How to choose a tourist tent, the main criteria for choosing a tourist tent, scope and requirements for tents for various purposes.

Before choosing and buying a tourist tent, it is best to carefully consider. Where and how will you use it? After all, you can buy a tent designed for professional mountaineering, and use it for a family outing once a summer. In this case, you simply spend a significantly larger amount than required, and you will not be able to evaluate all the advantages of your acquisition. 

How to choose a tourist tent, the main criteria for choosing a tourist tent, scope and requirements for tents for various purposes.

Or, on the contrary, you decide to save and just buy the first tourist tent you like. And then you will regret your haste and hindsight for a long time, sitting in a tent soaked and blown by all the winds. Depending on the scope of application, there are highly specialized tents, but there are also universal ones..

Remember that it is the conditions of use that determine the different requirements for the properties of tourist tents. If, for example, for a lodging for the night in summer in the taiga, a two-layer tent without a frame, waterproof, with good ventilation, providing protection from mosquitoes and low weight, is quite suitable for you, for example, for cycling trips to the lowland areas, you will need a wind-resistant tent with a reliable frame. It also takes up little space when folded.

How to choose a tourist tent, the main criteria for choosing a tourist tent, scope and requirements for tents for various purposes.

Or, for example, a tent for water travel. In winter, you are unlikely to go on such a trip, which means you will hardly need protection from snow. The weight of the tent will also not play a significant role, since you yourself do not have to drag the tourist tent. Therefore, for such a trip, you can choose a tourist tent more comfortable. For example, characterized by a large volume. So that you can safely lay out things, make out what to dry and what has not yet experienced all the vicissitudes of water trips.

The main criteria for choosing a tourist tent.

There are several basic selection criteria that should be followed when choosing a tourist tent:

How will you use a camping tent?
What type of vacation will be your main? Family outings or long hikes?
Number of berths you need.
Ease of installation.

The tent should be accompanied by installation instructions. And be sure to try to assemble and install a tourist tent yourself before you go camping!

Reliability, quality and weight of materials from which the tent is made.
What time of year will the tent be used?
In what climatic and environmental conditions?
How much money do you plan to spend?

And if you have clearly defined for yourself: what, where and when you may need, then you can safely go to the store.

Camping and hiking tents, requirements.

Camping tents for hiking and mountain hikes must also meet certain requirements. The specificity of these trips is that you carry everything that you have with you on your own back. Therefore, extra pounds in the tent you absolutely do not need. But the construction should be both lightweight to make it easier to walk, and durable to withstand the pressure of rain, wind, snow.

Such a tent can weigh 1.2–1.3 kg per three, or 1.0–1.1 kilogram per four sleeping in it. There are universal tents, which are characterized by a fairly high degree of comfort. They, in principle, can be used for various types of travel, hiking. Of course, such strict requirements are not imposed on them. As, for example, to a tent for mountain climbing. However, all other quality criteria, such as water tightness, breathable fabric, etc., remain valid..

Camping tents are very convenient for those who prefer a long outdoor recreation. These tents are characterized by increased comfort. They may have several “rooms”, windows. In general, this is a small portable house. But the similar house costs quite a lot. And in addition to this drawback, such tents are another inconvenience. They can not be used in other types of trips because of their heavy weight. Sometimes more than 7 kilograms.

Destination tents, what to look for in terms of comfort inside the tent.

In general, there are a lot of options and possibilities to choose a tourist tent suitable for you, even more than enough. But still, it should be remembered that basically all tents can be conditionally divided into three large categories:

Tents for easy hiking and outdoor activities.
Outdoor camping tents.

Suppose that you do not pursue a special “extreme”, sometimes preferring just to go to nature, out of town. You can, of course, leave at any time of the year, but usually this happens all the same in the summer. You need to determine exactly what properties your tent should have. You should think about how many people will live in it, and based on this, determine its size.

After all, you have to choose from a huge number of models. You can find options for a tent that allows you to feel comfortable in it with two or three “residents”, but if necessary, accommodates a fourth. The dimensions of the inner tent are especially worth considering for individuals who are tall. Can you stretch out in a full-length tent?

After all, if you have to curl up, trying to fit in cramped conditions, then it is unlikely that you can get a good rest, which is so often necessary after outdoor activities. Then you can think about whether you want to sit comfortably in a tent. Or the high “ceilings” do not matter to you. However, low tents, usually hemispheres, are more often used in harsh environmental conditions. Low streamlined tent has greater wind resistance.

The size and internal volume of a tourist tent.

The size of the tent you choose may depend on how you prefer to relax. After all, it can serve solely as a place to sleep. In this case, it is best to buy a small 1-2-person tourist tent. Or maybe you’re not even going to give up more or less familiar living conditions even in the forest, buying for this a camping tourist tent-house, a kind of small apartment.

It is also worth paying attention to the dimensions of the tent platform, in which your backpacks, shoes, and things will be folded. The tambour must be roomy enough so that it can accommodate things of all the inhabitants of the tent. So it’s better to determine in advance how many people will live in the tent. By the way, as a rule, the number of places indicated on the package also provides for additional space for things. It, if necessary, can be occupied by another additional person.

Although volume is a subjective thing. Everyone perceives space in their own way. And the tent, which will seem quite cozy and comfortable for some, can cause an attack of claustrophobia in another. In addition, it is one thing to go on a long hike, where for many kilometers there will be no soul, and the opportunity to change your living conditions, respectively, too. And quite another – to live in a tent five minutes from the “civilization”. Knowing that you can return to all the amenities of urban life at any time.

Advantages of Camping Half Barrel Tents.

If you like to travel outside the city with a big company, on weekends, for two or three days, just to stay in nature, then, of course, it will be more pleasant to spend these few days with the greatest possible comfort. First of all, it can be provided by a large camping tent-half-barrel:

Large interior space.
Sufficient height.
The ability to accommodate a large number of people.
An opportunity to distribute people among various “compartment rooms”, by interests.
Windows that create the illusion of a real home.
Additional tents. They can be simultaneously converted into awnings from the hot sun..
As a rule, a large and roomy vestibule. It will allow not littering the inner space of the tent, but dumping everything, well, or carefully folding it, it’s all kinds of things in it.
A few doors. They will allow you to go outside at any time from any part of the tent, without disturbing the neighbors.

In principle, such camping tents are ideal for families. And if you also travel by car, then camping half-barrels are for you. You simply won’t feel the extra pounds of her weight. The only, but completely solvable problem will be the complexity of the assembly of such a design. Especially if you don’t have enough dexterity yet and you aren’t fully comfortable with your portable home. It’s difficult to deal with the installation of such a tent without instructions.

Based on the materials of the book Tents for tourism.
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