How to choose a survival instructor, what qualities and knowledge a survival instructor should have.

You can find a lot of people claiming the title of instructor for survival on the Internet, print ads and anywhere else. Many probably have good intentions, while others see this as just a possibility of additional income due to the increased popularity of survival. 

How to choose a survival instructor, what qualities and knowledge a survival instructor should have.

It is very important that you choose your survival instructor wisely. The tips on which the safety of your life and the lives of your loved ones will directly depend should come from a very knowledgeable source..

survival constantly, if possible. Will you feel comfortable at the appointment with a doctor who practices medicine for only three months a year? Large schools with dozens of instructors are trying to accomplish an impossible task, trying to hire each survival instructor on an ongoing basis..

And since it is quite difficult to find year-round work in this business, a hired instructor who fits this category may also tell you something about the school. Either she is very good, very lucky, or both.

If you are most interested in the skills of primitive life, then train with someone who lives in your geographic area. They will be familiar with your local flora and fauna. Learning to collect the fruits of a cactus tree from an Eskimo can be superficial at best. If you are most concerned about the quality of training, the longer the dedicated instructor has lived in a given geographical area, the more experience he will be able to convey to you.

Ask the instructor about his surroundings. Do their comrades know and respect them? Are they really keen on their business or simply appointed to this position to maintain the image of the organization? Today, unfortunately, schools with the best website design on the Internet and colorful brochures are also considered the best schools for survival in the wild..

What qualities and knowledge a survival instructor should have.

Beware of the so-called experts, as nature is full of variations corresponding to this type of personnel. Great conceit and arrogant attitude are all too common in preparation for survival in the wild.

One of the most unfortunate manifestations of this mindset is the inability to be open to learning new material. Any instructor who tells you that there is only one way to accomplish a task is doomed to be furnished to a humble student. Who does not yet have preconceived bias about certain skills.

If your interests in learning survival skills go deeper, spend a cool environmental weekend, learn from someone who has the skills of a primitive life and the skills of modern survival.

Most schools confuse the concepts of modern survival skills with the skills of primitive life. Although there is a huge gap between them, learning the art of carving a stone knife from silicon is of limited value to your 59-year-old aunt. If she suddenly gets into a situation of survival in the wild.

But ultimately, when training is conducted in a specific order, knowing the basics of these skills gives you much greater potential for success when you find yourself in an emergency. When the chips are over, the onion drill will not become a substitute for matches and the ability to use them.

Survival Instructor Qualifications.

Before you start attending practical courses, make sure that the ratio of students to a qualified instructor is quite low. Practical instructors involving more than ten or twelve students make the quality of the courses suffer. You will spend more time watching than doing.

I will single out qualified instructors, as in large schools the instructor turnover ratio is sometimes quite busy. They quite often rely on interns. These are future instructors working for free to gain experience. It goes without saying that students have not yet reached the level of practical experience and basic knowledge that a lead instructor has.

In practical courses, do you think about learning in real field conditions or just outside? Training in small groups will allow you to assimilate material directly in the wild with the maximum quality of training. And the course, which gives you just raw material in the classroom, can also be easily learned at the supermarket parking lot. You get what you pay for. If you ever need to apply your skills, you will realize how invaluable they are..

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!.

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