How to choose a good bike for tourism: ranking of the best bikes

Recently, when it became possible to pick up a quality bicycle for tourism, cycling enthusiasts became many times more. But how to choose a good car, which will pass along mountain paths without excessive shaking and stops, and overcome bumps of country roads, and ride on the highway with a breeze.

bike for tourismContent

  • Hiking bike: basic requirements
  • 2 Species of touring bikes
    • 2.1 Mountain Bike (MTB)
    • 2.2 Niner
    • 2.3Hybrid
    • 2.4 Cyclocrosser
  • 3 Bicycle rating for tourism
    • 3.1Surly Long Haul Trucker
    • 3.2Trek 520
    • 3.3Novara Randonee
    • 3.4Fuji
    • 3.5Novara Safari
  • 4Preparation of a bicycle for a hike

Hiking bike: basic requirements

Regardless of whether your future route is laid on steep mountain passes, on forest roads or on a high speed route, choose a bike for a hike should be based on the following general principles:

  • Ease. No matter how smooth the track is, there will surely be moments when you are not lucky with the bike, but you carry or roll the bike. Without this, no cycling trip is complete. And if we take into account that the necessary things to travel will be loaded on the car, the weight of the bike itself will play a very large role.
  • Strength. It is not the resistance to mechanical damage that is meant, but the same load loaded onto the frame. The bike must carry it on itself for a long time and this should also be taken into account.
  • Availability of spare parts. An important aspect. Even a first grader can adjust the height of the seat or steering wheel, but if something broke that could not be repaired with improvised means, it would be nice if you could find the necessary part in even a small provincial town.
  • Comfort. This primarily refers to the correct fit. It is necessary to take into account both windage, and maneuverability, and the endurance of the muscles of the back and arms. Ugly work when a couple of days you fall down with back pain.
  • Availability of additional mounts. When choosing a suitable model in a specialized store, be sure to pay attention to the presence of these components. If the model does not have a trunk, then the luggage will have to be laid in a backpack and hung on its back, and this is absolutely unacceptable for a cyclist going on a multi-day hike.

If at least one of these five requirements is not met, then no matter what brand a bicycle is, it is not suitable for a long journey.

Varieties of touring bikes

There are only four categories of bicycles in one way or another suitable for cycling. All of them have their own characteristics, which should be considered more closely.

Mountain Bike (MTB)

The most common option. Low landing, wheel diameter 26 inches, front shock absorber, straight steering wheel. All these characteristics indicate that this is primarily a mountain bike, on which it is good to travel along forest paths. On the highway, he also behaves well, but if the lion’s share of asphalt roads is in the route, it is worth making a choice in favor of a faster model.


Relatively recently, the designers decided to improve the classic mountain bike. Extended front fork and put the wheels 29 inches in diameter. Some more changes have been made, but they are not visible to specialists. It turned out Niner. The landing remained the same, the weight, albeit slightly, but increased, an elongated fork designed to soften the ride, in fact, very much takes the energy of the hands. The car turned out to be heavy, bulky and not very convenient for transportation. True, due to the increase in the diameter of the wheels, the stroke became smoother, but this is perhaps the only plus that does not make this model suitable for cycling.


But on this kind of bicycle for tourism, people who really knew their business worked. They were able to combine mountain bike and highway, and it turned out pretty well. Front fork short, but more and is not required. Wheels with a diameter of 28 inches, but with wide tires. Landing is slightly higher than the classic road bike. The result was a car that can drive well in the mountains and on asphalt. This option is probably the best.

The only thing I would like to draw attention to is that there should not be a rigid plug on the model you have chosen. In this case, all the advantages of the Hybrid are instantly reduced to zero.


Another advanced type of tourist bike is very popular in Europe, where the rumored roads are much better than ours. It is something between a hybrid and a road bike, which makes it even more interesting than the previous form. 28-inch wheels, steering wheel, rigid front fork. It is possible to install wider tires and various holders for luggage. It would seem that he should lose to the hybrid, but, according to experienced cyclists, it is much easier to control the cyclocrosser and on uneven tracks he showed himself from a very good side.

CyclocrosserSo after all, which bike is the best for tourism? The question is fair and takes very many. And the answer is both simple and complex at the same time. It is simple in the sense that for each type of route you need to choose your own car. Difficult in the fact that this choice will be correct only when you yourself try to travel and compare, or at least consult with more experienced travelers.

Bicycle rating for tourism

All models of bikes will not be able to be covered in this article, therefore we will give the most famous and popular ones.

Surly Long Haul Trucker

According to experienced cyclists, who traveled more than one thousand kilometers on a variety of roads, this model is almost ideal for this type of outdoor activities. There are versions of nine frame sizes and two wheel sizes: 26 and 29 inches. The steel case provides models of durability. There are several configurations of installation of the trunk. The bike is very reliable, it requires repair rarely enough to worry once again on long journeys. Preparing a bike of this model for a hike does not require any special knowledge and actions.

Trek 520

Classic bike for hiking with steel frame. Landing is rather low, but you get used to it quickly and after a few kilometers you feel very comfortable. In addition, it allows a much better balance when fully loaded. Transmission SHIMANO – the mechanism of quality, time-tested. Speeds switch quickly and without additional effort. The trunk is immediately included. The machine is reliable, durable, but to buy this particular model will have to spend money financially.

Novara randonee

Another fairly high-quality version of the tourist bike on a steel frame. Withstands a very strong load. We can say that it is equipped with a unique 30-speed transmission with very low gears, which greatly facilitates climbing even on steep slopes. It is possible to install the wings and trunk. Components are not of the best quality, but they are good enough so that at a fairly affordable price this becomes a plus.

Novara randoneeFuji

Enough budget option tourist bike. At the same time it is equipped with a SHIMANO transmission, which speaks for itself. The frame is steel, when fully loaded, the car behaves very obediently and maneuverable. The trunk is included. It remains only to prepare for a long journey and boldly hit the road.

Novara safari

Another not very expensive tourist bike with a steel frame and high-quality transmission SHIMANO. Those who claim that the cheaper the product, the less it will serve, this machine can serve as a good example of a wrong opinion. For those who are just starting to make the first turns of the wheels on the exciting path of bicycle trips, Novara Safari can be a wonderful first step in this direction. The only minus that is noted, but not blamed, is a rather large weight of the bike.

Novara safariBicycle models for tourist trips, one-day or long, a great many. There is no point in talking about them all. Not everyone can afford a car with a titanium frame, which is both light and durable, but at times increases the cost. Not everyone dares to immediately go on a difficult mountain route, which requires a bike of special quality. We have brought five models that can be purchased at almost any specialty store and which will become for you not only a way to travel, but also an everyday vehicle.

Preparing a bike for a hike

The bike itself is even simple to prepare for a long journey. Inspect all components and mechanisms, where it is necessary to lubricate, where to wipe. But in order to ensure its high-quality work in a long hike, you will definitely need some tools and accessories.

  • Set of hexagons.
  • Squeeze chain.
  • Pliers and wire cutters. Better in the form of a multitool.
  • Key for rods.
  • Bicycle Pump.
  • Bicycle first aid kit
  • A couple of spare cameras.
  • Spare cables. One for the brakes, one for the switches.
  • Full nipple.
  • Two sets of brake pads.

Without this set to go on a journey simply can not be. Otherwise, you can become a porter for the mechanism that was supposed to carry you.

The rest of the preparation for the bike itself does not apply. It includes the assembly of a backpack, the selection of products and so on. This, too, must be treated with full responsibility, otherwise you simply cannot admire the beauty of nature, the complex mountain passes, the forcing of streams and small rivulets, and other delights of cycling tourism.

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