How to choose a knife multitool: classification and best models

Probably, the absolute majority of people, when asked what tool they would like to have with them when they were in the wild, would call a knife. After all, he will help to catch the prey and build a simple shelter, and even with self-defense will come in handy. And what if this knife has not one blade, but several important tools at once? It is such a universal subject is a multitool knife.

  • Understanding Multitools
  • 2 Multitool Options
  • 3Best models

Understanding Multitools

The knife multitool is a multipurpose tool in which several tools are hidden at once. Often he has not one, with just two handles, between which are scissors or pliers.

Its progenitor is the famous Swiss knife, which was invented back in 1891. Depending on the configuration, the multitool can have a weight from a symbolic 50 grams to a significant 350 grams.

Leatherman Charge TTI KnifeOther manufacturers can be noted model Victorinox Manager. This is a multitool keychain that, with a length of 6 cm, contains as many as 8 running tools. Undoubtedly, the materials of manufacture in this model are simpler than those of Leatherman, but the price is much more affordable.

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