).

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

Planting flowers outdoors can also help make it look more pleasing and also allow you to mask some of the smell. Try to pick flowers that do not have large root structures so they do not damage the base of your dependence, but make sure they have some fragrance so that, if someone approaches, you can smell the flowers instead of the dependency itself. You will definitely end up with an appearance that looks more like a shed and, therefore, is not so much a monstrosity.

Making it work for you

If you really want to disconnect from the network or be a survivor, another thing you will need is your own food source. However, growing food can not only take a long time, but it can also be difficult. That’s why you need a way to fertilize your crops that you can easily obtain without the need for a store or machinery. The best you can do is use your guest house as a fertilizer. We have all heard of farmers who use waste from their cows and other animals. It works in the same way with yours.

If you are going to use your household waste as a compost, you should make sure to have a small addition to your structure. On the one hand, you will need a chimney to go from the base of your pit to the outside. This ensures that there is enough air going down to help with the decomposition process.

It also guarantees that you will not end up with bacteria and pathogens in the waste product before placing them near your crops (which is definitely not good for you or your family).

You should also make sure to put some type of organic material in the well after each use of the guest house, as this will help break down even faster, something you definitely want for this process to work.

The material can be anything from sawdust and wood chips to hay and leaves, but there needs to be something to start the decomposition process and the waste itself will not do it. Without decomposition, you will end up with a product that you really can not use at all and that is not what you want.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

You will also need a way to remove the waste materials from the well. One way to do this is to have a bucket or other method to remove the waste material. You will have to make your seat box a little different so that it opens up and allows easier access into the pit.

But this can be somewhat messy and is not something that many people like to do, not necessarily have to choose if something bad happens in the world and you need your crops to work as well as possible without the help of the rest of the world.

Another method is to build the entire structure of your dependence on a hillside. In this way, you can easily dig the pit below the dependency, but without it being really underground. In the end, it is much easier to remove the waste material because all you have to do is use a rake or shovel instead of trying to extract it from a hole without much disorder or difficulty. You also get more material this way because it is much easier to access, which makes your composting process much more effective.

To access waste material in these situations, you must make sure to build a door on the back of the hill that accesses the back of your pit. Make sure the bottom of the door opens outward and at the same level as the pit so you can easily rake the material through the door and wherever you need it.

You may not want your garden to be so close to your guest house, but having this type of access will make it easier to rake the compost and then pick it up in a not-so-messy way.

Why should you compost?

In fact, it has been proven that composting is extremely good for the environment. Not only are waste materials mixed, but also shells or skins of fruits and vegetables or other foodstuffs that you have not eaten. All these things are broken down with organic materials such as sawdust and the leaves that we mentioned (like the leaves that you raise each autumn) and then you allow them to mix and decompose before mixing them in the soil around your plants, either they are flowers or food.

The compost is full of organic materials that are excellent for your plants. That means they grow even better than you probably would have expected and you get rid of all the material for which you have no use. You will be able to clean your guest house periodically and you can use the wasted food or even the rotten products that you have in your home or that you have been pulling all this time. It will help you create a better meal for your family later on and that is something that you will definitely want if things start to get worse in the rest of the world.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

Fertilizer is an extremely important part of growing your own crops (as any farmer or gardener will tell you). But using the fertilizer you buy in the store has several problems. On the one hand, if things go really bad, you will not even have that option and you will find yourself without the ability to buy the fertilizer that your plants really need to grow as big as possible. If you do not use fertilizer, all your plants will grow, but they will not grow or grow as much individually as they would if there were fertilizer around them.

The use of organic fertilizers also eliminates some of the chemical aspects of the store-bought fertilizer. It does not have chemicals, pesticides and other products that could be harmful to your family. Instead, it has nothing but natural ingredients that are full of the nutrients that your plants and crops really need to keep growing.

This will also be an important benefit because the fertilizer is made of products and waste that you already have in your home. Why not use it and get rid of it? Then it also benefits your crops and that means killing two birds with one stone.

Surviving in the desert or even in your own home if society begins to change will definitely not be easy. There are many steps to take and you should be expert in a variety of different things you can do without technology. That definitely includes growing your own crops. But taking care of those crops means taking care of your family too. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them growing well and that means using the waste you already have to help improve them.

Wrapping it

Building your own dependency is not going to be a walk in the park. You will need to spend a lot of time and create not only the design, but also the ideal space for your dependence. After all, you want to make sure you are far enough away from your home, as it will not smell good, no matter what you do to keep it clean and fresh. You also want it to be a safe distance from a water source, especially if you are going to live alone on the network. You will never want to poison your source of fresh water.

Once you have solved everything and are ready to build, simply start. It will take work but it will be a good project that will definitely be useful in the future. You will have no problem getting your family to be where you should be and making sure everyone has a place to go to the bathroom no matter what is happening in the rest of the world. That is definitely important and is essential for health and health reasons, as well as being kinder to the family.

How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

In general, the important thing is to make sure you pay attention to the instructions when you start. Make sure you are building in the right place and that you build a solid foundation from the beginning. Anything less than that will definitely cause you some problems and could cause problems for anyone who may be using dependence when there is bad weather or problems in the area.

So be sure to build a robust structure and continue to review it every time something happens in your area. You definitely do not want it to fall, especially if there is someone inside at that time. However, knowing how to build a dependency will continue to serve you well over time.


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